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18 Best Online Jewelry Stores For Every Occasion

Last Updated: December 5, 2022

Searching for the best online jewelry stores? Keep reading for our top picks!

Making sure you have beautiful pieces for everyday wear and special occasions is crucial, but trying to find top-notch jewelry stores can be a challenge. 

These online jewelry stores, however, offer hundreds of wonderful options to simplify your jewelry search. Check out our list of the best online jewelry stores for every occasion below!

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Best Online Jewelry Stores

📷 IG @stoneandstrand

Stone and Strand 

Launched in 2013, Stone and Strand offer quality jewelry without leaving your wallet empty. They have a home base in New York where their team crafts and designs high-quality jewelry. 

 They offer many different designs including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even a wedding collection for those core moments. Their pieces range from $35 to $13,700 depending on the design, stones, and metals used. 

📷 IG @thebonbonwhimsclub


Influencers such as Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, and many more are sporting BonBonWhims Y2K – inspired jewelry. 

Using bright colors and chunkier designs, these jewelry staple pieces will make everyone stop and stare. They offer rings, earrings, handbags, necklaces, and even offer a customizable ring option. Their prices range from $18 to $178. 

📷 IG @mejuri


Mejuri was founded on the belief that anyone can wear jewelry for self-expression. Their jewelry is made by women for women to celebrate themselves, all priced between $10 to $4,500. 

Mejuri offers minimalistic, fine, sustainable jewelry in designs such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They also offer different materials such as 14k yellow gold, sterling silver, titanium, diamonds, and more.

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📷 IG @studs


Beginning with a bang, Studs is an acclaimed ear piercing studio located in 6 different states for in-studio piercing. Or, you can purchase earrings directly from their online store for $6 to $118.  

Studs give you the perfect pieces to create unique earscapes including studs, Huggies, flatbacks, cuffs, and more. They also have specific pieces for the holes you need to fill such as helix and conch. 

📷 IG @analuisany

Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa is the perfect choice for eco-conscious fashionistas who want to make a statement without compromising their style. Their carbon-neutral jewelry is made with sustainable materials and is designed to be comfortable enough for everyday wear. 

Whether you’re looking for a special piece to dress up an outfit or some dainty earrings to add a touch of elegance to your look, Ana Luisa has something for everyone. Plus, their jewelry is highly affordable!

📷 IG @shopauroro


Not only do they have an adorable website, Auroro also offers vintage designs made with recycled gold and vintage gemstones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. 

All handmade in Los Angelos, there is only a limited amount of each piece to keep it personalized and special. Each piece is priced at about $300 to $11,980.  

📷 IG @tiniluxjewelry

Tini Lux

Do you struggle with jewelry giving you an allergic reaction? Tini Lux is might be your saving grace. Crafted with sensitive skin in mind, these pieces were carefully crafted so those with metal allergies can wear fine jewelry without stressing about reactions. 

Designs crafted from titanium vary from earrings, necklaces, and bracelets so you can get the best safe jewelry. Their prices range from $5 – $75. 

📷 IG @missomalondon


Handmade pieces delicately crafted in India and Thailand with sustainable metals is what you will receive from Missomo’s elegant fine and semi-fine jewelry priced from $38 to $8,500. 

They offer pieces such as earrings, necklaces, pendants, anklets, layered sets, and even engravable jewelry. You can also shop by metal and collections depending on the styles you desire. 

📷 IG @gorjana


Gorjana is the perfect blend of elegance and affordability. With pieces perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion, Gorjana has something for everyone. 

Layer them up or go solo—either way, you’ll look amazing. The jewelry is high-quality without the high price tag, so you can always feel your best.

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📷 IG @catbirdnyc


100 pairs of hands in a Brooklyn studio craft these beautiful, ethical pieces with conflict-free stones and their No Dirty Gold certified metals. 

Not only do you get a free tote with every order, but they also have a wide variety of jewelry including wedding & engagement, personalized jewelry, and many special collections priced between $14 to $12,500. 

📷 IG @vraiofficial


Want a specific diamond for the perfect accessory? Talk with Vrai’s Diamond experts to give you detailed advice to ensure you get the ideal piece priced from $82 to $58,500.  

Standing for optimism and sustainable diamond jewelry, Vrai’s L.A. founded company has showrooms around the U.S., Europe, and China showing their engagement, high jewelry, and everyday jewelry collections. 

📷 IG @bluenilediamond

Blue Nile

From designing your own engagement ring to finding the ideal everyday necklace, Blue Nile offers a wide variety of pieces for you to choose from. 

Founded in 1999, their business model is centered around bringing you quality pieces from the comfort of your couch with prices ranging from $25 to $120,000.  

📷 IG @jamesallenrings

James Allen

Focusing on new technology and diamond jewelry, James Allen’s founders have 60 years of jewelry design under their belts to bring you the best jewelry for your special occasions . Their prices range from $82 to $9,000. 

From personalized engagement rings to fine jewelry, their pieces are elegant and beautiful. Plus, James Allen offers educational pages to ensure you understand the stones and metals going into your special pieces. 

📷 IG @rosssimons

Ross + Simons

Quality jewelry at a fair price, Ross + Simmons searches worldwide to hand-select artisanal pieces so you can add unique pieces to your collection. 

Ranging in price from $23 to $139,996, their variety of styles include earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more as well as gemstone categories like gold, silver, and diamonds. 

📷 IG @helzbergdiamonds

Helzberg Diamonds

100 years of diamond expertise paired with a trusted people-centered mission, Helzberg Diamonds craft high-quality jewelry at affordable prices so everyone can get the pieces desired. 

Now using innovative AR technology, they offer watches, engagement rings, pearl jewelry, men’s jewelry, and necklaces all ranging from $30 to $19,999. 

📷 IG @etsy


Etsy has been the marketplace for personalized, unique gifts and products for many years. By creating a community of sellers, you are not just buying from a single vendor, which gives you a large array of items. 

Depending on what you are looking for, Etsy’s wide variety of vendors ensures you find the perfect handcrafted, vintage, or one-of-a-kind pieces that you desire. 

📷 IG @brilliantearth

Brilliant Earth

Transparent, sustainable, and inclusive jewelry is what Brilliant Earth brings to the table. Ensuring confidence with their responsibly-sourced materials, you can be proud of the jewelry you wear. 

With a special offer diamond necklace on orders over $1,000, you have the choice of engagement rings, bracelets, gemstones, necklaces, and specific materials with prices ranging from $75 to $100,000. 

📷 IG @kendrascott

Kendra Scott 

As an established house name, Kendra Scott continues to bring unique, fine jewelry for all ages ranging in prices from $9.97 to $5,000. 

Even though you can purchase Kendra Scott from retail stores, they have a huge eCommerce experience ensuring you find the perfect pieces for everyday and special occasion wear. 

Final Thoughts 

Finding the newest jewelry for everyday wear and special occasions can be a long, challenging process. 

However, these 18 best online jewelry stores will ensure you find the best pieces for your collection as well as personalized options for those once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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