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The 16 Best LeBron Shoes for an All-Star Feel

Last Updated: May 3, 2022

Basketball stars have changed the very shape of the footwear game in the last 30 years. Where most shoe models were made to accommodate everyone, stars emerged to create their own shoes in the process.

Greats like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant would spur companies like Nike to reinvent the shoe game and create shoe celebrities. This resulted in the expansion of sneaker culture.

Now people’s kicks came in new colorways inspired by their favorite players, and shoes became I.Ds for sneaker fiends looking for the next big thing. And it was only a matter of time before LeBron joined them.

Laker’s star LeBron James isn’t shying from the spotlight, and from his in-game antics to his appearance in the Space Jam sequel, there doesn’t seem to be a time when people aren’t talking about him. 

And the star player needs his best shoes if he’s truly going to shine.

With a ton of different designs and colorways, LeBron shoes are entraining, and the best LeBron shoes are never short on personality. 

BE WARNED: Looking for player-specific shoes might make you cry because they are often more expensive than the regular models. Also, people tend to look for them more and buy them up for resale.

So if the initial price didn’t scare you, the resale price will.

With that said, we break down the best LeBron shoes below.

The Best LeBron Shoes

Zoom LeBron II

Before LeBron was a major player making millions and commanding teams, he was a star rookie shaking it up with his style of play.

The Zoom LeBron II is the signature shoe of that time, utilizing the big zoom silhouette for that airy feeling. It also featured a big strap that would become a mainstay on later shoe models. Also, arguably the Best LeBron Shoes ever released

LeBron 18 ‘Melon Tint’

The LeBron 18 is already a beautiful shoe as it stands. Why wouldn’t it be on the list of Best LeBron Shoes ever released?

It has modern angular designs that make it sharp looking like a race car with extra heel support for a snug fit. They’re light as all hell, durable, and make a basketball session a breeze.

And how would you make them better, you ask?

Dipped them in a pleasing, creaming orange color that gives off honeydew vibes

Zoom LeBron III ‘Midnight Navy’

The ‘Jordan’ of the LeBron lineup, this shoe takes a lot of inspiration from the retro design of the 90s.

The shoe is chunky and wavy at the same time, looking futuristic and rigid for a super supportive shoe. These shoes look like they were made for astronauts. And with the way you can jump in them, you just might be one.

The Midnight Navy colorway ditches the bright colors of other colorways and tones down the shoe. It gives it a more mature look as if this is a basketball shoe for those with wisdom.

LeBron 9 P.S Elite ‘South Beach’

Making the LeBron 9 look at home in the middle of a crazy Miami party, the South Beach colorway of the P.S Elite is as bold as the shoe is comfortable.

They’re oversized and super flamboyant shoes, so don’t expect to go under the radar with these. 

Shoutout to the cool blue air bubble on the bottom for the extra flair. 

Zoom LeBron VI ‘United We Rise’

A more boot-like model than previous LeBron designs, the Zoom 6 iteration is a bulky but secure ride for your feet.

It has the same feeling like a good set of Timberland boots without as much heel support. They are futuristic without being otherworldly, looking right at home on the feet of the hard-working sneaker freak.

The United We Rise colorway is a neutral look for an outstanding shoe.

LeBron X SP ‘Gold Medal’

Sharing many similarities with the 6 model, the LeBron X is another mature-looking boot look for basketball fans. They’re heavier than usual, however, so don’t expect your speed to go up.

Your feet, however, will have a massive amount of support and make those jumps for the basket easier on your knees.

The ‘Gold Medal’ colorway is a bold take with red soles and a gold swoosh, making the shoe feel like a royal piece of weaponry.

LeBron XIII ‘Friday the 13th’

A play on words as much as it is a tribute to the great horror story, the Lebron XIII in the Friday the 13th colorway is a bloody, beautiful shoe.

The shoe features ‘blood’ detailing that makes it look like you just came from a murder scene in the sickest kicks available.  Complete with extra heel support.

The edgy shoe will set you back quite a few, but not many other shoes are willing to dare as horror collab.

LeBron 7 QS ‘Media Day’

After a big game, talking to the news reporters is just another part of the pressure. You’re hit with a bunch of questions, and staying cool and looking good is just an added challenge to the hardship.

That’s what makes the ‘Media Day’ LeBron 7 QS a beautiful shoe that offers striking looks for when you’re the center of attention. 

The shoes are gold and purple for Laker’s representation, featuring a gold glitter galaxy on the soles of the shoe that make them seem like they could walk among the stars.

LeBron 15 ‘Diamond Turf’

The LeBron 15 is one of the most popular LeBron models, and for a good reason: they’re comfortable and lightweight, have extra secure fits thanks to the shoe trap, and look gorgeous beyond belief.

Many collab on the shoe, but few colorways are as good as the Diamond Turf colorway that offers a rough red to the shoe. Combined with the texture details on the soles of the shoe and the upper, the shoe is an excellent mineral-inspired art piece. 

LeBron 12 ‘What the LeBron’

A clean pair of kicks can have you switching up your whole attitude and make you act like a completely different person. They can suddenly make you feel faster and braver, make you feel like that girl at the bar won’t reject you.

And for that feeling, the Lebron 12 was made to capture that fleeting essence. The most significant colorway being the ‘What the LeBron,’ the shoe is a crazy mismatch of red and blue clashing for supremacy.

The shoe feels like it’s trying to be a couple of different things at once, one part boots, another basketball shoe. And yet, for all its efforts, it’s something on its own level. It is truly made for those who feel lost but push through just to become the best.

Air Max LeBron VII ‘Cleveland Cavaliers’ 

A no-nonsense basketball shoe that puts in the work and doesn’t stop. The Air Max LeBron 7s combine that legendary Air Max pedigree with the LeBron style for a shoe stepping onto the court with serious fury.

The Cleveland Cavalier colorway is a friendly and honorary reminder of LeBron’s work for his hometown before staking out to other cities to gain more rings.

Zoom LeBron IV ‘Birthday’

The Zoom IV LeBron is just made for those who are different. This shoe isn’t for followers or the shy, and they are definitely not for people who don’t like cartoony looks.

The ‘Birthday’ colorway gives the ultra-supportive shoe a very Looney Tunes look that doesn’t seem to agree with how reality works. Yet, it’s a fun shoe that can help you dominate on the court. 

Plus, everyone knows the chunkier your shoe, the better your handles are.

LeBron X ‘Celebration Pack’

This specific model and colorway have a secret: it’s not one pair of shoes. It’s two.

The Celebration pack makes tributes in gold, red, and galaxy for different models of the LeBron X. They are beautiful and bold, mostly expensive, and will hurt your wallet.

But when you win back-to-back NBA championships, it’s hard not to show off and act like you’re the best when you are.

Air Zoom Generation

This is the very first shoe that was wholly King James. When the King pushes through the defense, making them look like jokes before he power moves a dunk with his balls in your face, it’s all thanks to these bad boys.

The low-cut, boot nature of the shoe makes them out to be like little tanks for your feet. They are durable and chunky and remain firm in the middle of dribbling the entire court.

What also helps is their modern look, taking inspiration from 90s basketball shoes and adding modern ideas like angular design and minimal sole treads.

It’s a shoe fit for a king.

Kith x Nike LeBron 15 ‘Rose Gold’

Kith designer Ronnie Fieg has more interests outside of Gel Lyte Asics and sweet breakfast cereal. I know, hard to believe. But among those interests is his love for the fabulous LeBron James and his aggressive style of play.

Fieg’s take on the 15 leaves a lot of the original design of this shoe intact. However, the shoe strap is removed, and the shoe is dipped into a gentle pink that gives that shoe a cleaner look.

Now you can wear your LeBron 15s to the wedding and cry in style.

LeBron 7 NFW ‘MVP’

Another shoe made to commemorate the life of King James, the MVP colorway for the 7 NFW changes it up with LeBron’s favorite royal red and gold matched with a clean white.

The shoe boasts elegance and sport and looks excellent at meetings just as much as the court. And despite the shoe celebrating how much impact he had on the Cavaliers before leaving, it’s a happier shoe.

Really hard to find, though due to a lack of a wide release.

To Wrap It Up

Sneakers are more than just a pair of shoes made for exercising; they’re a way of life in today’s world. As a result, sneaker culture has become a huge entity, and LeBron James definitely hasn’t missed out on the shoe game.

If you didn’t believe it before, this list of the best LeBron shoes proves just that. 

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