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Babe Lash Reviews: Does Their Serum Work?

Last Updated: June 13, 2022

Do you want longer and fuller lashes, but don’t want to deal with lash extensions or falsies? Look no further, because Babe Lash has you covered. 

Read our Babe Lash reviews below to see if it’s worth the money.

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What is Babe Lash?

Babe Lash is a branch of the company Babe Original that carries a nutrient-infused essential serum used to enhance your lashes and deliver fuller, longer lashes. 

They offer other products as well such as mascara and eyebrow filler, but they are most well-known for their eyelash serum.

Babe Lash Overview

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Babe Lash’s mission rides on originality, not conformity — meaning they want their shoppers to feel like their best selves by enhancing the features they already have. 

Babe Lash caters to all ages, ethnicities, and identities, thus making it an inclusive brand for all to enjoy and feel part of. 

To read more about the specifics of Babe Lash, keep reading!

Babe Lash Reviews

Overall: ★★★★ 4 stars

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Customer reviews on Babe Lash are a bit polarizing — some users say they loved the product and the results while others were not too sold on the idea. 

The users who do love Babe Lash said the serum worked wonders for their lashes, while those who would pass on the product said Babe Lash didn’t do anything for them. 

Another reason that could deflect you from buying is the risk the Babe Lash serum has of darkening irises due to the prostaglandin ingredient active in the serum, which we’ll get into later. 

Price: ★★★★ 4 stars

Definitely not at a drugstore makeup-level price, the Babe Lash serum costs $50 for the tube. 

This may seem a bit pricey, but the tube does last about 3 months with consistent use, which is definitely enough time to see if the product is working on your lashes. 

Ingredients: ★★★★ 4.5 stars

Babe Lash is big on transparency within their community and producing clean beauty products that are cruelty-free. 

The Babe Lash serum includes ingredients like ginseng root, chamomilla recutita flower extract, water, and glycerin. 

Again, like other lash serums, there is a risk regarding the prostaglandin ingredient— a hormonal-like compound. It can cause irritation around the skin of the eyes, skin discoloration, and the potential darkening of the irises. 

Return policy: ★★★★★ 5 stars

Babe Lash has an awesome 90-day guarantee return policy. 

If you’re unsatisfied with your product, you have 90 days to return the product or ask for a replacement. 

This policy is only relevant to purchases made directly from Babe Lash and not with Babe Lash products sold from third parties. 

Babe Lash Serum Review

For the most part, there is an overwhelmingly positive reception towards the Babe Lash serum. 

Customers were super happy with how their lashes turned out, though there were others who weren’t so satisfied. 

One thing about the Babe Lash serum that’s important to mention is how the results rely on using the product consistently

There’s a reason one bottle of the serum lasts for three months, as that’s approximately how long it’ll take to see results.

Patience plays a big role in using the serum, and customers are saying as long as you’re consistent and follow the directions on applying the serum, your lashes should come out great. 

Babe Lash Volumizing Mascara Reivew

Aside from the lash serum, Babe Lash also offers other products solely aimed at eyelashes!

This mascara is so popular, it’s currently sold out on the Babe Lash website. No worries though, you can still find it from other retailers, such as Amazon.

It’s infused with ingredients like biotin and peptides to help strengthen and nourish your lashes over time with every use, and Babe Lash also included olive oil and rice bran in the formula for hydration.

Customers love this mascara as it makes their lashes not look clumpy, it doesn’t smudge, and if paired with the eyelash serum, your lashes will look extra incredible. 

Babe Lash Enhancing Conditioner Review

Similar to the benefits of the serum, the Babe Lash conditioner is also used to promote healthier-looking lashes.

The difference between the conditioner and the serum is that the serum is mainly used for length, while the conditioner is mainly used for protection and creating and retaining fullness. 

This conditioner is meant to be used in the morning, while the serum is used at night, and the products create the perfect duo that your lashes and lashline will absolutely adore. 

Customers love this conditioner and noticed results as little as two weeks into consistently using the product! 

What Customers Are Saying

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To give you the most solid information, we’ve scoured high and dry for real reviews on Babe Lash and gathered some common points about the brand:

  • It’s best to use all the Babe Lash products together for maximum results
  • Results from the serum can take 2-3 months 
  • Patience and consistency is key 
  • The serum didn’t work for some customers, but they were able to make a return easily


If you have more questions about our main character, the Babe Lash serum, below we’ve answered some common questions for you:

How long does it take for Babe Lash to work?

It can take up to 2-3 months to start seeing results from Babe Lash.

Is Babe Lash safe to use?

Generally, yes, but with all other products there may be some side effects. Considering this is an eye product and the skin is sensitive in that area, some may experience irritation.

One of the ingredients present in the Babe Lash serums and other eyelash serums is prostaglandin, which may cause the darkening of the irises or skin around the eyes. 

What happens when you stop using Babe Lash?

Once you stop using the serum, your lashes will naturally go back to it’s natural form. 

In order to maintain your results, Babe Lash recommends you continue to apply the serum 2-3 times a week.

To Wrap it Up

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Does the Babe Lash serum work? For the most part, yes! 

Of course, it totally depends on how your lashes take to the serum, but we think it’s totally worth a shot to see where this Babe Lash serum takes your lashes. 

Want to explore some different brands like Babe Lash? Here is a list of alternatives below.

Babe Lash Alternatives

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