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Athena Club Razor Review: Best Shave Ever?

Last Updated: June 3, 2022

We all stumble over our stubble. But what if there was a razor that could easily assist you in a smooth, worry-free shave? Athena Club claims to have the best razor to get those pesky hairs while keeping your legs nourished and razor bump-free. But, keep reading our Athena Club Razor Review to find out if that’s actually true. 

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What is Athena Club?

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Athena Club offers a state of the art razor and personal care products like shaving cream, body wash, body lotion, deodorant, multivitamins, and period products. 

The brand uses ethically sourced ingredients, meaning they don’t use harsh chemicals, dyes, or additives in their products. 

The razor is curve-friendly, dermatologist approved, helps prevent razor burn, is nickel-free, and made in the US.  Plus, the razor is said to have water-activated serum to moisturize your legs while shaving. It doesn’t get better than that!

Athena Club Overview

Athena club was founded in 2017 to develop affordable self-care products with trusted ingredients.  

Customers can customize a subscription plan that meets their needs. 

The Razor Kit is $9 with free shipping. Blade refill subscriptions start at $2.25 per blade and are delivered monthly, every two months, or quarterly.

Athena Club Razor Reviews

Athena Razor Kit Review

This razor kit comes with 2 five-blade cartridges, an ergonomic handle, and a magnetic holder to store your razor in the shower.

What makes Athena razors different is that they’ve been tested by experts to mimic how people actually shave. So if you’re a real person who shaves, this razor is for you. 

It’s designed to handle all our curves and edges, and even contains a moisturizing serum that’s activated by water to make sure it’s your smoothest shave yet.

Overall: ★★★★★ 5 stars

Users said the razor did help reduce their razor burn and was one of the smoothest shaves they’ve experienced. They also appreciated the convenience of a subscription box.

Shipping: ★★★★★ 5 stars

Customers thought the packaging was clean and fun. They were excited to use the products after unboxing, and the shipping was quick and on time. 

They also felt it was easier to deal with a subscription because it was one thing they no longer had to worry about.

Price: ★★★★★ 5 stars

Customers were impressed with the affordable price of a subscription box. The Razor Kit is $9 with free shipping. 

Quality: ★★★★ 4 stars

Customers said the razor glided on their skin, giving them a smooth shave, and they felt the process went quicker than usual. However, others said the product is more wasteful than others. 

Customer service: ★★★★ 4 stars

Athena club customer service can be reached through email at hey@athenaclub.com.

How to cancel Athena Club?

Here’s how to cancel your Athena Club membership:

1. Log in to your Athena Club account.

2. Click on the “My Account” tab.

3. Under the “Membership” section, click on the “Cancel Membership” button.

4. Follow the prompts to confirm your cancellation.

What Other Customers Are Saying

After searching through reviews on Reddit, the main feedback points about this brand are here. Customers say:

  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Reduces razor burn
  • Comes with a variety of colors
  • Easy to use with non-slip grip and free shower holder
  • Isn’t as low-waste as other shaving kits

In Conclusion

Customers loved this new razor on the market. They feel the process is seamless and saves them time. 

Overall, there don’t seem to be very many negative reviews about the Athena Club razor. In fact, many customers say it’s the best razor they’ve ever used. Most say it gives them the closest shave out of other razor subscriptions, even through thick, coarse hair.

If you’re still on the fence, the kit is only $9, so it won’t set you back that much. We say this razor is definitely worth the try!

We hope our Athena Club Razor Review helped you decide if this brand is for you.

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