Zenni Optical Reviews: Are Their Affordable Styles Legit?

Last Updated: May 26, 2021

Deciding on new eyeglass frames is challenging. Not only can they be super expensive, but you also wear them in one of the most conspicuous locations: the middle of your face. Thankfully, online options have made the process of frame shopping easier and, most importantly, affordable. 

Zenni Optical works to provide a variety of glasses at manageable prices. With frames starting at just $6.95 for single-vision prescription glasses, they’ve worked to make the process of eyewear shopping accessible. 

What is Zenni Optical? 

Zenni was founded in 2003 in the San Francisco Bay Area by two scientists. Their mission? Create fashionable yet affordable eyewear for customers. With no middleman and no retail space–simply online shipped straight to your home–this is truly made possible. 

Not only does Zenni specialize in regular eyeglasses, but they also sell sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, and goggles––really any form of eyewear you might be looking for. 


Zenni’s most expensive frames are sold at around $50 while their more affordable options start at just $6.95––notably inexpensive in the eyewear industry. 

Website bestsellers are typically around the $15 range. For just $12.95, you can add anti-fog lenses to your order (perfect for mask-wearing) and blue light lenses start at just $16.95. 

How to Order Zenni Glasses

Since each pair of glasses is custom fit for your face, Zenni provides clear, step-by-step instructional videos on how to order your new frames. 

These instructions include tips on how to measure your own PD (pupillary distance) and how to choose the best frames for your progressive lenses. 

Zenni also provides a virtual try-on option, giving you a sense of how certain frames will work on your face before you commit to purchasing. 


After ordering your new frames, you have 30 days from the date you receive them to call in for a return authorization. You can return your order for a one-time-use 100% store credit or a 50% refund on your debit card, credit card, or Paypal account. 

This isn’t the greatest return policy around, so it can definitely seem like a risk to order from this store. 

What Zenni Optical Reviews Say

“I placed and received my first order of glasses from Zenni. I actually ordered three pairs and I absolutely love all of them!! They matched my prescription exactly and I love the variety styles and especially the prices!! I already have some favorites lined up for the next order!!!”  -Lateefah

“My sisters would order their glasses from Zenni Optical. They told me, “You should really try them.” So, I gave them a try and I love it. The glasses are perfect. They’re super cute and they’re full. They’re very comfortable, too. For the cost, they’re really good.”  -Jimena

“I have saved so much on Eyewear and have multiple pairs of eye glasses. Thanks Zenni. There are so many great styles and colors and they arrive quickly. My wife has a pair to match her outfits for the day.” -Ryan

“The ordering process at Zenni was very simple. The longest part was picking out my frame just because I’m super picky. We used the virtual try-on and then I really enjoyed being able to pick out frames based on the measurement of the arms and the nose bridge inside. I purchased glasses that were both full-frame. I liked how it looked. ”  -Molly

The Bottom Line

Zenni crafts quality lenses for affordable prices, something that few eyewear companies can advertise. From the comfort of your couch, you can easily “try on” different frames and take your time deciding what to purchase. Ultimately, Zenni Optical scores well on both accessibility and affordability, definitely making this website worth a try. 

The only downside is their return policy – although they offer a full refund for store credit, they only offer a 50% refund if you want it back to your card. So, new buyers may feel like they’re taking a risk. That said, many people love shopping here, so it may end up being worth it!  

If the return policy (or something else) turned you off, EyeBuyDirect is a popular alternative that offers affordable styles and has a much better return policy.

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