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My WORN Socks Review – Honest Thoughts 

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Everyone needs a good pair of socks. With so many popular sock brands on the market, how do you find the perfect option for you?

I recently stumbled across WORN socks; their unique name caught my interest. I thought to myself, “Who would want to buy a pair of worn socks?”

Despite the interesting name, I was intrigued and decided to give them a shot after looking into their sock selections and their About page. With an innovative wool material and a dedication to quality (as well as sustainability), this sock brand seems to do everything right.

If you’re ready to upgrade your sock drawer from the same smelly socks you’ve had for five years, keep reading my WORN Socks review to see what I think about this brand after trying out a few pairs of their best-selling socks.

Who is WORN Socks?

WORN Socks is a brand dedicated to creating quality, sustainable socks that truly last. All of their socks are made using

According to their “cotton kills” page, they don’t believe in using Cotton because it absorbs water (aka sweat), affecting its insulating ability. Because of this, cotton socks aren’t great for hiking or other activities.

They also state cotton is not a sustainable fiber – for example, one raw kilo of cotton produces about 10 pairs of socks, but requires more than 20,000 liters of water. Cotton growing areas are known for destroying natural habitats and resources in an attempt to gain this quantity of water. 

Also, cotton also uses over 16% of the world’s pesticides while producing less than 3% of the net farming output.

Instead, they use a unique blend of wool that they state is the most advanced wool fabric on the market. Arrowool™ socks combine Merino’s lightweight and insulating properties with technical enhancements in the production process to keep them soft, durable, and great at wicking moisture.  

One thing that stands out about this brand is its warranty—they state that if you’re unhappy with your purchase for any reason, they will repair or replace your item for up to a year after purchase (no questions asked).

This is pretty impressive and shows that the brand stands behind its craftsmanship.

My WORN Socks Review

I tried out a pair of the No Show socks, Enhanced Boot socks, and the T3 Ankle socks.

Honestly, I typically wear the cheap pack of socks from Costco. I absolutely noticed the difference with WORN socks. They fit snugly on my feet (they feel like they were designed for my feet), with no chance of slipping off due to their anti-slip heel.

Their socks being made of wool initially made me think that they would be too warm on sunny days, but this is not the case! I have recently worn them on 70+ degree days and they felt great. They didn’t feel too warm and wicked away moisture.

I have also worn them during serious workouts (like my first spin class that kicked my butt) and they are fantastic. Since they don’t absorb moisture and instead wick it away, my feet don’t get sweaty and gross when working out or walking outside on a warm day.

On the other hand, they keep my feet warm, too. I have worn the Boot socks with boots on very cold days and they felt so much cozier than my normal socks.

After several washes, they kept their shape without pilling or stretching (you need to make sure to wash them according to the wash instructions, which simply involves washing in cool water and tumbling dry in low heat).

Bottom Line

Overall, WORN socks have provided fantastic comfort and support, making them well worth the investment in my opinion. Their No Show socks are my favorite because it’s SO hard to find a good pair of no-show socks that don’t fall down.

They’re definitely more expensive than a Costco pack of socks, but there’s a reason.

WORN Socks Alternatives

If you’re not interested in WORN Socks for whatever reason, here are a few popular sock brands that are dedicated to creating quality, durable socks.

Darn Tough – Like you’d expect from the name, this sock brand is dedicated to creating the most durable Merino wool socks you can find.

SmartWool – I have some socks from this brand too and they are so warm. Aside from socks, SmartWool has an entire collection of Merino Wool goods that are perfect for staying active.

Bombas Socks – This super popular sock brand is dedicated to creating quality socks (and other goodies) while also doing good in the world.

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