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Wolaco Review – The Best Choice for Athletes?

Last Updated: April 29, 2022

Finding good activewear can be tough. Many athletes stick to top brands like Nike or Adidas, but there’s a new sheriff in town. Wolaco is an athlete-focused brand with a strong drive to create the absolute perfect gear for athletes. No more worrying about discomfort, fit, or any other issues that are common in athletic wear. Sounds too good to be true? I tried out Wolaco myself and will be sharing my honest review, plus everything else you need to know about the brand!

What is Wolaco?

This upcoming brand is based in New York City – they are dedicated to creating perfect workout gear for athletes. They put a high emphasis on quality and creating long-lasting pieces, with collections for both men and women. They aim to ensure athletes never have to worry about their gear being being uncomfortable or distracting.


Wolaco pricing is a bit higher than what you might be used to if you shop from mainstream athletic brands, but this is reflected in their quality. In fact, after trying it out myself, it’s worth paying a slight premium compared to buying slightly cheaper products from more mainstream brands that wear out quickly. When it comes to activewear especially, I prefer to splurge on a long-lasting product because it’s easier to .

To give an example of their pricing, their award-winning compression gear ranges between $50 – $100 for bottoms depending on the style. They also offer free shipping and free returns on all orders!

My Wolaco Review

Overall: ★★★★★ 5 Stars – Overall, Wolaco is currently my favorite brand for runners and other fitness enthusiasts! Their products have been mindfully designed – it’s clear their focus is on creating the perfect activewear for any athlete.

Comfortability: ★★★★ 5 Stars – From the sleek material to the nice thick waist band, their products are extremely comfortable. They fit perfectly and you can just tell they chose the highest quality materials over cheaper options.

Selection: ★★★★★ 4 Stars – They are no Nike, but for the running/fitness enthusiasts, 13 perfectly crafted pieces is more than enough! They’ve made sure to focus on and perfect a smaller number of products rather than trying to mass produce poor quality gear.

Quality: ★★★★★ 5 Stars – Hands down best quality I’ve ever worn, I can tell that it’s going to last for years. The material is durable and high quality, plus they have convenient pockets that nothing falls out of. I have had the shorts I received for a few months now and they still feel (and look) brand new.

Reputation: ★★★★★ 5 Stars – Aside from my own experience with this brand, people are raving about their products in online reviews. Wolaco has been recommended by professional athletes, various online magazines, and in hundreds of reviews from their consumers. It’s pretty rare to find a bad review about this brand! People love the comfortability, quality, and reliability of Wolaco.

Worth Trying? YES – SHOP DEALS

North More Short Review

★★★★ 4.5 Stars (291 Reviews)

Price: $56 (View Availability)

One of their more affordable products, these compression shorts feature moisture-wicking fabric and even sweat-proof pockets. The thick fabric is designed so they don’t pill, plus the 1″ cuff ensures these shorts don’t ride up when you least want them to.

Pros: Great quality, Long Lasting Material & Stylish

Cons: There was nothing wrong with this product, I highly recommend for any fitness enthusiast.

Fulton Pant Review

★★★★ 4.5 Stars (69 Reviews)

Price: $90 (View Availability)

Another product from their compression line, these pants feature waterproof pockets and high-quality fabric that doesn’t get worn down (even after many washes). These pants feature all the same benefits of the North More shorts above, but in a longer pant version.

Mens Grand 2-in-1 Shorts Review

★★★★ 4.5 Stars (31 Reviews)

Price: $88 (View Availability)

These 2-in-1 shorts are available in a few different colors. These shorts offer the same features as their other products such as waterproof pockets, anti-pilling fabric, high-quality elastic band, breathable material, and more. Plus, they feature four pockets so you never lose another item at the gym!

Spring Short Review

★★★★ 4.5 Stars (29 Reviews)

Price: $60 (View Availability)

A little cheaper than the previous shorts, the Spring short features a more lightweight fabric as well as one pocket instead of four. Since the fabric is so lightweight, these are a great choice for those doing outdoor workouts in the summer or for runners who want to maximize their speed.

Wolaco Reviews From Customers

JOSHUA K. Verified Buyer (Spring Shorts) – 5.0 star rating – “Simply the best workout gear I’ve encountered. I bought two 9″ shorts and a full length and immediately tend toward frustration when I cycle through them because my other compression shorts aren’t as practical.”

ZEKE M. Verified Buyer (North More Shorts) – 5.0 star rating – “These shorts are great! This is my third pair of Wolaco compression shorts. They have become my favorite running shorts. I love that I can put my iPhone in the pocket and not have to wear an armband or worry about it getting wet when I sweat.”

DARREN M .Verified Buyer 5.0 star rating (Fulton Pant) – “I love em. I also have two pairs of the shorts and they’re all high quality, both the fabric and construction. They hold up to frequent laundering too. It’s the most I’ve spent on workout bottoms but given their durability it ends up being a value in the long run because I don’t have to replace them every 6 months like lesser quality products. Glad I found this company!”

Bottom Line

Overall, Wolaco is an excellent upcoming brand for activewear that is well worth giving a shot. Plus, since they offer free shipping and free returns, they are basically risk-free to try out! The gear I received fit perfectly and felt amazing to work out in. Quality is fantastic – although they don’t have a massive selection like other workout brands you might be accustomed to, they have all of the basics any fitness enthusiast needs.

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