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White Fox Boutique Reviews: What You Should Know

Last Updated: March 17, 2023

You can never have enough options when it comes to clothing — it’s always great finding new brands and shops, whether it’s through friends or social media.

One of the most popular brands that have been circulating around thanks to the power of socials is White Fox Boutique, an online shop based in Australia. 

But is White Fox Boutique worth the hype it’s been getting? Keep reading our White Fox Boutique reviews to find out! 

What is White Fox Boutique?

Founded in 2013 by Daniel Contos and Georgia Moore, White Fox Boutique is an Australian-based online retailer that offers women’s fashion.

Offering bold, fashion-forward styles and designs, White Fox Boutique is a brand for babes and baddies alike, meant to inspire women to be their best and most confident selves! 

Is White Fox Boutique Legit?

Yes, White Fox Boutique is a legitimate company! White Fox has a loyal and ever-evolving fan base (currently 1.9m followers on Instagram) that has grown tremendously since 2013.

White Fox Boutique collaborates with tons of online influencers to promote the brand and is currently quartered in its lovely building in Sydney, Australia. 

That being said, White Fox Boutique has been under fire for allegedly stealing designs from much smaller shops and designers.

White Fox Boutique Reviews

Overall: ★★★★ 4 stars

White Fox Boutique is generally a very well-received and loved place to shop! Customers adore the huge selection of current styles, the typically great quality, and the speedy shipping.

Aside from the usual clothing options, White Fox Boutique also offers accessories, loungewear, shoes, and tons more! 

Some people, however, were disappointed with the return policy that only allows for store credit rather than a full refund.

Price: ★★★★ 4 stars

Prices at White Fox Boutique range from $20 to $120! There are definitely more affordable places to shop online, but if you want the clothing to last, it’s normal to dish out a couple extra bucks. 

However, White Fox Boutique isn’t the most expensive either, so there are definitely products you can find that can fit within your budget!

Quality: ★★★★ 4 stars

White Fox Boutique has a team that designs everything in-house at its Syndey headquarters. 

The design team takes the time to understand current trends and customer demands, all while keeping White Fox Boutique’s unique and bold flavor. 

White Fox Boutique claims it takes measures to understand the supply chain to ensure the highest-quality standards during the manufacturing process to maintain a humane and ethical operation. 

Shoppers are in love with the quality of White Fox Boutique and can’t get enough!

Sizing: ★★★ 3 stars

One of the common critiques White Fox Boutique has received from customers is the inaccurate sizing.

This may be because this is an Australian-based brand so sizes may be different to those shopping from out of the country, but it’s advised to really look at the size chart before settling on a size. 

Currently, White Fox Boutique offers sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. We wish there were more plus-sized models on the website to showcase how the clothing would look on plus-sized bodies.

Not just that, but the options for sizes more than a large are super limited, which isn’t very size-inclusive after all. 

What Customers Are Saying

White Fox Boutique has garnered a bunch of reviews from real shoppers. For your convenience, we picked out some of the most common things mentioned — the good and the meh. 

  • Super cute clothing styles with a huge variety
  • Can be hard to get ahold of customer service
  • Speedy shipping
  • The quality is typically great
  • Sizing can be inconsistent, check the sizing guide to get the most accurate size
  • Annoying return policy

White Fox Boutique Dresses Review

White Fox Boutique has a nice selection of dresses to choose from like mini dresses and party dresses. 

In fact, White Fox Boutique also offers formal and event dresses like bridesmaids dresses and homecoming dresses!

The price range for White Fox Boutique starts as low as $18 and can be as high as $110! These dresses are extremely affordable and have a well-rounded selection of styles for everyone. 

Whether you’re looking for something to keep you toasty for fall or if you’re looking for something to wear to girl’s night, White Fox Boutique got you covered!

White Fox Boutique Swimwear Review

White Fox Boutique has a fairly large selection of swimwear to choose from for those who love hanging out by the beach or chilling poolside! 

White Fox Boutique offers bikinis, one-pieces, resort wear, and also offers individual items as well. All the swimwear is boldly-colored in beautiful blues, reds, and pinks, but White Fox also offers sleek and sexy black suits, too. 

The price range for the swimwear starts at $25 and can reach up to $70. Don’t worry, though, because White Fox Boutique tends to have a lot of discounts sprinkled throughout the website.

Unfortunately, White Fox Boutique does not offer swimwear in the XXL size; the biggest size is XL. 

White Fox Boutique Activewear Review

It’s become the norm to have cute and fashionable athleisure, and White Fox Boutique provides just that. After all, feeling good in your workout outfit boosts up your confidence to perform your best! 

White Fox Boutique offers a good range of activewear like sport bras, leggings, and shorts in sizes XS to XL. 

Almost all of the activewear options are part of a matching set, so you have the option to pull up to the gym in monochromatic realness or you can mix and match! 

Prices for White Fox Boutique’s activewear collection range from $40 to $90, but again, there’s a good chance you’ll find discounts and promo codes scattered throughout White Fox Boutique’s website! 

The Final Verdict

There’s no doubt White Fox Boutique offers the cutest and trendiest style — a majority of which we hope are somewhat original designs. 

Whether you want to shop there or not depends on if you like the products they’re offering and if you’re willing to overlook scandalous claims against the company. Also, make sure you’re aware that they only allow returns for store credit.

If we those out of the equation though, White Fox Boutique is a nice place to shop with affordable prices and a well-rounded selection of products! 

If that’s not really your speed, though, below are three White Fox Boutique alternatives for you to seek out instead.

White Fox Boutique Alternatives


Why did White Fox Boutique get cancelled?

White Fox Boutique had a little canceling moment when the company was accused of stealing designs from smaller shops and designers. This is a common and rising issue in the fast-fashion industry and specifically led to some influencers boycotting the brand. 

Who owns White Fox Boutique?

Daniel Contos and Georgia Moore own White Fox Boutique.

Is White Fox Boutique ethical?

There aren’t a lot of specifics regarding White Fox Boutique’s practices, but the company does say they take the necessary measures to understand the supply chain to maintain a safe and humane manufacturing process. 

Where is White Fox Boutique located?

White Fox Boutique is located in Sydney, Australia. 

Is White Fox Boutique true to size?

Not really. Sizing can vary on the item, so shoppers recommend checking the size chart to get the best accurate measurements.

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