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13 Types of Hair Brushes and When to Use Them

Last Updated: October 12, 2022

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed by the amount of different types of hair brushes out there, you’re not alone. 

From cushion to bristle to teasing brushes, each hair brush has its own specific use and even techniques to go along with it. 

Let’s be real: it’s so easy to grab whatever hair brush tends to be closest when styling your hair. But, if you’re ready to learn the different types of brushes and when to use them, keep reading for a breakdown of each type.

Types of Hair Brushes

Paddle Brush

This is an everyday hair brush that is probably the most common. It’s perfect for daily use to minimize frizz for a smooth finish. 

It’s not a great choice to add volume to your hair, but it’s a great option to run through your hair before you leave the house in the morning. Ideal for long, thick hair types!

If you’re in the market for a new paddle brush, here is Amazon’s choice.

Vented Brush

This brush is the perfect choice for blow drying hair because of the slotted openings along the back of the brush.

This allows air to flow to your hair from every angle, speeding up the drying process and therefore creating less damage. 

Just make sure your hair isn’t completely sopping before you use a vented brush, as it can cause breakage and damage on wet hair. Let your hair air dry a little before picking up this brush.

Check out this highly-rated vented brush for a quick blowout style. 

Cushion Brush

Cushion brushes are excellent for taming frizz and reducing static.

Typically made with rubber bases and nylon bristles, this brush also gently massages your scalp to increase circulation and break up any built up hair product. 

This cushion brush from Revlon can be used on wet or dry hair and is ideal for all hair types.

Natural Bristle Brush

If you’re looking to restore natural shine to your hair, a natural brush is your best option. Typically made from boar, these bristles distribute oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair.

This brush type is especially ideal for those with fine, thinning hair as it is very gentle on your strands. 

Try this natural boar bristle hairbrush to restore shine and reduce breakage.

Nylon Bristle Brush

Made from synthetic material, these brushes offer stiff bristles to effectively detangle even the toughest of knots. That makes this the ideal for thick, long hair that needs a little more oomph than a natural bristle brush can offer.

Check out this nylon bristle brush from Conair to detangle even the thickest hair.

Mixed Bristle Brush

A mixed bristle brush combines the best of both worlds with nylon and natural bristles.

The stiff nylon bristles help work out tough knots while the soft boar bristles spread your hair’s natural oil for healthy, shiny hair. By reducing static, detangling, and promoting natural shine, this hair brush can do it all!

Here is a large, mixed bristle hairbrush ideal for all hair types.

Round Brush

Perfect for creating the ultimate blowout, round brushes work while you dry your hair with a hair dryer to give some extra bounce and curl to your locks.

Use a small round brush to create tight curls, or a large round brush to achieve loose waves.

Note: There are also hair dryers that incorporate the round brush to make this process easier, such as the popular Revlon One-Step.

Wet Brush

Tired of ripping a regular brush through your wet hair, causing damage and breakage?

Invest in a wet brush made specifically to undo snags without painfully tugging at knots. The flexible bristles gently detangle hair with minimal damage.

Shop the original Wet Brush here

Detangler Brush

Similar to a wet brush, a detangler brush works great on damp hair to unravel knots without breaking the hair. They are typically made to be used in the shower, with handles specifically designed for a better grip.

You can, however, use these bad boys on dry hair too for those days your hair is especially tangled.

Here’s an affordable option that can be used on any hair type!

Tiny Boar Bristle Brush

This small version of natural bristle brush has the same benefits, but is perfect for those pesky baby hairs that never seem to cooperate.

It’s a super affordable way to keep the edges of your hair smooth for a polished look.

Check out this tiny boar bristle brush to keep your hair looking sleek.

Teasing Brush

As the name suggests, a teasing brush is made to tease your hair for fullness and volume.

Typically made small, these brushes are great for teasing the hair at the crown of your head to add texture and create the appearance of thicker, more volumized hair.

Try this teasing brush from Revlon!

Thermal Brush

A thermal hair brush works with your hair dryer to quickly deliver volume and bounce to your mane.

These brushes are usually ceramic to conduct heat and transform your hair into shiny, silky smooth locks that look as though you just walked out of the salon.

Try this thermal brush if you typically reach for a hair dryer to style your hair. 

Straightening Brush

If you want to cut down on styling time, you need to invest in a straightening hair brush, like this one from Amazon.

It combines a flat iron and hair brush for fast, smooth styling. Plus, it reduces heat damage on the hair by speeding up the hair straightening process.

Final Thoughts

Before, you might not have paid much attention to what kind of hair brush you were using when styling your hair, but now you have the info you need to make the best decision when it comes to hair care.

We hope this guide helped you understand the types of hair brushes and their uses! If you’re the type to keep only one hair brush on hand, try branching out to these other brushes and watch the difference it makes in styling your hair.

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