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My 100% Honest Tapered Menswear Review

Last Updated: December 29, 2021

Many men deal with a common problem: finding shirts that fit right. If you have an athletic or muscular build, the shirt search gets even harder. Luckily, brands are realizing this – Tapered Menswear is a brand dedicated to creating the perfect clothing for athletic builds. I was lucky enough to try out a few shirts from this brand, so keep reading for my 100% honest review.

What is Tapered Menswear?

Tapered Menswear is a men’s fashion brand founded in 2017 that’s on a mission to help muscular men find perfectly fitted shirts.

They have a large selection of dress shirts, polos, and t-shirts. If you like many others have struggled to find great fitted shirts that eventuate your muscles you may have just found the last brand you ever need to shop.

As a shorter guy with a metamorphic build, finding shirts that fit well is like going on an Easter egg hunt in a 10-acre field with only 5 hidden easter eggs. In other words, it’s nearly impossible.

If you’re reading this review because you’re interested in trying Tapered Menswear, let me save you some time. This brand hands down offers some of the best products on the market for men with muscular builds. Their shirts are great quality, fit perfectly, and have an amazing stretch.

Buy yourself one of each of your desired color – you’ll be upset when the next day comes and you have to wear the same shirt because it truly put all your other shirts to shame.

If you’re wondering which of their shirts to buy, feel free to continue reading where I’ll give my reviews on a few of their top sellers that I tried out.

Tapered Menswear Reviews

White Tapered Fit Shirt Review

Fit: The white Tapered Fit Shirt gives you a tailored look without actually having to get fitted. This is a huge plus for me, there’s nothing I hate more than a dress shirt not fitting across my back or being to lose around my midsection. It’s my best-fitting dress shirt by a long shot – I actually feel like I look better wearing the shirt.

Comfort: Extremely breathable, fitted well where it needed to, and made with great fabrics that aren’t stiff, but lay on the skin well.

Length: The length was perfect! Long dress shirts that you have to bunch up around the waist are never a good look. This was a good enough length to leave untucked if worn with pants, but long enough that it could be tucked with slacks.

Overall: The Best Dress Shirt I Own!

White Tapered Fit T-shirt Review

Fit: Tapered menswear t-shirts have multi-directional stretch, so regardless of how much mass you put on through your mesocycle, you’ll still be able to count on your t-shirt supporting your gains.

I love t-shirts that are flat around the bicep, which is another reason why I love these! I can’t tell you how many fitted t-shirts I’ve had that raise up around the bicep.

Comfort: Thick cotton that stretches comfortably around your biceps, shoulders and back.

Length: This is personally what I liked best about their t-shirts! The length on these is long making you look super aesthetic!

Overall: Highly Recommended

Tapered Fit Polo Shirt Review

Fit: Much like the t-shirts, the fitted polo is perfect in my eyes. It’s slim around the waist, long enough, tight in the chest, and has a comfortable stretch.

Comfort: This shirt is made of heavy fabric that’s soft and comfortable! You will honestly feel your muscles in the shirt, which I find pleasing.

Overall: If you like or need a polo and have a muscular build, BUY IT. Don’t look at other brands, just trust me and try it out. If you don’t like it, please contact me personally (or just put their generous return policy to use).

Bottom Line

Overall, Tapered Menswear is one of my new favorite brands for fitted shirts. Having struggled to find the perfect shirts, I’m beyond happy I was able to try out this brand! I would 100% recommend trying them out if you have an athletic build and are looking for the perfect shirts. Plus, they have a 45-day return policy in case they don’t work out, so you might as well give them a shot!