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13 Stores Like Ann Taylor for Stylish Business Wear

Last Updated: September 12, 2022

If you’re interested in finding some amazing new brands to shop from (which, let’s be honest, we all are), keep reading our list of 13 stores similar to Ann Taylor

Since 1954, Ann Taylor has become a hub for the modern businesswoman. Their chic, classy styles offer a variety of upscale fashion options. In fact, the brand has had so much success that they now offer five separate subdivision brands. 

Ann Taylor was one of the first brands to introduce women’s business wear into the fashion community, and there have been plenty more since. That’s why we’ve compiled our picks for the best stores like Ann Taylor. 

Plus, take a look at these best online clothing stores to discover even more great fashion.

Stores Like Ann Taylor

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LOFT is actually one of the previously mentioned sub-brands of Ann Taylor. LOFT branched off from the main brand in order to diversify the company’s customer demographic.

While Ann Taylor caters towards the professional businesswoman, LOFT does this in a more trendy way. The brand heavily caters to a younger crowd. The styles offered are more casual and modern.

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Banana Republic

Banana Republic is most likely Ann Taylor’s strongest competitor. Both brands have created quite a name for themselves in fashion wear for professionals. 

The brand is actually owned by the iconic Gap Inc., so you know their pieces will be comfortable and high-quality. Banana Republic offers classic pieces for work; however, they do a great job at adding modern twists to their classic looks. 

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Express is a fashion-forward clothing brand that offers everything you could need. From professional blazers to outfits for a night on the town, Express is there.

Express is a great option for those who want a versatile closet. The brand definitely provides more youthful, modern styles. 

However, that doesn’t mean that your Friday night blouse can’t also double as your Monday morning one! Express is the best brand for this. 

📷 IG @palomafield

J. Crew

If you’re looking for some work attire basics, J. Crew is the perfect store for you. While we love to make a splash, any businesswoman needs some basic pieces to tie their looks together. 

J. Crew clothes are classic and timeless, but they made sure to add in-style themes as well. The brand specializes in pants, blazers, coats, and cashmere. 

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Founded before Ann Taylor itself, Talbots has been a frontrunner in the clothing industry since 1947. The brand is an absolute cult classic when it comes to professional wear.

Talbots offers a very preppy, Hamptons-type of vibe. The classy styles still manage to offer a ton of variety, even in sizing. Their sizes range all the way to a plus petite fit. 

It’s a great option for everyone, but especially if you love that summer-preppy aesthetic. 

📷 IG @bonjoursheila

White House Black Market

Once 2 separate stores that sold only the colors in their name, White House and Black Market joined to create this fashion powerhouse. The timeless contrast of the opposing colors is what their whole brand is based upon. 

This is obviously a great option for those who tend to stray away from color. Despite the name, they do offer apparel in other colors, but the neutrals definitely dominate. 

White House Black Market is an awesome place to find a refined, classy, luxury look. 

📷 IG @anthropologie


Anthropologie is mainly known for being a modern, boho apparel store. However, they actually offer a plethora of amazing options that can double as business wear. 

What we love so much about this brand is just how unique and intricate their styles are. The apparel has a flowy, free-spirited vibe. 

Anthropologie is perfect for those who want to make a statement, while still being professional. 

📷 IG @awellstyledlife


The name of Chico’s might sound like a brand lost in history; however, they’ve actually become a sort of hidden gem for fashion. 

Chico’s offers creative, comfortable, and chic apparel for the working woman. While the brand has lost some steam over the years, they have an extremely loyal fanbase. This helps immensely when choosing products easily with hundreds of reviews for each. 

📷 IG @madewell


Madewell offers more casual, daily workwear. This is the main distinction that sets it apart from the rest: its commitment to comfort and simplicity. 

Madewell caters towards a younger crowd, likely stemming from the recent development of going casual to work. Even though they don’t focus on the classic business pantsuit, their products are without a doubt appropriate for work. 

Did we mention they’re ultra-comfortable?

📷 IG @jjillstyle

J. Jill

J. Jill is actually owned and overseen by another brand on our list, the classic Talbots brand. However, J. Jill describes their apparel as relaxed and easy. 

The brand is very versatile but offers trendy twists. J. Jill also offers sizes from misses to tall. 

One thing to note about this brand is that their website doesn’t really do them justice. So, if you can find one of their retail stores, we highly recommend it!

📷 IG @rae.hersey

H & M

Budget-friendly alert! We’re sure you all have heard of H&M, the modern brand found at most outlet malls. This is a great option for those on a strict budget; their blouses average at only $24.99!

H&M does a phenomenal job at introducing current fashion trends to their styles. Their aesthetic, when it comes to their professional wear, is very chic and classy. 

We also love their efforts towards improving sustainability!

📷 IG @wear.is.sam

Old Navy

Another affordable option, Old Navy is a classic when it comes to family-friendly attire. Their styles are light, flowy, and appropriate. 

Averaging around $30 per blouse, the brand is very accessible. They offer everything from shoes to swimwear. 

Old Navy definitely offers a more casual vibe, but can easily transform into amazing professional wear. 

📷 IG @thesilverstylist

Land’s End

Land’s End is a brand with seemingly no age limit, which we love. The brand is widely praised for its extremely comfortable, high-quality products. 

While their products lack a layer of modernism, they make up for it in reliability. Land’s End is also an awesome place to buy business wear basics. It is aimed toward an older generation but remains a good option for anyone. 

Long-time customers rave about the durability of the apparel. 

In Summary

We know you business professionals are busy, so we’ll wrap things up. In this amazing era, women are finally able to express themselves in any way they want. Professional attire is no different. 

No longer are the days of boring, stuffy work clothes; stores like Ann Taylor make sure of that. These brands will make sure you feel like a total girl boss when you’re out there conquering the world. 

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