Splat Hair Dye Reviews: Should You Try It?

Last Updated: July 24, 2021

For many women, new hair symbolizes new beginnings. Dying your hair a new color can be just the thing you need to start that new chapter in your life. Just broke up with your boyfriend? Chop it off and dye it red! New job in a completely different city? Blonde highlights are the way to go! 

If you are ready to make that drastic change, allow us to help you out. Splat Hair Color is popular for its wide variety of vibrant shades, but what’s the real tea? Should you purchase it? Here is the only Splat hair dye review that you’ll ever need! 

What is Splat Hair Dye? 

Splat is a hair dye brand that offers numerous bright, temporary, 10-wash, and semi-permanent hair dyes. 

Their products can be purchased on their website and at several different retail locations such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Be aware that many of their hair colors require prior hair bleaching in order to achieve the advertised color payoff. 

Splat offers numerous different collections of dyes, each formulated for different hair needs. The ‘Splat Original Complete Kits’ collection provides a kit with both the bleach and the hair color for your use. 

The ‘Original Singles’ are the same colors that can be found in the ‘Original Complete Kits,’ just in small, singular packets with no bleach.

The ‘Midnight ’ collection claims to deposit bright colors into medium brown to pale blonde hair shades without the bleach. 

Their ‘Splat Naturals’ collection is a line of hair dyes that are 95% natural and provide extra conditioning for damaged hair.

Lastly, Splat’s newest ‘Double Lift’ collection offers permanent dyes that lighten your starting shade while depositing the color at the same time. This line is geared toward those with dark brown, virgin hair who want vibrant color without the bleach. 

The ‘10 Wash’ collection provides vibrant hair colors that come out in just 10 washes. Their ‘1 Wash No Bleach’ collection allows you to experiment with hair color for the day as it comes out after 1 wash.

Finally, their ‘Ombre’ collection is perfect for those who only want a vivid ombre as it comes with bleach and 2 hair colors. Splat also sells temporary sprays and hair chalks. 

Average Pricing 

On their website, pricing is as follows (unless there is a sale): 

  • The Original Complete Kits with bleach –  $10.99 
  • The Naturals Collection –  $14.99
  • The Double Lift Permanent Collection – $12.49
  •  The Midnight Collection – $10.99
  • The Original Singles – $5.00
  • The Ombre Collection – $10.99 
  • The 10 Wash Collection – $8.99 
  • The 1 Wash No Bleach Collection – $8.99 

These items can be found at retail locations, as well as Amazon, for similar prices as well. 

Return Policy 

Splat does not accept returns for items that were not purchased through their website. 

To return items purchased through their site: 

  • You must provide an email receipt, order number, and Return Authorization number (provided upon return request).
  • Returns and exchanges must be made within 30 days of purchase, within an inquiry emailed to their customer care team.
  • You will be responsible for shipping fees unless the error was on the company’s end.
  • You may not receive a refund on original shipping fees.
  • For damaged or defective products, the company will provide free return shipping and inspect the product. If the return is accepted, a full refund (excluding shipping fees) will be issued back to the customer through their original payment method, or a replacement product will be sent free of charge.
  • If the return is approved, the credit should be received within 7 days.

Top Products 

Splat’s Original Kits (with bleach) are pretty popular amongst consumers because they provide the needed bleach, therefore supporting a more vibrant color payoff. 

The ‘Crimson Obsession’ (warm red) shade and the ‘Pure Sapphire’ (dark blue) shade have the most and best reviews within the collection. This collection of hair dye is infused with baobab seed oil and quinoa extract to help moisturize the hair and prevent breakage. 

Splat Hair Dye Reviews 

According to customer reviews, Splat hair dye can be a hit or miss. Here are some of the comments that stood out the most (compliments of Splat’s website and Reddit).

Positive Reviews 

  • “Love how the color came out. It doesn’t always last as long as I’d like it to but then I just recolor it again to keep the color vibrant. Would highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t afraid to try daring colors in their hair.” – Sam C. 
  • “Absolutely loved everything about this color. It came with everything I needed as in gloves, color, lifting products and conditioner. Color came out so vibrant. Definitely would use it again!!!” – Shawna B.
  • “I love having bright colored hair and splat does just that. Their colors are bright and beautiful. The only issue I have is that it stains everything it comes in contact with, so be careful when you use these products. I don’t like how even the permanent seems to wash out little by little with each wash, it fades too fast for my liking. Otherwise great product.” – Tabitha M. 

Negative Reviews 

  • “Splat hair dye is awful even if you don’t bleach (your hair). it stains your skin, and it fades really weird. When I used splat, the color was ugly (I got purple), and it faded into a gross color! I bleached mine, but I have friends that hated it on their natural hair color.” – A.J. 
  • “My biggest issue with splat dye is that it never came out of my hair. I used their purple color when I first started dying my hair. It looked alright, but I had an easier time bleaching out black box dye than I did removing the purple. It also left nasty residue on my scalp that ended off flaking like purple dandruff. It was disgusting.” – C.S. 
  • “I’d suggest avoiding the color altogether. There are much better options that can often be cheaper and are better for your hair.” – C.S. 
  • “Splat is the WORST hair dye I’ve ever used. It looks great when it’s first dyed, but the first time you wash it, it fades really badly. I’ve tried their teal hair dye after bleaching to a really blonde color (I’m naturally a brunette), and it looked great at first, then after washing once, the color went and faded like crazy and left me with really faded, greenish teal hair.” – M.P. 
  • “I’ve used Splat before and it was very harsh on my hair. If you’re going to try it out I would approach with caution.” – K.T. 

Is Splat Worth It? 

In all honesty, it was a lot easier to find comments bashing the hair dye than it was to find comments praising it. The majority of Splat hair dye reviews say that the dye is damaging, the color payoff is inaccurate, it fades quickly, and permanently stains the hair.

The consensus? Don’t risk it! Try looking for another brand with better reviews so your locks can remain healthy and luscious. One great alternative is Punky Colour!

 If you still really want to try their bright colors, we would recommend avoiding their bleach (check out some of the top hair bleaches instead). You might want to start out with a temporary color first and do some extensive research on the particular color you’re looking at to make sure it won’t stain your hair forever.