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Nap Loungewear Reviews: The Best Luxury Loungewear? 

Last Updated: September 30, 2022

The ultimate loungewear pieces for any occasion? Nap claims to design just that. Check out our unsponsored Nap loungewear reviews below. 

The need for comfortable clothing that can also be an everyday outfit is unquestionable. With the styles created by Nap you can have the all-day comfort you desire while still looking sleek and attractive. 

Nap claims to design the best loungewear for all your comfort needs that will last through many harsh winters and many lazy days, but are they actually great quality comfort? Read our Nap Loungewear reviews below to find out!  

What is Nap Loungewear?

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Nap Loungewear was created for those who love modern simplicity but crave high-quality comfort. Their designs are crafted with skin-friendly fabrics, elegant draping, and minimalist/oversized silhouettes. 

Their collections include dresses, sweatshirts, loungewear sets, cardigans, coats, and much more.

Is Nap Loungewear Legit?

Yes, Nap Loungewear is absolutely legit! Their clothing is well-made, comfortable, and affordably priced. If you’re looking for some cozy new loungewear, this is definitely a brand worth checking out.

Recommended Alternative: Athleta

Nap Loungewear Reviews

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Overall: ★★★ 3 stars

Some customers enjoyed Nap Loungewear, but unfortunately, the negative reviews outweigh the positive ones. 

Many said that their orders were lost, did not have accurate tracking, or that customer service claimed they never made an order even though the customer’s card was charged.   

Price: ★★★ 3 stars

For the claimed high-quality fabrics that the loungewear is made out of, the prices are adequate. However, some customers said that the prices were more of an investment than they wanted to take part in. 

Shipping: ★★ 2 stars

Nap offers free shipping for all orders over $158 and states that each order ships within 24 hours of the order being placed. Many customers said that their orders never came in, were damaged upon arrival, or did not include their entire order. 

Quality: ★★★ 3 stars

The fabrics and designs of the loungewear collections are claimed to be high-quality by Nap. However, many customers claimed that the pieces were cheaply made, itchy, and sized incorrectly. 

Customer Service: ★★★ 3 stars

Nap’s official website has a customer service chat bubble, email address, and their instagram DM’s open for communication. However, most customers had a lot of issues with getting direct answers and help from the representatives. 

Recommended Alternative: Cozy Earth

Nap Loungewear Turtleneck Sweatshirt Review

Girl wearing light brown Nap Loungewear Boxy Turtleneck Sweatshirt with black leggings

4.90 Stars based on 96 Reviews

This sweatshirt is a cotton and polyester blend that is soft to the touch and perfect for everyday loungewear. It has a turtleneck design with puffed sleeves and an oversized fit.

Plus, it comes in 40 different color options, including tie-dye, and sizes X-small to 2X-large.

Nap Loungwear Cotton Track Set Review

Girl wearing Cloud Color Nap Loungewear Cotton Track Set with grey slippers that have a white poof on them 
This is the product that was reviewed

4.86 Stars based on 59 Reviews 

Nap’s track set includes cotton joggers and a sweatshirt each meant to give a baggy silhouette for this go-to loungewear set. 

The joggers do include a drawstring at the waist for a custom fit and are cuffed at the ankles so you can be active and comfortable. This set comes in 29 different solid colors and sizes XX-small to 3X-large. 

Nap Loungwear Greek Open Back Silky Maxi Dress Review

Greek Open Back Silky Maxi Dress

4.80 Stars based on 100 Reviews

This Greek dress is based on the Goddess Aphrodite who was known for her beauty. It is meant to fit like a drape, lightly hitting the body’s curves and making it the perfect loungewear outfit. 

Plus, it is also great to wear to the beach or to a casual party with friends. It comes in 6 different colors and only one size. 

Nap Loungewear Reviews: What other Customers are Saying

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We looked through many reviews online and Trustpilot gave Nap loungewear 2.6 stars out of 5 and found a flag on their website that the brand was getting fake reviews. However, here are what we found that most customers said about Nap:

  • Oversized fitting products 
  • Difficult customer service
  • Cheaply made products
  • Fair pricing

Is Nap Loungewear Worth It?

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Nap Loungewear claims to be a high-quality, luxury brand meant for those who want comfortable clothing that they can feel confident in. However, some customers struggled with the customer service representatives and the fulfillment of their orders. 

Because of this, we’d definitely be cautious when ordering from this website. If you do order, we’d recommend starting with something inexpensive in case the order never makes it to your door.

Luckily, we found some other brands to keep in mind if you still have that shopping itch!

Nap Loungewear FAQ

Are the Fabrics Sustainable?

Yes, Nap’s fabrics include NIPNAP™, Cashmere, and FLOWLUX™ all made from sustainably crafted silk and cotton. 

What Discounts are Offered?

Nap gives newsletter subscribers 10% off of their first purchase and has a 20% off student discount through StudentBeans.

Does Nap Have Any Special Programs?

Nap has a wholesale program where brands can purchase their loungewear for in-store purchase. They also have an Influencer Program that anyone can sign up for by contacting their influencer representatives. 

Where is Nap Loungewear based?

As of right now, Nap Loungewear is a little difficult to track down. However, their company info page lists an address in China.

Return Policy

Nap’s Return Policy states that they will reclaim any items in new condition that are returned within 15 days of receipt. They do not cover shipping costs. To start the return process, contact their customer service for instructions. 

Brands Like Nap Loungewear

Nap loungewear is a brand to be wary of purchasing from so here are some other options for comfortable and high-quality loungewear:

  1. Cozy Earth 
  2. Knix
  3. Brunette the Label

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3 thoughts on “Nap Loungewear Reviews: The Best Luxury Loungewear? ”

  1. I had purchased a number of NAP items and loved them. However, delivery to Canada had taken up to 4 months to arrive. Also, if the garment does not fit properly, remember that the customer must pay the shipping costs to return. When I needed to return an oversized coat that was far too large (though they indicate garments are oversized, I am not comfortable with the shoulder seam at my elbows), shipping costs in my country were assessed between $55.00-$70.00. After shipping costs my refund was half the cost I paid for the garment.

    In addition, though it takes them months to deliver the product, the customer only has 7 days from the receipt of the garment to make a return. By the time one figures out how to make a return and consider shipping, the 7 days are passed. After 7 days, NAP will not refund your money.

    After contacting NAP, they reminded me of their policy and asked me to understand. The risk has left me rethinking my interest in NAP products and I will not purchase from them again. The design and quality is lovely but the customer service prohibits loyalty or trust in the brand.

  2. Everything sucked. My mom tried to get me some comfy pjs, they took forever to come (4 weeks?) so my mom was disappointed they were not here for my bday. She also got me a dress but that did not come for 4 MONTHS.

    The pjs were cheap material and the scratchiest silk i have ever encountered. UGLY.

    Returning them was a complete pain in the ass. There was noone to call and no address listed! And certainly no return address label. Finally I emailed someone, and got a reply, and had to pay for the return myself of course! but then I went out of the country, and figured i would not worry about the return because I was still waiting on a dress to come.

    The dress finally came and was scratchy cotton this time and some horrid pastel. I hated it.

    I then returned both items (paying $20+) for shipping. And they then charged my mom $120+ dollars for the return – I barely put on these clothes, and I had JUST gotten the dress.

    Of course, I was going to call to complain but they of course have NO NUMBER TO CALL. Just as well, I am just glad those awful clothes are finally out of my life.

  3. NAPloungewear is absolutely a terrible company with the WORST customer service you can ever imagine!! It’s disgraceful! I order two items a month ago, and last week I got a wrong order delivered! I emailed them and the first thing they want to for me to send the wrong order back for exchange! They didn’t confirm my right order or apologize. I sent the wrong order back to them and emailed them the tracking number, then I haven’t heard from them ever since! Nothing! So I emailed them again to ask for a refund, still nothing back from them!!! So please stay away from this company! They are useless.


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