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Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans – May the Best Denim Win

Last Updated: August 8, 2021

Today, jeans come in a variety of different styles, cuts, colors, and designs.Two styles that have been blowing up are mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. What does your mother or boyfriend have to do with the type of denim that you are wearing? 

Today, we will be looking at the differences between the styles. As to which one is better… that is up to you to decide.

Mom Jeans vs. Boyfriend Jeans Overview

Boyfriend JeansMom Jeans
– Baggy, relaxed fit
– Oversized
– Sit mid-low on waist
– Looser on leg and crotch area
– Rougher looking
– Considered a more ‘manly’ style
– Cozy, relaxed fit
– Tapered around legs
– Sit higher on waist
– Long back pockets
– 80s and 90s style
– Compliment curves

Boyfriend Jeans

Becoming popular around the 1960s, they get this name because design-wise, they look like something you stole from your boyfriend’s home to wear. 

They are the exact opposite of skinny jeans in practically every way. They tend to be looser in fit and almost baggy even for a more comfortable, relaxed fit. They will look oversized no matter who wears them. 

No matter the overall style, whether slimmer or more structured, any sort of loose fitting jeans would fall into this category. A good alternative for these jeans are straight leg jeans, which fit right between the boyfriend and girlfriend jean styles.

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Mom Jeans

Mom jeans got their names from the 80s and 90s, and even today still possess the same funky cut from back then. Apparently, these jeans were the go-to pants for many moms of these decades

With their more modest look, they were great throw-on jeans for women during that time. Like boyfriend jeans, they come in a relaxed fit, but tend to sit higher on the waist and are more loose around the thighs. 

Unlike the boyfriend jeans, they are more tapered around the legs, so they do not look as baggy. They are much more cozy in style compared to boyfriend jeans.

Compared to the two, the mom jeans tend to be the more disregarded for their unflattering and out of style look. However, they still remain the favorite style for many women even today. 

Just like all styles of jeans, the right accessorizing can make any old pair of jeans look stylish and trendy.

How to Wear Each Style

So, what would work best with these jeans to give them a modern, yet trendy look? According to experts, jackets are the go-to items.

For boyfriend jeans, a cute blazer can give the outfit a polished and smarter look. For a more casual, tomboyish flare, a crop top, bucket hat, and sneakers will do.

With mom jeans, a common method for style is tucking your shirt in. Chunky trainers or ankle boots would also look cute with them. 

Overall, however, it all depends on the style of each individual wearing them – following the guidelines above is a good way to get started.


Overall, both mom jeans and boyfriend jeans can be made into cute, trendy outfits. They are both comfortable and can be used in a variety of different styles. 

For a comfortable style, mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are good places to start as they both share one thing in common. They are both comfortable. So whether going for a baggier look, or prefer a more feminine modest look, do not shy away from trying these older jean styles.

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