Lumin Skin Review – Is This Men’s Skincare Line Worth It?

Last Updated: May 10, 2021

It’s time to stop the common belief that skincare is only for girls. Now more than ever, men are embracing care products. Finally! But, finding the right skincare products for men can be hard. Lumin Skin is a brand dedicated to high-performing men’s skincare – we’ll be sharing our Lumin Skin review!

We’re going to delve into an honest review of this brand, its products, ingredients, and prices, and let you know if this is truly the best brand for you or not. 

What is Lumin Skin?

To start, Lumin Skin is a modern men’s skin and body care company. This brand is all about helping men to embrace self-care and to truly make a statement that skincare isn’t just for women.

With high-quality, natural ingredients that truly help to heal and improve your skin, Lumin Skin teaches men that masculinity can come from taking care of yourself. They do this through products such as moisturizers, beard oils, facial scrubs, charcoal cleansers, and more.


For individual items, such as cleansers and moisturizers, the average price is between $15 – $30.

For gift sets and kits that typically feature between 3-5 items each, you can expect to pay anywhere between $40 – $80.

You can also save 20% if you set up a subscription and get your first month free (learn more about their free trial)!

Overall Lumin Skin is pretty budget-friendly and a great choice for men that are looking to take their skin routine to the next level.

Return Policy + Trials

Lumin Skin’s return policy states that you may issue a return for up to 30 days of purchase. If you try to return items after 30 days, you will not be eligible for a refund.

They also do not accept returns for trial products, commitment plans, or bulk orders. 

Aside from their return policy, they offer free trials! You’re allowed 1 free trial across all products and product sets (just make sure not to abuse it)!

Top Lumin Skin Products 

Now that we’ve talked about who Lumin Skin is, it’s time to go over some of their top products. While all of their products are ranked pretty highly, there were a few in particular that stood out to us (and other customers).

After Hours Recovery ($15)

This oil is essential for dry, damaged skin, and truly helps to cure the incurable. Best applied in the evening or on cold winter days, this oil helps to combat inflammation, dryness, dehydration, and sun damage.

With its main ingredients of Argan oil and squalene oil, this in-depth product can help to repair years of neglect by soaking deep into your skin for a nourishing and healing routine. 

Dark Circle Defense

The Dark Circle Defense (also known as the winner of the 2020 Men’s Health Grooming Awards) is essential for keeping your skin youthful. It helps to combat wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and crows feet (no matter how late you were out the night before with the boys).

With its key ingredients of Vitamin B3, caffeine, and lemon extract, this product strengthens, heals, nourishes, and repairs your skin in ways unlike any other men’s grooming product. 

Skincare Sets

Since Lumin Skin has so many products that offer different benefits, we highly recommend trying their sets. These are a better deal and allow you to try a variety of their top products that will all work together and provide the best skin possible!

They offer a variety of sets that are tailored towards particular products and skin improvement desires (such as the Anti-Fatigue Set that is great if you look tired often, the Age Management Set if you feel like you’re looking older, the Correction Trio if you have pesky bags, and more).

If you don’t know where to start and don’t have any skin issues in particular you’re looking to improve, we’d recommend trying the Classic Maintenance Set.

Lumin Skin Reviews

From the good, the bad, and the ugly, we’ve searched through Lumin Skin review after review to give you an idea of the average customer experience and what you can really expect in terms of shopping from this site. 

“Stop wasting your money on OTC junk products. Lumin skin care is by far the best skincare for men on the market. Taking before and after pictures, you can actually see the results. Men can be pretty too, ok?” – Alex P.

“This has been the best skincare that has worked for me. I have tried so many different products with results and then bam back to the same old drawing board. This has been an amazing product. I love it.” – Steven J.

“I have dry skin, blackheads and scars. Even though the price for Lumin isn’t great, so far (a month in) I’m loving it and I’m willing to pay the price.” – Oreopk on Reddit

“I started using this last week, and I ordered the anti-aging set with the moisturizing balm, anti wrinkle serum, and eye gel for dark circles. Haven’t noticed any benefits from the serum and the moisturizer feels a little heavier than I’d like but I do like the eye gel. It has definitely lightened my under eye area and reduced puffiness.” – cremedelaphlegm on Reddit

“I have been using the maintenance products for about a month and a half now, and notice little to no difference in my skin. I think it is priced too high and I think the moisturizer makes my face so shiny it appears as if I’m sweating.” – pet49647 on Reddit

Is Lumin Skin Worth it? 

Honestly, from the fantastic reviews that we’ve seen, we have to say Lumin Skin seems to be a great investment, especially if you’re struggling with skin issues.

Nearly every Lumin Skin review we read through was very satisfactory, and the fact that their products are made from natural ingredients definitely helps. Plus, the great return policy ensures you don’t lose money in case their products don’t end up working out for you.