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How to Wear Gloves 101 (Ultimate Style Guide)

Last Updated: April 26, 2022

Working men know that the hands are a delicate thing. Every pound of the hammer stretches the skin, and every rain season can soak your hands through until they’re without their grease. Plus, cold weather can cause some serious chaffing.  

But what men are often not paying enough attention to is how their hands are holding up to all this damage, destroying their skin in the process.

That’s why we need to talk about an overlooked savior: gloves. They’re not the life of the party but are a vital accessory too often left at home. Yet they work hard to save your ass.

That’s why we’re here to teach you how to style gloves with the most confidence.

Why Should You Wear Gloves?

Now I know what you’re thinking: why the hell would I need some gloves?

You easily get away with just having your hands in your pocket, and that’s perfectly fine—if you don’t care about your hand’s health.

You’ll have to use your hands eventually, and cold weather can blister up the skin like nothing else. There’s also the danger of having your pockets in your hands, making you an easier target for pickpockets and would-be assailants.

Gloves are also great for protecting fingers while using machinery or when you have a nasty cut and still need to use your hands. They kind of do it all.

How to Wear Gloves

Wearing your gloves out shouldn’t be complicated, especially if you opt for some leather or suede gloves, as these tend to pair well with most outfits. Here are some tips on how to wear gloves for an all-around, well-maintained look.

1. Make Sure Your Sleeve Falls Above The Wrist of Your Gloves

If you’re wearing a suit, make sure the sleeves of your shirt and jacket fall just above the wrist. This gives your hand and wrists breathing room while showing off the glove to the maximum

The same thing applies to more casual outfits, too, although with something such as a sweater, there’s a bit more leeway for a baggier fit. 

2. Choose a Dark Pair of Gloves

Generally, it’s a good idea to keep your gloves in a dark color range. They aren’t supposed to be focal points, so allow them to blend in. People are going to be looking at you, not your hands.

That doesn’t mean bright-colored gloves are off the table, just that they need a lot more attention and care to pull off correctly. Use your glove power wisely.

3. Try Pairing with Other Accessories

Also, don’t be afraid to put on a watch or a bracelet to further accessorize. Since your gloves are lowkey, you can be as highkey as you want with other accessories. 

How to Choose a Pair of Gloves

Not every glove is going to work for every person. We don’t all live in the same place or do the same thing, and that’s just a matter of fact. A pair of hot leather won’t work for a ranchman, while some thin linens won’t help much against the cold.

That’s why it’s important to think about the material.


Generally the most durable of gloves and the most versatile. However, it can get a little hot depending on airflow or if they are lined or not. Plus, this material works with most gloves.


A hardier material that can really take a beating and works well with ranch-hand outfits and more neutral-colored suits. Offers minimal temperature regulation.


Here is the classic you used to wear as a kid. They will surely keep your hands warm and are the most affordable. However, they generally don’t look very sophisticated or pair well with many outfits unless they’re pure black.


The snow gloves that keep your hands safe from frostbite. Oversized and generally hard to do complicated tasks in, best kept for only the most extreme circumstances. 

Our Glove Recommendations

Looking for some great options for gloves? We’ve got you!

Mack Weldon Swipe

These lightweight gloves make using your phone less of a hassle with gloves on. They’re thin gloves made with a cotton-nylon hybrid that are warm without leaving you sweaty.

Coming in all black, they pair well with stripped-down, casual outfits and a suit alike. They might even make you feel a little bit like a professional bank robber.

Give’r 4-seasons

Here is a pair of leather workmen gloves with ribbed cuffs for an extra secure fit that doesn’t let the cold sneak in.

Made and tested in America with the option to buy with or without wax coating.

REI Coop Trailsmith

A pair of fleece-lined gloves made to withstand frigid temperatures. The extra grip around the palms ensures the gloves won’t get loose in wet weather.

Only available in the one color without wax.

Nordstrom Leather Cashmere

A luxury pair of gloves has a sophisticated look on the outside, with heaven waiting for your hands on the inside.

These gloves are high class, pair with many outfits, and look better than their typical cotton counterparts. It will be hard to use your phone, however. 

In Conclusion

Overall, a nice pair of gloves can add some dynamic to your wardrobe while keeping your hands warm and protected. They make a great addition to any wardrobe!

Remember, gloves are usually an accessory, not a statement piece, so try to keep them lowkey for a professional look. That said, any of the gloves above are the perfect starting point if you need to upgrade your glove game. 

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