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How to Put Lotion on Your Back by Yourself: 5 Easy Ways

Last Updated: May 3, 2022

Let’s face it: joints can only bend so far. Unless you’re superhero-flexible, it’s super hard to put lotion on your back. 

Most of the time, it’s only possible to reach a few spots efficiently, leaving the rest dry and itchy. Your back is just as important to hydrate as the rest of your body, so read on to learn how to fully moisturize your own back without an extra pair of hands. 

How to Put Lotion on Your Back

Use Your Forearms

Rather than using your hands to apply moisturizer, try rubbing it in using your forearms. Simply put a few drops of your favorite lotion on the top of your arms and transfer to your back. 

Because they have a wider surface area, your forearms will be able to cover more of your back without strenuous reaching. 

Try a Spatula

Spatulas aren’t just for flipping pancakes. For this unconventional method, squirt a few drops of lotion onto a clean spatula. 

Reaching over your shoulder, use the length of the kitchen tool to rub in the moisturizer, making circular movements for optimal absorption. 

Use Plastic wrap

Yet another method that calls for kitchen items! On a flat surface, roll out 2 to 3 feet of saran wrap, making sure it does not stick to itself. 

Next, squeeze some lotion onto the plastic wrap––several dime-sized squirts should do the trick. 

Stand with the saran wrap behind you, then reach back with both hands and grab each end of the sheet. Place on your back, swiping the wrap back and forth just as if you were drying with a towel. 

Finally, peel off and throw away (the plastic wrap probably should not be reused for kitchen purposes)!

Apply with a Paint Roller

Though this tool was originally meant to apply something a little more permanent, it’s also great for self care. 

Squirt lotion across the length of a new, foam paint roller. Reach behind you to roll the lotion onto your back, switching arms midway through to reach the other side. 

Though it may feel like you’re painting a wall, we promise this method is super effective! 

Check out this instructional video for a better idea on how to use a paint roller:

Buy a Lotion Applicator 

Not interested in foraging though your home cabinets for a makeshift lotion applicator? Fortunately, you can buy tools made specifically for this purpose. 

Lotion applicators allow you to reach all those far corners of your back that need moisture. Try out one of these options below:

Toem Lotion Applicators

Available on Amazon, this product has great ratings and amazing results. 

Designed with durability in mind, the applicator will both last long and get the job done. 

Bear Back Lotion Applicator

This applicator pretty much works like a paint roller. 

However, the foam rollers are washable, so you don’t have to worry about getting it too greasy over time! 

The Bottom Line

Just because your back is hard to reach, doesn’t mean you should neglect it while moisturizing. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated in all areas, preventing irritation and general itchiness. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of methods for moisturizing your back. Whether you’re eager to try a homemade tool or planning to invest in a professional applicator, these are the best ways to put lotion on your back. Prepare for smooth, healthy skin. 

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