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Honeylove vs Shapermint: Which Shapewear Dominates?

Last Updated: October 14, 2022

Shapewear is the hidden confidence builder that everyone needs, but with so many shapewear options, how do you know which one to trust?

We put these two influential shapewear brands against each other to see which one comes out on top. Keep reading to see our thoughts on Honeylove vs Shapermint to see which shapewear dominates.  

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Honeylove vs Shapermint Overview 

Shapewear has become an essential product for every closet, and since 2016, Honeylove has been a top contender until Shapermint came into the picture. 

Both brands pinpoint the art of shapewear to ensure the comfort and confidence of all women. These brands’ similarities are undeniable, but below are the main points that separate them: 

Honeylove (Winner)Shapermint
– Quality shapewear made by Honeylove themselves

– Prices range from $24 to $150

– Offers shapewear bodysuits, tops, bras, and leggings

– Offers an accurate quiz to find your perfect fit

– Free shipping on orders over $75

– Returns and exchanges are free

– Can make returns or exchanges within 30 days
– Shapewear marketplace with options from a variety of brands

– Prices range from $9 to $100

– Offers a wide range of shapewear, including swimwear and leggings

– Fit Experts you can chat with or check the accurate sizing chart

– Free shipping on all US orders over $50

– Free exchanges, returns cost $4.95 if you want a refund

– Can make returns or exchanges within 60 days

Honeylove vs Shapermint

Now that you have an idea of what each brand offers, let’s break down each category to take a closer look.


Each brand has similar products available, with a wide variety of shapewear and undergarments. 


With a mission to bring a wide variety of shapewear clothing, Honeylove offers a variety of undergarments as well as pants and tops, giving customers a closet full of confidence-building products. 

Their products come in mainly neutral colors with some deep maroons and plum pinks to accentuate your figure. 

Each product gives you the perfect silhouette all day without causing any discomfort.

The biggest difference between these two brands is that Honeylove creates their own brand of shapewear, whereas Shapermint is essentially a shapewear marketplace that sells a variety of brands.


While also offering a variety of shapewear, sculpting swimwear has been added to Shapermint’s portfolio, which is definitely a plus.

They offer a large range of shapewear brands to choose from (including Empteua, Truekind, Bali, and more). Recently, they added their own line of products as well.

You can shop for products that shape a specific area, or you can just choose which silhouette speaks to you. Each piece gives you slimming support to make you confident in everything you wear. 



Honeylove’s products are more expensive than Shapermint, coming in at $24-$150 (depending on the product).

These items tend to be more durable and high-quality, meaning they are well worth the higher prices. 


Shapermint’s products are typically cheaper than Honeylove, ranging from $9-$100 with sales and discounts at every turn. 

They also offer packs and bundles where you can get 2 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs tanks, 2 leggings, and more all between $7-$55. 



Sizing is of utmost importance to Honeylove, which is why each product goes through 1 to 2 years of testing with real women to ensure they are all size-inclusive and comfortable. 

To make sure you get the best fit, they have a sculptwear quiz as well as a fit consultation option to meet with a professional about sizing.  


Shapermint sadly does not have a quiz like Honeylove.

However, they do offer a live chat with Fit experts so you can figure out the compression level, size, and type of sculpting that would work best for your body type. 



All of Honeylove’s items are high-quality and made with ultra-soft fabrics providing a durable product to last many years to come.  

The shapewear has strong, targeted compression for the areas each product hits and contains cotton, spandex, and nylon fabrics. 

Some people don’t recommend Honeylove for everyday wear since their pieces have boning and the shaping is so compressive and strong. However, we think this depends on how much shaping you want and what comfort level you’d be fine with to achieve this.

It’s definitely not as comfortable as going without shapewear, but it’s not unbearable. Some of their pieces are more intense as well – something like their Everyday Cotton Brief offers slight shaping with an emphasis on comfort.


Even though the prices are lower, Shapermint’s quality is still good. They do sell a wide variety of shapewear brands, so quality depends on the brand. If you’re leaning towards the most affordable options, these tend to be a hit or miss.

Their brands use nylon, spandex, and cotton fabrics for comfortable, durable items. 

Their products each either have a low, medium, or high compression level, depending on how much shaping you want.  

What Others Are Saying 

We’ve searched the web for customer feedback regarding these two brands; here is what they had to say: 

  • Honeylove has boning that is great for structure and shaping
  • The products from each brand are similar, however, Honeylove has better shapewear options. 
  • Shapermint offers a variety of great shapewear brands, whereas Honeylove just sells their own products.
  • Shapermint’s price is much better, plus they often have extra sales and discounts
  • Shapermint quality can be a hit or miss since they sell a variety of brands within different price ranges.
  • Honeylove’s quality is typically better than Shapermint’s when it comes to sizing and comfort. 
  • Shapermint’s customer service can be unresponsive about returns and exchanges. 
  • Honeylove offers free returns, whereas Shapermint charges $4.95 (exchanges are free though)


When searching for everyday shapewear, between Honeylove vs Shapermint, Honeylove comes out as the one with better quality, sizing, and options.

However, since Honeylove is a bit of a splurge, Shapermint is still an adequate option for those who want decent shapewear on a budget. 

If neither of these brands quite speaks to you, remember you can always return Honeylove for free and and exchange Shapermint for free (or pay $4.95 to get a full refund) to ensure you end up with the right fit!

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