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31 Gorgeous Green Nail Ideas to Try Today

Last Updated: August 28, 2022

Who doesn’t love the color green?

Whether you want green nails to bring you some much-needed good luck or just because you want to try a unique new nail color that you don’t always wear, keep scrolling to view some of our favorite green nail ideas at the moment.

Crocodile Print Claws

For a taste of luxury, try these olive green crocodile print claws. This design features a crocodile print on the middle and ring fingers, with a solid glossy green nail on the rest of the fingers. Absolutely gorgeous!

Matte Pastel Green

For a lighter feel, this pastel green is a great color.

Matte Green Snowflakes

As winter approaches, keep these mesmerizing snowflake nails in mind. They feature a different color of matte green or turquoise on each nail, with perfectly drawn shiny snowflakes spread out.

Olive Green Claws

This deep olive green color is perfect for the upcoming colder fall or winter months. We love this matte finish, but you could always do a glossy topcoat instead or add a fun design.

Matte Marble Green Tips

Green and turquoise marble nails sound gorgeous, but this design could be a little overwhelming across the entire nail. These matte marble tips are a beautiful balance of minimalistic and statement.

Matte Bright Green

We’re loving this bright light green color, especially for the remaining summer days. Peep the claw-shaped pinky nail – we’re obsessed with this detail.

Matte Turquoise Green Tips

For a green that isn’t very green, opt for turqoise! These tips are beautiful – the lighter color of line at the base adds all the necessary details.

Dark Matte Green

If you’re more of a dark-colored nails person, this deep green color might catch your eye. With a bit of sheen and a matte finish, you can’t go wrong with this lovely color.

Matte Abstract

This fun abstract design adds a unique flair to your nails design, with a turquoise color. This is another great design if you’re not a fan of the super green colors, this one leans more towards blue (but still has some green accents).

Matte Green, Plus One Glitter Nail

Who doesn’t love a statement nail? We’re loving this shimmery color with one shiny glitter statement nail – it’s the perfect green glam nail design for the holidays.

Mixed Finishes

We love this green nail design because of all the different finishes. This design features a full glitter nail, a shiny chrome nail, a matte green nail, and a glitter tip. It sounds like there’s too much going on, but it works perfectly!

Below is another nail design featuring mixed finishes, but in a more simplistic manner. It features a lovely mint green color with glossy finished, aside from one matte statement nail on the ring fingers.

Matte Green Glitter

If you feel like glitter nails with a glossy finish are too much for you, you might like this matte finish nail color better. It’s a gorgeous emerald green with a shimmery matte finish – beautiful for a special occasion during the holidays.

Gold Flaked Statement Nail

You can’t go wrong with luxurious gold flaking. We’re loving this minty green color paired with the minimalistic gold flaking on the ring finger, with a glossy finish.

Marble Statement Nail

Another gorgeous statement nail design, this features a matte mint green color with a white marble statement nail.

Matte Green Leaf Print

We’re obsessed with this mint green design. It’s minimalistic, yet still unique with the gorgeous textured leaf vine print.

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