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20 Gifts for Men to Snatch Up This Holiday Season

Last Updated: May 2, 2022

We all know that shopping for men can be really, really hard (if you don’t have this struggle, consider yourself lucky). And when asked, they usually just say they don’t want anything. Eye-roll.

To help, we’ve compiled a gift guide for men with items we’ve tested ourselves. Whether they may want a food item, a new pair of slides, or grooming essentials, you’re bound to find a great gift below.

Gifts for Men

Cor Travel Backpack

Any man who does any sort of traveling should have a good travel backpack, whether it’s a weekend getaway with the boys or a month-long adventure to another country.

This quality travel backpack from Cor makes the perfect gift! It features a sleek design and a luggage-style foldout to make packing as easy as can be. It also includes secret pockets to store money, your passport, and other things you want to keep hidden!

PinkGlow Pineapple

Shopping for a fruit-lover? Imagine their excitement when they unbox a pineapple that’s pink inside! PinkGlow pineapples are a special strain that naturally grows pink instead of yellow. They even taste slightly different than a regular pineapple (a bit sweeter and less acidic).

This is the perfect gift for a man who loves unique stuff or someone who has everything, because they probably don’t have a pink pineapple. The unboxing experience is luxurious and it even comes with a certificate of authenticity!

LITEBAND Headlamps

LITEBAND offers lightweight, efficient lighting solutions with their wide range of comfortable and powerful headlamps.

These headlamps are perfect for workers who might need a more comfortable solution, but they are also great for other activities such as jogging, skateboarding, or bike riding in the early morning or evening when you might need some extra reflection.

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Californians Footwear

If you’re really stuck on gifts, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality pair of shearling slippers or cozy shearling sandals.

Californians creates footwear handcrafted in California, designed to stay comfortable for years and years. We highly recommend the Bennet or the Jackson. They have plenty of women’s styles as well if you need to pick up another gift (or just a gift for yourself).

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Owala Free Sip Water Bottle

Shopping for someone indecisive? This water bottle is the perfect gift.

It features a unique lid style, with a large hole that allows you to take large swigs or a smaller hole with a removable straw for easy sipping. Now, you don’t need to choose which type of water bottle you’d rather have!

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SteakAger Pro 15

If you’re shopping for a man who loves cooking meat (particularly steaks), this unique gift is definitely something they don’t already have in their collection.

Their steak aging devices allow you to dry-age up to 15 pounds of beef from the comfort of your home. This will take their steaks up a notch, creating a similar taste and quality to steaks you’d find in a steakhouse.

Comma Home Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is a great gift for so many people! This luxurious option features a faux fur design – it not only feels great on top of you, but it looks great in your home.

You can use it as a couch throw without cringing, which is hard to say with some weighted blanket styles. Plus, the faux fur is beyond cozy.

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Printfresh Pajama Set

A quality pajama set is always a treat to have in your collection. This cozy sleepwear set is perfect for lounging around while still feeling put together.

Get the Candy Cane stripe color and make them wear it on Christmas day (or just stick with another print so they will be happy wearing it year-round). They offer a variety of artistic, impressive prints. One thing is for sure, they won’t already have this in their pajama collection!

Pillow Slides

Just the name of these slides should be enough to add this to your git shopping list! These slides are designed to offer plenty of cushion and relieve pressure on your feet.

Available in 6 colors, the simple design pairs well with any outfit, so you really don’t need to worry if they will like the style.

Sheabrand CBD Transdermal Patches

CBD has become more and more popular over the last few years, but CBD products still make a great gift. Even if your recipient already uses CBD, they might not have tried patches before.

These are beyond easy to use – just stick the patch onto your skin and the CBD will begin absorbing into your skin. These use simple-release technology, which means it provides up to 8 hours of benefits (no midday dosing needed). Perfect for anyone who has pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, or anything else that CBD helps with!

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The Barnacle Vibe 2.0 Speaker

A speaker is another great gift for the home! Even if they already have some speakers, most home owners can always use more to use in different rooms.

The Barnacle Vibe 2.0 is a great speaker for the shower because of its waterproof design and suction cup holder. It even offers 8GB of internal storage, making it easier than ever to play your favorite shower tunes. It even comes with a GoPro mount, making it a great gift for people who always seem to be on a new adventure.

Johnson’s Popcorn

It’s hard to go wrong with food-related gifts. Johnson’s Popcorn is a great option when it comes to popcorn!

They offer a variety of delicious sweet or savory flavors to choose from, including a variety of delicious holiday tubs.

Barrel & Oak Deodorant

If they might not like any over-the-top gifts, deodorant can actually make a great gift. It’s always needed!

This Barrel & Oak Bourbon Cedar deodorant smells like you just entered a cabin in the woods, plus it’s aluminum-free and made of natural ingredients. Who knows, it might just be their new holy grail deodorant.

Beard Grooming Kit

Shaving and grooming gifts are always a great go-to when you’re not sure what to get a man in your life (as long as they have a beard or mustache, of course).

Trendhim offers a variety of quality shaving products – the Guardenza beard kit is a great bundle for a holiday gift. It’s all-natural with an emphasis on quality. Plus, the brand offers 365-day returns in case it doesn’t work out.

Alchemi Mushroom Supplements

Did you know many types of mushrooms offer various benefits on your brain? Alchemi is a premium brand dedicated to connecting people with nature’s medicine. Their products are vegan, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

The Trio set features their three main mushroom blends – Clear Mind, Energy Balance, and Immune Shield. Everything you need for optimal performance in life!

Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser

An aromatherapy gift like this diffuser can help them relax and make their room smell like their favorite essential oils. This diffuser has the bonus of looking cool too!

It features a bamboo base with a clear glass raindrop-shaped top. This diffuser uses no heat or water, with auto shut off to ensure they don’t waste a drop of oil.

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GLO Science Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening products always make a great gift for men. GLO offers a variety of effective teeth whitening tools, including their teeth whitening devices or the AfterGLO Smile Boost set for on-the-go whitening.

AfterGLO instantly eliminates bad breath, kills harmful bacteria that cause cavities, and brightens smiles. AfterGLO gives you a whole-mouth clean, sparkling feeling immediately. This serum provides clean fresh breath without sticking to teeth. A must-have for busy men!

Bio-Kult S. Boulardii

One gift you can never go wrong with is health supplements that actually work. They might not be very impressed when they unwrap this gift, but they will be more than thankful once they start using them.

This probiotic supplement uses S. Boulardii, a strain that has been shown to survive stomach acid and bile, to reach its target organ (most commonly the colon). It’s also one of the few yeasts that survives at body temperature. This supplement targets both the digestive track and the immune system.

Born Primitive Unmatched Jogger

When you’re unsure what to get your favorite man in your life, you can’t go wrong with quality clothing that they will use – this is especially true if they’re not able to splurge on their garments that often. These joggers are beyond comfortable and perfect for athletes, or really anyone who likes to be comfortable.

JoGo Coffee/Tea Filter Straw

This unique straw allows you to make a quick cup of coffee or tea without needing a machine or tea bag! Simply pour your coffee grounds or tea leaves into your cup, add hot water, and stir with the JoGo straw.

It’s more sustainable and makes a great gift for men who love camping.

Disco Men’s Skincare

In this day and age, a lot of men don’t have a dedicated skincare routine even though they should. Help your favorite man change that with Disco, a skincare brand dedicated to men!

The Starter Set is a great beginner set or the Complete Regimen offers more products. They also offer more specific sets if you know what skincare issues they might want to target.

The Fit Boxx

If you’re shopping for a fitness fanatic, The Fix Boxx makes a great gift! This subscription box is dedicated to providing all things health, fitness, and self care.

It costs $54 a month and boxes are worth upwards of $150 (or even more). You can also save with longer-term subscriptions! Whether you gift them a year-long subscription or a single box, they will be excited to unbox their surprise goodies.


Any man with a dog will find this gift convenient – the Dooloop makes a great stocking stuffer or just an affordable gift. This small trinket easily hooks onto your dog’s leash and carries the poop bag, eliminating the need to carry a full poop bag in your hand.

Not only does it free up your hand, but it comes in 7 color options!

Tidbids Meringue Bites

One issue you run into with most types of food or dessert gifts is the calories. If you’re shopping for someone who’s watching their weight or has some ambitious New Year’s resolutions, these low-calorie meringue bites make a great gift.

This sweet, delicious snack has less than 2 calories per serving. They offer a variety of flavors and even a keto collection!

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