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Ericdress Reviews: Is It Legit?

Last Updated: August 12, 2022

Say goodbye to strictly Americanized wardrobes and join the international fashion community with Ericdress

This global online retailer is blowing up, but you’ll want to do your research first to make sure it’s the real deal. 

Thinking of trying out this brand? We have all the details in our Ericdress Reviews below. 

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What is Ericdress?


Ericdress is a global online retailer founded in 2012 that sells men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, wigs and more.

The brand ships to over 200 countries worldwide, offers regular sales and deals, and it also has a plus size section

Is Ericdress Legit?

Ericdress has a very low trust score on ScamAdviser, meaning it might not be the most trustworthy stie out there. 

Though there are customers who received the order they paid for, it is often delayed, doesn’t look like the picture, or is not up to the customers’ quality standards. Many people also have issues receiving a refund.

Ericdress Reviews


Overall: ★★ 2.5 Stars

Although Ericdress does have a lot of positive reviews on Sitejabber, it seems as though all the good reviews came from a few years ago. Lately, most customers have been unhappy with the company, saying they never received their order, got their order late, or wasn’t happy with the quality of the items they purchased.

Of course, the brand does have glowing reviews on its own website. It’s not impossible to find happy customers who loved the items they received, but it doesn’t seem to be the majority.

Top Alternative: Windsor 

Pricing: ★★★★ 3.5 Stars

Many customers felt the store was reasonably priced and that the material is reasonable quality for the price they paid. Some reviewers mentioned there was a bit of confusion on some prices being inconsistent. 

Overall, women’s clothing costs around $20-$50 and men’s is around $25-$100, depending on what you are ordering. Shoes are typically $30-$80 and the store in general provides flash sales and other deals

Shipping: ★★ 2 Stars

Unfortunately, many customers said they paid for express 2-day shipping but didn’t get their order on time. Many were disappointed with slow shipping times from this site as well as high shipping costs. 

According to the website, in-stock items will be sent out within 24-72 hours from placing the order and will arrive within 14 business days. They don’t have very transparent shipping costs, though, and state that shipping costs depend on what you buy and where it is shipped. 

Quality: ★★★ 3 Stars

Quality got mixed reviews from customers who did receive their orders. Some were splendidly surprised by the quality of their items and were happy with their purchases. 

However, many customers complained that the material was poor and the items did not match the pictures online. Others were upset about sizing issues and hanging threads or other flaws in the products. 

Top Alternative: Lulus

Ericdress Plus Size Reviews

Ericdress Plus Size

Unfortunately, the sizing of items in the plus size section is very inconsistent, according to customer reviews. You also can’t filter the plus size section by size, which makes it a little more difficult to find what you’re looking for. 

However, there are many styles and designs of dresses, pants, outfits, tops, swimwear, and more in the plus size section. 

Top Alternative: Shein Curve

Ericdress Shoes Reviews

Ericdress Shoes

Whether you are looking for boots, sandals, sneakers, prom shoes, or men’s shoes, Ericdress has it all. Sizes range from around 5-10.5 in women’s and 5.5-11 in men’s sizes with some variations of sizing depending on the shoe. 

There are so many designs and fashion forward trends for both men and women looking for shoes on Ericdress, you are bound to find what you need. 

However, the quality is questionable and the price is a bit on the higher side ranging from around $30-$80 for shoes. 

Top Alternative: Famous Footwear

Ericdress Wedding Dress Reviews

Ericdress Wedding Dress

There are so many elegant and beautiful styles to choose from for a wedding dress, and compared to other places out there to shop, Ericdress won’t break the bank. 

Wedding dresses typically range from around $100-$300 and come in white, black, and even red. Compared to stores that charge thousands for a dress, you are definitely getting off easy. 

However, there were a lot of customers who said when they ordered their wedding dress, the sizing or color was wrong and customer service was not helpful in fixing the issue. Some also said the dresses were poorly made and they did not get refunded. 

If you ask us, for such a big occasion, we’d rather go through a more reliable retailer. 

Top Alternative: Lulus Wedding Dresses

Ericdress Wigs Reviews

Ericdress Wigs

Honestly, the wigs don’t have great reviews either. Many complained about the quality of the wigs and could not return them. 

Even though some of these wigs can cost up to $200, customers were not happy with the way it looked or felt. 

Top Alternative: Ebonyline Wigs

What Customers Are Saying

We combed through reviews around the web to bring the most common feedback about Ericdress from customers: 

  • Quality is hit or miss, but usually not great
  • Fun styles and designs
  • Shipping delays
  • Return policy is a hassle

In Conclusion: Worth It?


If you want to take a leap of faith that your order will arrive on time, in the right size, and look like the photo online, then you might try giving Ericdress a shot. 

However, we can’t recommend the site because of how many negative reviews the brand has. The most common complaint seems to be about the return policy; many customers say customer service is hard to work with and that they usually offer a 10% discount or $10 refund many times before offering a full refund.

If you’re still looking for a great online clothing store, no worries. We have a list of the best places to shop for clothes online for every budget! Plus, we have some alternative options down below to get you started. 

Ericdress Alternatives

  1. Romwe
  2. Lulus
  3. NewChic

Return Policy

Exchanges or refunds are allowed within 30 days of receipt, except wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, and wigs must be returned within 7 days. For unwanted items, the return shipping costs must be covered by the customer. 

Even though the return policy states items can be returned for a refund, many customers struggled to actually receive a refund. Customer service offers many other options, such as a 10% discount, several times before they’ll actually grant a return. 


Where Is Ericdress Located?

Although there is a UK address listed on their contact page, they state that this is not a return address, leaving many people to believe that they ship from overseas, specifically China.

However, it isn’t entirely clear where their factories are located.

How long does Ericdress take to ship?

In-stock items will be sent out within 24-72 hours and typically take up to 14 days to arrive, according to the site. 

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