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8 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles That Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Last Updated: April 29, 2022

How many plastic water bottles do you think you use in a day? A few years ago, we might have been able to console ourselves with the idea that we only use a few water bottles a day, two at the most. 

But with billions upon billions of plastic bottles piling up in landfills and our oceans, that denial is something we just can’t continue.

So how do you stay hydrated without the plastic? Well, you’ve probably seen some form of reusable water bottle offered at almost every shop you’ve set foot in. 

Of course, there are tons of water bottles out there, but we’re going to show you 7 of our favorite eco-friendly water bottles that bring you function and fashion.

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Waterdrop Edition Steel Bottles

Along with those delicious little flavor cubes, Waterdrop has some great-looking bottles. These particular bottles come in various colors, hold 20 oz of liquid, and keep hot and cold liquids at temperature for 12 and 24 hours, respectively.

As for the materials, the bottle consists of double-walled stainless steel and a bamboo cap. The only matter of concern with this one is that it’s not dishwasher safe.

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Not only is this water bottle durable and high-quality, but it’s also super eco-friendly. The tough stainless steel and double-wall climate lock keep your drinks hot or cold on the go.

Klean Kanteen offers an extensive line of eco-friendly options, from brightly-colored water bottles to steel straws and interchangeable caps so you can drink however you please. As a bonus, this company is a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified, and a 1% For The Planet Member. 

You can buy Klean Kanteen on Amazon or their website.

Myrtle Moon Designs Glass Water Bottle

You’ve probably seen a lot of water bottles in your lifetime, and if those all-over stock patterns are getting a bit boring, consider a handmade one like this.

We absolutely love this one because it’s simple, no-nonsense, and still gorgeous. Its three materials consist of wood, glass, and paint with nothing hidden in there, and the dainty artwork over the transparent background is just fantastic.

Glitz N Glass Water Bottles

As much as we love the last recommendation, we do recognize that the carbon footprint of buying something from overseas is relatively high, so we wanted to offer an option made in the USA.

These hand-painted bottles incorporate glass with a stainless steel cap and hold about 18 oz.

Buoy Bottles

It’s important to note that almost any plastic is bad plastic, which is why we wanted to avoid bottles that included plastic or silicone when talking about the options we liked best.

We did find an exception with Buoy Bottles, though, which uses 100% ocean-bound recycled plastic in their bottles.

The 30 oz bottles come in various colors, can be held easily with the convenient carrying loop, and are dishwasher safe.

Soma Ceramic Mug

If you’re looking for a ceramic bottle that’s just a bit smaller, this one from Soma is perfect.

This particular one is a 12 oz insulated mug that will keep your beverages hot and cold. The lid is made of bamboo and is sealed with plastic, but that plastic is recycled.

Yoloha Yoga Bottles

Even if you don’t do yoga, these bottles are an excellent fit for your everyday routine. Yoloha offers all the benefits of a sweat-proof, non-slip bottle without the silicone, replacing it with cork.

The body of the bottle consists of stainless steel, but we love that they can bypass the less-than-sustainable materials and give you all the quality without compromising their values or yours.

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Bottom Line

Even though they’re convenient, single-use water bottles can do a lot of harm to our planet. 

Whether you want something practical, pretty, or a perfect balance of both, there’s a reusable replacement out there for you. So stay active, stay eco-friendly, and most importantly, stay hydrated!

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