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Duke Cannon vs. Dr. Squatch: Which Is Best?

Last Updated: September 15, 2022

The industry for men’s grooming has been expanding for years, and it now offers a wide range of products that men can incorporate into their daily routines. Considering the variety you can find online, it can be challenging to hone in on what works best.

We’ll be comparing two top men’s soap brands out there: Duke Cannon vs. Dr. Squatch. Offering products that seem very similar, you might be wondering which is the better option.  

Keep reading to figure out what the main differences are between these two brands and which is the better fit for your needs. 

Duke Cannon vs. Dr. Squatch (A Quick Overview)

Duke CannonDr. Squatch
– $9 for 10oz soaps
– Free shipping on orders $50+
– Offers some products that Dr. Squatch doesn’t
– Many routine-specific bundles, plus custom bundles
– Donates 5% of profits to military-related causes
– Lists ingredients on each product page, less detailed
– Available at quite a few different stores
– $7 for 5oz soaps
– Free shipping on orders $50+
– Offers a helpful soap quiz
– Offers a rewards program
– Often advertises a free item with your order
– Decent variety of bundles
– Gives back to various charities
– Shares a detailed ingredients glossary
– Available in some Walmart stores

What They Offer

Duke Cannon

Although both brands have quite a few similarities, there are some small differences as well.

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For one, Duke Cannon seems to offer a larger variety of product types compared to Dr. Squatch.

Many of their products offer similar prices, but their soaps are one key difference. Dr. Squatch soaps cost $7 for a 5oz bar, but Duke Cannon soaps cost $9 for a 10oz bar (double the size). 

Duke Cannon gives customers the ability to make custom bundles out of individual items, or you can sort through their different categories to find exactly what you need.

Also, Duke Cannon seems to offer free gifts with many of their orders. For example, they are offering a free pumpkin spice soap on orders $65+ at the time of writing this article. 

Products that Duke Cannon has that Dr. Squatch doesn’t offer: solid cologne, beard balm, beard wash, after-shave balm, hair pomade, face wash, face lotion, lip balm, and body powder.

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch provides many different bundles that are categorized between starter kits, full routines, best sellers, and signature scents. You can also pick various individual items if you aren’t looking for a full routine. 

Dr. Squatch
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Dr. Squatch sells bar soaps, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, beard oil, and a few other men’s grooming products. 

They also offer many bonus items for the shower such as soap bar holders, scalp scrubbers, shower caddies, and other niche items.

Although Duke Cannon has a larger variety, there are a couple types of products that Dr. Squatch sells that isn’t offered by their competitor. 

Products that Dr. Squatch has that Duke Cannon doesn’t offer: toothpaste, candles, and shower boosters. 


Duke Cannon

From a customer’s perspective, the quality may vary depending on preferences, but it’s evident Duke Cannon does their best to make premium products. 

Duke Cannon
📷IG @dukecannon

Their body wash carries a high viscosity that provides a great full body lather, and items like their beard wash are made with soybean oil, barley, and wheat protein to aid the skin.

They even have products such as foot powder, lip balms, and thorough face scrubs, all of which are meant to be effective for the day ahead.

Dr. Squatch

A brand formulated for men, Dr. Squatch prides themselves on their natural products that don’t contain harmful ingredients. 

Dr. Squatch
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You’ll find their products are made from coconut oil, shea butter, sustainable palm oil, brewer’s yeast, and many other products that are great for a grooming routine.

The company is very transparent about its product’s ingredients, which makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. 


Duke Cannon

You won’t go broke finding what you need from Duke Cannon, as they have a relatively fair price range in their catalog. 

Most of their best sellers range from $10 to $50. Although this isn’t the cheapest on the market, it isn’t necessarily out of reach.

Duke Cannon
📷IG @dukecannon

Their deodorant costs $12 each, cologne costs $25 each, shampoo puck costs $12 each, liquid shampoo costs $15 each,  

Many products at Duke Cannon are very similar in pricing to Dr. Squatch, with a few exceptions. One better deal is the Duke Cannon Big A** Brick of soap, which costs just $2 more than the Dr. Squatch soap (but is double the size).  

Their bundles and gifts section also offers bundles for better deals, plus you can get 10% off when you subscribe to recurring orders.

Dr. Squatch

Across the board, Dr. Squatch’s products seem to be decent prices as well (very similar to Duke Cannon). You can score a bar of soap for only $7, deodorant for $12, or their crushed pine cologne for around $20. 

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Dr. Squatch gets the job done for most of those who aren’t exactly sticklers about the quality of their grooming products.

Dr. Squatch also has a rewards program that lets you earn and redeem points for extra discounts on your orders.

Shipping & Returns

Duke Cannon

Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping, which is fairly easy to achieve as you only need a few items to reach that mark. The company only ships to the U.S. and Canada at the moment. 

Duke Cannon
📷IG @dukecannon

Expedited shipping is $14.99 and orders take around 72 hours to get shipped out of their warehouse.

According to their return policy, Duke Cannon doesn’t accept product returns. However, if you have any issues or receive a damaged product, they will work with you to help resolve your issues (within 30 days of receiving your order). 

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch customers also benefit from free shipping on orders over $50. That being said, you automatically qualify for free shipping if you sign up for a subscription. 

Dr. Squatch
📷IG @drsquatch

Domestic orders take around 3–7 business days to arrive, and customers can upgrade to priority or expedited shipping to speed up the process.

Dr. Squatch also ships internationally, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and more.

According to their return policy, Dr. Squatch offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of receiving your order. They will work with you to find a replacement scent you love, or give you a refund if you had issues with more than just the scent. 

What Customers Have To Say

There are plenty of differences that you can find by looking through their products, but the truth behind them can be found in Duke Cannon vs. Dr Squatch reviews.

  • Similar pricing, but Duke Cannon has a better deal on their big bar soaps
  • Many people love a wide range of products from Duke Cannon, but feel there are fewer options with Dr. Squatch
  • Many shoppers complain about long shipping times with Dr. Squatch
  • Dr. Squatch’s customer service isn’t the greatest
  • Some feel that Duke Cannon’s products last longer and smell better
  • Lots of controversy between scents (many people seem to prefer Dr. Squatch scents)
  • Some shoppers feel Dr. Squatch soap bars are more moisturizing

The Bottom Line

Overall, comparing Duke Cannon vs. Dr. Squatch is pretty difficult since everyone has different skin types. Both brands are top-notch options when it comes to soaps.

We will say that Duke Cannon soap bars are a better bang for your buck, so this might be a good brand to start with if you want to save money.

We honestly recommend trying out both brands to see which is best for your skin since everyone seems to have a different experience.

Both brands offer free shipping on orders over $50, but you can find Dr. Squatch at some Walmart locations and Duke Cannon at a few different stores. You can typically find their soap bars at local stores. If there are any locations near you, we would definitely head there and pick up a soap bar from each brand to see which one you like best.

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