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CTZN Cosmetics Review: The Best Nude Lip?

Last Updated: April 27, 2022

Looking for the perfect nude lip color? Look no further. CTZN Cosmetics is known for their gorgeous, inclusive nude lip products. If you’re wondering if they really work, read our unsponsored CTZN Cosmetics review below.

Nude lip colors are a necessity in any makeup lover’s collection. Versatile and chic, a nude lip color can enhance any look. You’d probably think a neutral color is the easiest product to perfect, but you’d be wrong. People often just think that nude lipstick is solely a beige-based color, but in reality, that doesn’t work for everyone’s skin tone. 

Nude lip shades often don’t cater towards people of color, something that needed to be changed. That’s why CTZN Cosmetics entered the beauty community. This makeup brand focusing on nude lip products sought to create the perfect shades for all colors of skin. The real question is: were they successful?

Read our CTZN Cosmetics review to find out.

What is CTZN Cosmetics?

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The story begins with three sisters of Pakistani descent. Aleena, Aleezeh, and Naseeha Khan ran into the same issue that many people of color have when it comes to the beauty industry: lack of representation. 

They soon found out that they weren’t the only ones disappointed in this. Frustrated with the shortage of inclusive color options and cultural representation, they decided to take matters into their own hands. 

They started CTZN Cosmetics in 2019, so it’s still a fairly new brand. Today, CTZN Cosmetics continues to be a smaller makeup brand with products free of cruelty, paraben, and talc. Their mission is to create beauty products in a culturally representative way. They also give representation to the male gender, another demographic commonly omitted in mainstream makeup brands.

CTZN Cosmetics Overview

CTZN Cosmetics has a range of lip products, including:

Nudiversal Lip Duo

This is the most popular product from CTZN Cosmetics. It combines both a matte lipstick with a lipstick in a double-ended tube. The lip duo is offered in 25 nude shades, plenty of options for every skin color.


A vegan lip liner that is available in 5 different shades. This liner creates the perfect base for your nude lip look.


This multifaceted balm provides a beautiful shine with a dewy finish. The balm can be used anywhere on the face you choose. 

Other products they offer include CTZN Gold, a jelly-like eye shadow that dries as a shimmery powder. Plus, they even offer an antibacterial sanitizer spray that eliminates germs from lipsticks (or any product in general) called CTZN Care.

CTZN Cosmetics Review

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Overall : ★★★★ 4 Stars 

Overall, CTZN Cosmetics is a fantastic company that stands for amazing values. Not to mention, their high-quality products don’t disappoint. It is definitely worth trying!

Price : ★★★★ 4 Stars

With a price range of $8-25, this brand is fairly affordable. It’s not in the drugstore price range, but it’s definitely still accessible.

Shipping : ★★★★ 4 Stars

Free shipping is offered on orders over $50 USD. All other orders in the U.S. will have a $4.95 shipping fee. However, shipping can take up to 3 weeks.

Quality : ★★★★★ 5 Stars 

The product quality is impressive. It definitely holds equal quality when compared to the price you pay. 

Customer Service : ★★★★★ 5 Stars 

All issues or returns are handled directly through their email. Customer service response time is within 24-48 hours, but they are very welcoming and helpful. Plus, they will help match you to their perfect shade if you need any extra help.

Nudiversal Lip Duo Review

5 Stars based on 7 Reviews

The brand’s bestseller features concentrated color pigmentation in a hydrating formula. This versatile product boosts your natural lip color in dozens of beautiful nude shades. The lipstick is lightweight and silky, infused with mango butter to rejuvenate and protect the lips.

A two-in-one product, the other side contains a translucent lip gloss. Used on top of the matte lipstick, the products create a pigmented and glossy lip look. There’s a good reason this is a bestseller!

Lipstroke Review

4.5 Stars out of 12 Reviews

The other bestseller, Lipstroke is an intensely pigmented lip liner. The velvety liner provides all-day durability and longevity. 

The formula is vegan and available in 5 nude shades. It is perfect to use for contouring the lips to create a base layer for lipstick. However, this liner has such amazing color pay off, it can even be used to replace lipstick entirely if needed. 

CTZN Cosmetics Customer Reviews

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We searched through real customers reviews on sites like Reddit and found the most frequent customer feedback opinions of this brand. Overall, most customers say:

  • The shades are the perfect nude combos
  • The Nudiversal Lip Duo lives up to its hype
  • Customers love the cultural representation and message behind the company
  • The brand really does come through on their promise of a perfect nude lipstick for every skin tone

Return Policy

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CTZN Cosmetics is not currently offering any refunds or exchanges. However, they do an amazing job of offering other tools to help make sure those aren’t even necessary. 

They’ve implemented an online shade-matching quiz , swatch images, and pictures of each shade on 9 different skin tones. If all of those options fail, they also offer advice from their expert shade-matcher if you email them a picture of your face without makeup on. 

The Bottomline: Is CTZN Worth Trying?

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We give a resounding yes to those wondering if they should try out this brand. The lipsticks are phenomenal, as well as all other extra products they offer. This brand is perfect for everyone because of their inclusivity, which we love. 

We would suggest beginning with the Nudiversal Lip Duo. Their most popular and multipurpose product has hundreds of praising customer reviews. They managed to create a seamless nude shade for every person out there. 

Not only are the products worth trying, but it’s even better when you know you’re supporting a brand that works to make necessary changes to the beauty community. The representation they give to multiple demographics is leading the way in how all beauty brands should be. No matter your ethnicity, no matter your gender, CTZN Cosmetics is definitely a brand worth trying.

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