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9 Companies That Give Back to Help You Shop With Purpose

Last Updated: May 2, 2022

There are companies willing to let you have your cake and eat it too. These 9 companies that helping you give back with every purchase so you can shop and help those in need at the same time.

When your community is in need and you have some extra cash, direct donations can be a great, simple way to give something back.

However, with all of the ongoing crises in today’s world, shopping with brands that give back is another great way to help those in need as well.

Companies That Give Back

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Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row has been around since 2014 as an eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle brand, and they’ve added charity to the list.

In addition to using sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and deadstock, they even use recycled water in their manufacturing to cut down on waste.

We love their Tencel and cupro dresses, and it’s even better that they donate to a different charity almost every month with your purchase. 

How often they take donations varies and can be as little as one day or as long as a month or more, and they tend to rotate charities that they collaborate with.

So far, this has included organizations like Black Lives Matter, Feeding America, and One Tree Planted. They’re always looking to expand the organizations they work with, and they even do a beach clean-up once a month!

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Think of Lacausa as the store for the modern bohemian. Lots of simple styles in floaty silhouettes and earthy colors.

The name translates to “the cause,” and this company lives up to it. They have a quarterly donation program with a rotating list of charities that’s grown pretty long.

Inner City Arts, LA Food Bank, Garment Worker Center, and Color Compton. If you’re looking specifically for an American or local charity, this company is a great place to start.

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Auguste The Label

Auguste is an Australian brand focused on sustainable fabrics and cotton clothing with a breezy casual feel.

Everything you buy, from their vintage-style dresses to graphic t-shirts to their everyday basics, helps support people, animals, and the planet.

In addition to joining 1% For The Planet in 2016, Auguste has also partnered with One Tree Planted, The Cybersmile Foundation, and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, to name a few.

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Ninety Percent

Most brands you look at that have charity initiatives will donate around 1 to 10% of the purchase price of anything you buy. If that sounds a little low for you, try Ninety Percent.

As the name implies, this company donates 90% of its distributable profits to a selection of five charities selected by customers.

Ninety Percent has lots of solid basics in classic silhouettes that mix and match, so you can easily make your entire wardrobe out of this brand alone.

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Woodley + Lowe

Comfy is great, but it still needs to be cute. Woodley + Lowe agrees, which is why everything they offer, from their joggers to their mini skirts, are super soft.

In addition to cutting down on their carbon footprint by incorporating modal into most of their pieces, the company has a 3% give back pledge. That means 3% of your purchase is going to one of a handful of charities the company partners with.

Right now, you can choose from Movemeant Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, Reclaim, and Black Girls Smile. A great way to bring comfort to your wardrobe and your community!

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Komodo is a British company dedicated to tropical prints and bright colors inspired by a Bali vacation. The styles aren’t exactly resort-wear, but the bright colors and geometric patterns coupled with the casual fabrics are perfect for adding a little bit more fun to your wardrobe.

In addition to using eco-friendly fabrics like modal, cupro, and cotton, they have several long- and short-term projects that they donate to.

Currently, they are a member of 1% For The Planet and help support the Sunrise Orphanage in Kathmandu.

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Imaima is a Berlin-based brand offering some gorgeous clothing with beautiful handcrafting.

The brand generally focuses on providing a livelihood to traditional artisans in the Middle East and Southern Asia to build their communities and preserve their crafts.

This results in some beautiful embroidery and beading that not only looks great but donates to some great causes as well.

In the past, they’ve donated profits to help victims of the Dasht-e-Barchi School attack in Kabul and currently donate the profits from their handmade masks to UMANG Jaipur, a school for disabled children in India.

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If you love 1950s and 60s vacation-wear, you’ll be shopping at Tombolo a lot. They have lots of polo-style shirts and shorts in bright colors and tropical prints that look perfect for a boating trip to a far-off island.

While you’re on your vacation (or at least looking like you are), you can rest assured that 1% of every purchase supports Amazon Watch, The Rainforest Trust, and The Oceanic Global Foundation.

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Baukjen’s slogan is “designed for good,” and we can see why. 

We love all of their fun prints that spice up classic silhouettes, but their 100% plastic-free packaging is even better, and their use of sustainable materials is at 85% and growing.

Since we’re talking about numbers, we should probably mention that 10% of the company’s profits are donated to various charities every year.

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Bottom Line

When choosing how to spend your money, donations are always nice, but you don’t have to choose one or the other.

We’ve shown you some amazing and charitable brands here, but this is just the start. As long as you know where to look, you can make sure your purchases make all the difference.


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