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16 Brands like AllSaints for Grungy, Dark Fashion

Last Updated: August 29, 2022

AllSaints is a brand known for its unique take on women’s fashion as well as a grungy and dark aesthetic. Founded in Notting Hill, London, the brand takes a more subtle but stylish look at standard silhouettes. 

Jumping off of it’s popularity, many brands like AllSaints have found success within their respective markets and customers willing to give their more edgy sense of style a chance.

AllSaints offers quality clothing that breaks down gender ideals. Not only do they carry clothes for both men and women, but both their mens and womenswear lines contain similar color stories and style elements.

Known for qualities within their clothing such as monochromatic colors, vintage leather and distressed denim, AllSaints offers customers a place to come for clothing with an edge but that is not quite too harsh for the everyday consumer.

Brands like AllSaints (Designer)

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Taking similar silhouettes but adding in a softer color palette is a take on AllSaints that many brands seem to be moving towards. With Vince, the pieces are generally well-tailored and don’t have as many wild features but still have a classic feeling that allows individuals to feel good wearing the garments.

The brand also carries many basics that allow you to invest in good quality pieces that will last you a good length of time.

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If you are somebody who enjoys the silhouettes of AllSaints, while wanting a slightly more bright color story, Mango may be the perfect place to look. Sporting a more feminine feel, many of their garments combine more flowing and soft elements to create looks that would feel a little less edgy and a little sweeter.

With simple silhouettes, Mango’s clothing items create a similar classy appearance while offering a slightly different color palette.

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Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone, a New York brand, has made a name for itself since its beginnings in 2002.

Their clothing features classic cuts with an edgy aesthetic, making their timeless styles fashion-forward.

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Acne Studios

Mixing everyday with edge, Acne Studios is a brand that meshes different styles to create a wholly unique but simplistic look for its customer base. Similar to AllSaints, many of Acne Studios clothing pieces tend to lean more towards basics but still have an interesting factor that will make consumers want to learn more.

The brand often mixes a variety of different colors and patterns in order to create an aesthetic that is not wholly masculine or feminine, but simply falls under a spectrum

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Helmut Lang

With a sharp simplicity, Helmut Lang is a brand that strikes the middle ground between business casual and everyday ready-to-wear. Much of this brand’s focus is on form fitting pieces and garments that will mix well with other items you already own.

Outerwear is also a heavy focus within Helmut Lang and allows for more creativity within outfits by creating garments that can be mixed with brights or darks, as well as different patterns to create interesting looks.

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Alexander Wang

Initially known for knitwear, Alexander Wang has since become a brand most commonly revered for its darker color aesthetic, unisex ideals on fashion and more urban styling. With a focus and inspiration taken from street style, Wang has taken a new ideal on what business casual means.

Since becoming an industry leader, Alexander Wang has become a go-to brand for men and women alike seeking sleek but yet interesting designs.

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Many brands enjoy using a darker and more muted aesthetic to show a little edge, however Religion takes it a step further by pursuing social messaging within their brand. While this brand does mainly focus on solid colors and darker tones within their simple pieces, the little touches added is often what endears individuals to their pieces.

Religion does many graphic tees and sweatshirts, while also creating more professional looking pieces for a good mixture of demographics. Many of their clothing pieces also house a message and push forward on social progressivism.

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Rick Owens

Much of All Saints appeal surrounds it’s more unisex take on style and its silhouettes that seem to be fitting for all genders. Rick Owens is another brand that takes on a much more unisex approach to fashion while also having some strong masculine influences.

Much of Rick Owens designs are simple; with many of his pieces being T-shirts, sweatshirts and outerwear. However, with each of these simple designs there is often a twist. From drop pants to slits in the sweatshirts, there is just enough of a unique touch to each design that makes the splurge worth it.

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The Kooples

Another of the top brands like AllSaints with a slightly more feminine flair, The Kooples takes colors and patterns generally deemed “girly” and adds a little more spice. Many of the outfits shown on The Kooples mix masculine and feminine aspects; from sundresses with combat boots to flowy pants with a leather jacket.

Much of this brand surrounds the idea of putting different aesthetics together and finding something completely different that you may not have considered pairing.

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If you have ever wanted to achieve the All Saints aesthetic, but wished for something just a little more mature or business appropriate, Sandro is the brand to look at.

With many pieces holding a similar color palette and silhouette to All Saints, Sandro offers a few more options for those who may not have the comfortability to bring a ton of edge into their style.

Many of the pieces carried by Sandro have a more fitted shape and are cleanly tailored, allowing for a trendy and fun look while still keeping a more mature feeling.

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IRO Paris

A brand that reaches specifically towards women, IRO Paris offers european style clothing with an edgy twist.

Much of the fashion from All Saints tends to skew towards the edgier and harder end of fashion, so with IRO Paris, all of the same quality is offered but just with a slightly softer and more whimsical feeling.

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Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto has a quote, “Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: I don’t bother you – don’t bother me,” that is the basis for his designs.

Known as a master tailor, Yamamoto has created a brand that almost completely relies on the color black. While to some this may seem simple, creativity often comes from taking a simple idea and using it in a ton of different ways.

The shades and silhouettes used create differing feelings within the garment and allow for the wearer to feel the full effect of the aesthetic.

Brands like AllSaints (Budget-Friendly)

Items at All-Saints often run from around $100–$300, which can be a splurge for some. If you are not ready to take the plunge, here are some cheaper stores that offer similar styles to AllSaints.

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A very well known retailer in the United Kingdom, Topshop is one of the premiere places to shop for trendy yet unique pieces. It is also a great choice due to the fact that their prices generally have a very wide range.

Whether you are trying to buy on a budget or go all out on an item you love, Topshop will have an option for you. The brand carries both men’s and women’s clothing and focuses mainly on an 18-30 year old demographic.

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Founded in Spain in 1975, Zara has had a reigning presence within the world of classy but trendy fashion. Zara is often known for having more “business casual” pieces within their collections as opposed to more casual wear that would be associated with stores such as Forever 21.

With many more staple items, Zara can also be a great option for anyone who is trying to expand their wardrobe but still appreciates what they own. Investing in basics can be one of the best ways to get more use out of your current clothing. 

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Mixing Japanese, American and British styles all into one, SUPERDRY is a company that offers simple but fun clothing with a unisex ideal for a modest price point. The brand also tends to be very heavily inspired by the 70’s and takes styles from each decade to create unique and fun pieces.

The price point for SUPERDRY generally ranges from $50-$80 and provides customers with quality products that will last a long time. With a mix of cultures influencing their clothing, there is no doubt you will not be able to find something you have never seen that you will love.

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To finish up our brands like AllSaints list, Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that puts a new spin on the idea of basics. Most of Uniqlo’s clothing tends to skew on the simpler side with minimal patterns and few bright colors

While they do have a slightly lighter color palette than All-Saints, the silhouettes and styles used tend to be similar, while having a slightly more tailored and clean look. With lower price points and a clean palette, Uniqlo offers individuals quality clothing to mix in with all their other pieces.

Bottom Line

AllSaints as a brand has cemented a place in the market for its style of fashion, however when looking for brands like AllSaints, there are many options available. 

Many brands offer clothing that changes the way gender and norms within fashion are used and quality pieces can still be found without having to break the bank. Experimenting with all sorts of brands is what makes fashion fun and the opportunities are endless.

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