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10 Best Work Jeans For Men and Women – From Casual to Construction

Last Updated: November 15, 2021

Jeans have come a long way in the working world and are now often seen as an acceptable garment within the workforce, especially if your job requires you to get down and dirty. However, with the times changing, it can be important to know where to get high-quality work jeans that will last.

Though the simple answer may seem to be just getting cheap jeans that might get dirty or worn through, you may want to put a little more research into it if you want long-lasting pants.

Whether you work in food service, in an office, or out in construction, there is a pair of jeans to work for everybody. With this list, find the best work jeans that will stand the test of time.

Best Work Jeans for Women


If you are looking for something a little more durable and slightly more masculine, Carhartt is the brand for you. With a slightly oversized fit, these jeans offer the mobility you need if you likes a good range of motion or work in a more energetic environment.

They are quite simple and practical pants, but will give you solid, quality denim that will last through wear and tear as well as washes. The denim is high-quality, soft, and comfortable for all-day wear.

American Apparel

If you are searching for something slightly more price accessible, American Apparel has many jean options that offer good quality products without breaking the bank. 

With a variety of cuts and  sizes, the inclusivity of this brand is quite larger than many other alternatives and offers a more comfortable wear throughout the day. You can also mix them with any kind of footwear for a more classy or casual look.


A brand that is high in price but also high in design and quality, RE/DONE has many options for your work jean needs. Made from recycled Levi’s, these jeans are guaranteed to be high-quality but also have a nice, worn-in look.

If you enjoy a more-faded looking pair of Levi’s and are willing to splurge, these jeans will offer you the style you are searching for. They are also an incredibly sustainable brand since all of their jeans and denim products are made from recycled denim.


If you are allowed to wear jeans that are slightly more “edgy” to work, Madewell has options with rips or tears that still look quite work-appropriate. 

They also have a wide range of color selections, so whether you need black, dark wash, or light wash jeans, they have an option to suit you. With just a little bit of stretch, they’re more comfortable if you don’t prefer a hard denim.


Always a quality purchase, Levi’s are best known for their jeans and denim jackets. All of their denim is tough fabric that will last through years of washing and general wear and tear from working.

Levi’s are known to last for years and years, so splurging on one well-fitted pair means you won’t need to search around again for the perfect pair of work jeans anytime soon.

Best Work Jeans for Men


Made with the outdoors in mind, Wrangler jeans are made of heavy, high quality construction pant material that is made to withstand more extreme conditions. Their jeans last for a long period of time and won’t wear down from harder tasks.

For anybody working a more labor intensive job, these jeans are the perfect match as they keep you protected from the elements.


A go-to brand for those who work outdoors, LEE jeans have been a well-known and high-quality denim brand for years. Though they are made of a high-quality denim, they have slightly more of a stretch than other jeans, which adds more comfort to the duration of their wear.

These are also a slightly more affordable option for those who aren’t looking to splurge.


The perfect jeans for those who need extra storage, Ariat jeans offer extra pockets for anybody who needs to keep things on them at all times. With a little more stretch, these are also great for those who need mobility within their jobs and find that hard denim does not work.

This brand also has a wide variety of cuts of their jeans for men, which is not as common as it is with women’s brands. With Rebar denim, the jeans have reinforced strength that keep them looking brand new for years to come.


A brand for those on a budget, Dickie’s jeans offer high-quality pants without the incredibly high price tag that many other brands come with. These jeans are highly functional and give a solid comfort level throughout your work day.

The only drawback with these is that they do have less pockets and storage than other alternatives. However, if that is not of high importance to you, these jeans may be the perfect fit.

Duluth Trading Co.

Made from heavy and high-quality denim, Duluth Trading Co. jeans offer the heaviness and warmth you may be looking for if you work in a cooler environment.

They also have many pockets and storage as well for individuals who need to carry different objects around with them at different times. 

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In Conclusion

Whether you need a tough, durable denim or some work-appropriate jeans to wear around the office, this list of the best work jeans has you covered (literally). 

If you want your jeans to last, it’s best to invest in high-quality denim rather than grab any fast-fashion jeans off the rack. While there’s nothing wrong with grabbing up a pair of trendy jeans, do yourself a favor and pick up some quality ones as well.