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12 Best Subscription Boxes For Men (Everything A Guy Needs)

Last Updated: December 5, 2022

The best subscription boxes for men can be hard to find, which is why we found the best ones for you.

With subscription services becoming a common part of online shopping, you can find a subscription service for almost anything. Whether you’re looking for clothes, accessories, or shaving equipment, it won’t be hard to find a monthly subscription for them.

Better yet, there are numerous subscription models available for many different kinds of personal tastes. In this article, we’re going to dive into the 12 best subscription boxes for men, and maybe you’ll find your next monthly shopping addiction.

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Best Subscription Boxes for Men

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Bespoke Post

Price: $49.00-$70.00

If you’re looking for a blend of quality items catered to your personal tastes, this company provides a subscription box that’s hard to ignore. From top-of-the-line cigars to hand-crafted metals that’ll last a lifetime, it’s a great way to feed your hobbies on a monthly basis.

Plus, you can register for free and take their quiz to get a clear look at your interests, and you’ll be able to preview what your box will look like before making a purchase. In addition, the company makes it easy to decide as you can skip any shipment and only pay for the ones you want to receive. 

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Price: $19.00-$57.00

It’s never a bad idea to have fresh pairs of comfy socks and underwear on hand. This company offers a multi-tier subscription model that allows you to choose between new socks or underwear every month.

Aside from their comfortable clothing, the subscription is very hassle-free as you can skip or cancel any time you want. Considering their varying price range and easy sign-up process, I’d say they’re definitely worth a look.

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Price: $109.00-$349.00

For the man who appreciates quality spirits for their refined taste and distinct flavors, this company provides a subscription to try some of the highest quality alcohols. Every quarter you receive a box of niche spirits in a 50ml sample size. 

Plus, the company is also highly regarded for providing a unique selection of bottles you can’t find anywhere else. And, their membership comes with tons of benefits outside of the alcohol itself. You can sign up for a quarterly or annual subscription, and you’ll have access to a vast selection of spirits.

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Breo Box

Price: $159.00-$579.00

Everyone likes cool gadgets, and this company boasts lifestyle products that come with many use cases, whether entertainment or a utility, to make life a little easier. You can either opt for a quarterly subscription or an annual payment plan, and both promise a new box of goods four times per year.

The company promises over $300 worth of value in every box, making their pricing structure seem pretty fair in comparison. If you’re a fan of random gadgets you didn’t know you needed, this subscription box might be your next obsession.

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Dollar Shave Club

Price: Customizable

Every guy should have a shaving and overall grooming kit that they can rely on, and this company has made its mark over the years to be the one-stop shop. They offer a simple quiz that helps them personalize a subscription for you, and you can edit the quantity and type of products before committing.

It’s a great choice if you’d like to have your shaving equipment sent to you on a schedule. You can also edit your subscription any time, and they offer deliveries in two, three, or four-month intervals.

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Price: $15.00-$20.00

A great way to further your interests, and education, this company allows you to gain detailed information from leading experts in multiple industries. Whether you like entertainment, cooking, or wellness, the company offers a cost-efficient way to further your education in the comfort of your home.

With your monthly subscription, you get access to tons of bite-sized content that stacks up to an enormous amount of value. They have a nonrestrictive subscription model and a long-standing positive track record.

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GQ Best Stuff Box

Price: $50.00-$190.00

Boasting over $200 worth of value with every shipment, this company knows a thing or two about style, and their subscription box comes with plenty of taste. Once you sign up, you can expect to receive handpicked items for grooming to quality apparel.

You can opt to be billed quarterly or yearly, and the company covers the shipping on every box. With the price you’re paying, you’ll be getting items for essentially 75% off retail value with this subscription model.

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Price: $15.95

It never hurts to smell your best when you step out, and it’s better if you have a few options to change things up. This company offers a cost-friendly subscription that allows you to get your hands on unique colognes on a monthly schedule.

You’ll gain access to top brands on the market, and each bottle comes in an 8ml bottle that estimates about 140 sprays. First-time customers get an extra bottle with their first order, and every bottle will come from a best-selling brand.

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Price: $48.00-$52.00

Curated specifically for men’s skin, this company offers multiple skincare regimens that cover a wide range of daily treatments. The type of products you decide to go with will determine your subscription cost, and you’ll take a quiz to get personalized suggestions.

The company has received quite a few glowing reviews, and men seem to love the results their products provide. You can get a free trial to see if they’re a good fit for you, and their subscriptions are all-around pretty hassle-free. 

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Gentleman’s Box

Price: $35.00-$312.00

If you like clothing that makes a statement, this company’s subscription provides 4-6 fashionable pieces of clothing that will make any man stand out. They also have a pretty flexible subscription model that ranges from monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. 

It’s an affordable way to get your hands on dapper clothing that’ll not only look professional but will accentuate your entire personality. They’re a great choice if you like to keep your shoes shined and your bows tied.

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Price: $50.00

This company provides a stacked probiotic and prebiotic supplement plan that’s aimed at your gut health with a much more thorough approach than your average store-bought counterparts. Their formulation contains 24 clinically studied strains that benefit systemic health.

From digestive health to cardiovascular health, they’re an excellent choice for those that focus on wellness. You’re able to skip shipments any time, and canceling is a breeze if you decide to change your mind.

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Craft Beer Club

Price: $46.75

Craft beers have only become more popular over the years as the quality flavors, and recipes you can find are endless. Once you start a subscription with this company, you’ll gain access to 12 new craft beers every month.

They come in 12oz bottles from various craft breweries, and you can expect up to three bonus gifts with your first shipment. You won’t feel restricted as they offer multiple subscription models, and you’ll be able to experience something new with every shipment. 

To Sum Up It Up

Your next subscription obsession lies somewhere in this list, and narrowing them down to your interests will be even easier considering the wide range of products they provide. Whether you’re looking to up your hygiene game or collect new tech, this list has it all. 

This comprehensive list of the best subscription boxes for men is only a handful of the leading subscription services right now. Each one has something unique to offer each particular taste.

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