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10 Best Dr. Squatch Soaps, Ranked (2023)

Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Dr. Squatch might have plenty of hygiene products available, but they’re widely known for their unique bars of soap that are made with natural ingredients. 

Among the many products across their website, they have quite a few soap scents that are top sellers. How do you choose? We’re going to take a look at the 10 best Dr. Squatch soaps that money can buy. 

1. Bay Rum

Bay Rum

Made with a blend of cinnamon, clove, citrus, and pine aromas, Bay Rum provides a tropical scent with a hint of spice that seems to be fairly addictive.

The ingredients are sustainably sourced and also include shea butter, fir needle essential oil, and cedarwood essential oil.

Every ingredient helps to moisturize the skin and leave you smelling fresh throughout the day. You’ll also get the benefit of coconut oil, kaolin clay, and sea salt, all of which help you get clean while revitalizing the skin.

2. Cool Fresh Aloe

Cool Fresh Aloe

If you like the smell of a fresh spring morning, this bar of soap is for you. Crafted with a mix of aloe, coconut oil, shea butter, and olive oil, this soap delivers a deep wash that won’t dry out the skin.

It’s great for everyday use, and your skin will feel soothed after every wash. Exfoliation is important too, and this bar is able to provide just that without irritating the skin with the gritty texture that many of their soap bars have.

3. Pine Tar

Pine Tar

Likely the best-selling Dr. Squatch soap bar, its ingredients include oatmeal and small bits of sand for effective exfoliation. There’s also a good amount of activated charcoal, which is known to be a detoxifier, helping cleanse impurities out of the skin.

It’s known for its woodsy and rugged scent and offers many natural ingredients that your skin will love. A cold-process soap that delivers a great lather, you’ll be surprised at its ability to cleanse and scrub away the most stubborn impurities.

4. Fresh Falls

Fresh Falls

Taking a simpler approach, this soap is reminiscent of a brisk forest waterfall that’s refreshing (plus small notes of citrus).

It also acts as a decent exfoliator like most of the Dr. Squatch soap bars, but there’s zero grit involved, so you won’t feel a grainy texture on your skin.

Made from Alaskan glacier mineral clay, lichen moss, and indigo powder, users get the benefit of softer skin, detoxification, and aromatherapy during every shower. Perfect for all skin types, you’ll never get tired of the clean and fresh smell this soap is known for.

5. Alpine Sage

Alpine Sage

Offering a natural scent that’s bold and equally refreshing, Alpine Sage smells like a warm mountain breeze.

Delivering the exfoliation your skin needs without irritation, alongside ingredients such as cypress, sage, and lavender, you’ll never tire of how it makes your skin feel.

Other primary ingredients include sea salt for exfoliation, clary sage essential oil for a pristine scent, and other all-natural ingredients which make this soap a top choice for many.

It makes your skin smell great, and it’ll give a sense of comfort due to its earthy scent profile.

6. Wood Barrel Bourbon

Wood Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon has a scent that many men love, and this bar of soap takes it one step further. With hints of oak wood, spice, and the aromatic nature of bourbon, this soap bar has a medium grit for substantial cleansing and exfoliation.

It also contains a blend of patchouli, guaiac wood, and clove that adds to its bold scent. With Jimmy Red Corn for exfoliating and a smooth Brewer’s Yeast, this soap carries a unique recipe you won’t find anywhere else.

7. Birchwood Breeze

Birchwood Breeze

Primarily delivering a scent of birch bark and pumice, users will also be able to smell ingredients such as niaouli oil, shea butter, sea salt, and more. Not only does it make your skin carry a crisp and refreshing smell, but the woody scent is addicting in itself.

It delivers a medium-intensity scrub that’s gentle on the scrub yet thorough in how it cleans. For those who appreciate the smell of the wilderness, it’s a great choice and won’t be overpowering throughout the day.

8. Deep Sea Goats Milk

Deep Sea Goats Milk

Great for moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin, a mix of goat’s milk and other revitalizing ingredients act as a ph-balancer. The alpha-hydroxy acids also bring great long-term benefits, and the medium-grit will be able to cleanse the most stubborn skin impurities.

With a smooth lather and a refreshing scent that’s surprisingly strong, men seem to love this soap’s unique recipe. Other ingredients such as sea salt, kaolin clay, and a musk fragrance add to the soap’s impressive quality.

9. Cold Brew Cleanse

Cold Brew Cleanse

This soap bar is a perfect choice for those who never get tired of the sweet smell of coffee in the morning. It’s thoughtfully crafted with brown sugar, real coffee grounds, shea butter, saponified oils, and natural fragrances.

This soap bar comes with a heavy grit for effective exfoliation, and the scent is meant to be bold and long-lasting.

Better yet, some of the profits from Cold Bre Cleanse go to the Fire Department Coffee Foundation.

10. Spearmint Basil 

Spearmint Basil 

A great pick-me-up in the morning, the blend of spearmint and basil delivers a strong scent that’s refreshing and keeps you smelling clean all day.

There are also faint notes of peppermint, and it comes with other ingredients such as shea butter and spirulina powder, kaolin clay, and sea salt.

These ingredients act as an exfoliator, skin softener, and an overall benefit to skin health thanks to numerous vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the added peppermint helps minimize pores and improve the skin’s elasticity.

The Bottom Line

It’s evident that Dr. Squatch has plenty to offer, but their bars of soap are easily the star of the show.

With so many different scents and formulas available, it can be hard to choose which soaps to try from the brand.

We personally think these are the best Dr. Squatch soaps available, but you really can’t go wrong – no matter which soap bar scent you choose, you’ll get a moisturizing and fragrant bar of soap that your skin (and nose) will thank you for. 

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