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Closet Lighting 101: Best Closet Lights + Lighting Tips

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

When it comes to getting your space organized, one of the best places to start is your closet. But, creating the perfect storage space in your closet goes far beyond just getting rid of the old and organizing your shelves or dresser. One of the best ways to enhance your space is with closet lighting!

Closet lights are not only good for creating a more modern & organized look, but also offering better lighting when you’re looking for your favorite clothes. Today, we’re going to dive into some tips to help you have the best closet lighting, as well as the best closet lights on the market (including both wired & wireless).

Closet Lighting Tips

Before we dive into the best products, let’s go over a few tips for hanging your closet lights and how to choose them.

Keep it LED

To start, not only is this the best way to light your closet, but it is also an excellent idea for any part of your home. LED lighting is much more affordable, plus you don’t have to worry about fires as they give off minimal heat (and they typically last longer than regular light bulbs). 

Use Strip Lights

If you want to get the maximum amount of light for your closet, strip lights are an excellent investment. They are affordable and easy to install (you typically use a stick-on backing that only takes a few minutes). Not to mention, they cover much more of the closet than any other light. 

Get Motion-Activated Lights

We figured it was worth mentioning that many of these closet lights come with motion-activated sensors (all of the ones on our list do). If you stray from the list, make sure they have this feature! 

This is way easier than dealing with a remote, pressing the light itself, or even using a pull chain. You’ll thank us later. 

Illuminate Up High + Down Low

And lastly, another great tip is to illuminate not only the top but down low as well. This could be on the floors, cabinets, or low shelves. 

Wherever you choose, this addition creates more depth to the room with a broader spectrum. It’s classy, unique & something you don’t typically find in a closet, which makes it special. 

6 Best Closet Lights

Upgraded 78 LED Closet Lighting 

This closet light features 78 white LED lights in an enhanced anti-glare panel specifically designed to provide the best closet lighting. With a 3-cycle mode switch and dimmable brightness, this is a great accessory for any room. 

It’s also very easy to install without the use of tools. You simply use a 3M magnetic strip that comes with it. The reviews don’t lie; you’ll never find something to complain about with this incredible light.

Lithonia Closet Light 

This powerful Lithonia Light features an energy-saver & power consumption reduction. It’s a 4K LED light feature with up to 50,000 hours of light that will last an estimated 45 years! 

These high-quality closet lights are bound to brighten up your closet for a lifetime. You can choose the motion sensor or pull-chain feature (we always recommend motion sensor for closets). Easy, effective & affordable – what more could you want in a light?

Surface Mount LED Ceiling Light

This closet light is ideal for those looking for high-power with maximum energy-saving properties. It keeps your closet bright without causing strain on your eyes! 

They come in 5 different colors depending on what type of lighting you like as well as a few different sizes. With easy installation, all you have to do is mount the light. No screws or drilling!

DLLT LED Ceiling Light Fixture for Closet

This is another great LED light that’s pretty similar to the previous light.

\It’s available in a few different sizes and wattages depending on the size of your closet (you can also get a dimmable or non-dimmable version).

Mr. Beams MB981 Ceiling Closet Light 

This light is perfect for small closet lighting ideas (or other small spaces). On top of its easy 5-minute installation, this LED light reaches up to up to 260 sq. Ft. and is built to last up to a year with just one battery pack! 

This cordless light provides just enough light for comfort without feeling overbearing. It’s also motion-sensored for maximum convenience! This is definitely one of the best wireless closet lights around.

LED Closet Light, 24-LED light

If you need more than one light, this 3-pack set is the perfect option at an affordable price. You have the ability to adjust the light from night mode, day mode, always-on mode, or off mode for your convenience. 

On top of that, it also has motion detection that will turn on and off within 10 ft. of movement, so you never have to worry about turning off the light or leaving it on too long. This is an excellent addition to any home & the perfect closet lighting solution.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these inexpensive and high-quality lights can help you fulfill even your wildest closet light ideas. Considering how easy they are to install, why wouldn’t you add some lovely lighting to your wardrobe?

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