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15 Best Bra Brands For Support, Fit, and Style

Last Updated: March 22, 2022

Trying clothes on in general can be exhausting, and bra shopping regularly puts us through the wringer. There’s nothing quite as discouraging as trying on 20 bras only to find them all uncomfortable or just flat-out ugly. Shopping the Best Bra Brands is the best way to ensure a pleasent bra shopping experience.

We’ve rounded up the 15 best bra brands that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

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Best Bra Brands

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Size Range: 30A – 44I

Bra shopping can be intimidating, so here’s a well-known brand that has a little something for everyone.

Chantelle lingerie was founded in 1876 and they’ve kept their heritage craftsmanship with them as they’ve grown. That means you can be sure you’re getting quality pieces.

There’s no shortage of sexy and sheer cuts, but you can also find longline bras, high neck tops, and of course your everyday bra. The C Magnifique fits particularly well if you’re looking for an essential, but we like the Champs Elysées Demi for a little something extra.

Chantelle is usually a go-to brand for their full coverage, but we highly recommend checking out their full stock. They’re on the pricey side, but they’ll always fit you well and last for years.

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Size Range: 30A – 38H

Those little lacy bras are cute, but how about something a little more minimalist?

CUUP is a pretty no-nonsense brand, with just five styles in a variety of colors. Built for comfort and support first, these minimalist bras are made of breathable fabrics that won’t make you feel like you want to rip them off at the end of the day.

The goal with this company is to provide you with your everyday bra that feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, and they certainly deliver. Whether you get the vintage style balconette, the scoop, demi, triangle, or plunge cut, wearing it for a long time won’t feel like a punishment.

Maybe not the brand for you if you miss all the lace and ruffles, but perfect for your best T-shirt bra.

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Size Range: A – I, 30 – 42

Next up is another minimalistic brand, even if they are minimal in a different way. This company is a treasure trove of contemporary bras with minimal fabric and maximum skin. Think sheer, open cup, and cage styles with lots of straps

They certainly aren’t for everybody, but if you don’t need a ton of support and feel most confident showing off a little skin, Bluebella can easily be your entire collection.

That said, they certainly don’t leave anyone out if they’re looking for more full coverage styles. The Bella and Colette bras are probably the most similar to a traditional full-coverage balconette and plunge style, but they still have some of the youthful and revealing feel typically associated with the brand.

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Size Range: A – I, 30 – 38

Customers rave about ThirdLove’s inclusive sizing as well as super soft materials and perfect fit. Especially popular is their 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, which features memory foam cups, soft jersey fabric, and luxe pleated straps. 

ThirdLove offers a little bit of everything from lace plunge bras to seamless bralettes to v-neck wireless options. 

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Tallulah Love

Size Range: 30A – 38E

Small collection, big impact is the motto here. This British company doesn’t have every style or color under the sun, but the styles they do have are amazing. 

The Tara Balconette is a cut that we’ve never seen before and the decorations in general lean feminine rather than purely sexy. This is lingerie that’s just so pretty you don’t care if anyone else sees it. It makes you feel good just being under your clothes.

The size range is a little disappointing, as we would like to see more pieces in larger sizes, but this is a great company for statement lingerie if you happen to fit the size range.

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True & Co.

Size Range: XS – XL (or 30 – 40, A–D)

If you’re a fan of bralettes, but want a little more support, True & Co. may just be your new favorite bra brand. While they’re not as supportive as many underwire bras, they still feature removable cups and do a decent job at keeping breasts secure. 

People love their bras because of the supersoft material paired with a great fit and quality. If you prioritize comfort when it comes to bras, definitely give this brand a shot. 

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Carol Coelho (32A-40DD)

Size Range: 32A – 40DD

There’s just something about brands with carefully curated collections of a small number of styles. They’re so pretty we couldn’t include just one.

Owner and designer Carol Coelho has worked under the likes of Bill Blass and Isaac Mizrahi. Her skill and creativity definitely shows in her lingerie designs.

The motifs on the lace are distinct and beautiful, and she’s not afraid to play with texture and color. The Cleopatra Bralette is just the right amount of interest and the Grace Underwire Bra is the stuff of fantasy!

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Le Petit Trou

Size Range: Small– Large

If your style leans more toward girly than sexy, Le Petit Trou will quickly become your go-to company for anything you wear underneath your clothes. 

There’s a lot of sheer fabrics here, but the use of flowers, hearts, and ruffles keeps everything really charming and feminine. If we’re being honest, you could probably get away with wearing most of these pieces as crop tops, they’re that cute. 

The only problem is that this company doesn’t use cup sizes. Even in the styles that have cups and underwire, universal sizes like small, medium, and large are used. This presents a problem if you need more support and a more specific cup size, but we would still recommend trying them out because everything is so darn cute.

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Size Range: A – H, 30 – 42

If you didn’t have enough money to get your American Eagle fix in the 90s and early 2000s, you can get your fair share in your lingerie drawer today.

Their most popular styles are definitely the bralettes, and we love that they provide extra support for the XL and XXL sizes

If you’re looking for a little more support though, they also have cupped styles that you can get lightly lined, strapless, as a push-up, and more.

There isn’t too much fabric variety as they seem to use the same materials and colors in the majority of their styles, but that means you can easily build up a collection of matching pieces.

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Pour Moi

Size Range: 30A – 44J

Not a lot of brands offer longline bras, but that problem is solved with Pour Moi.

They have a diverse collection of pretty much any bra style you could want, including front fastening and side support. They even have bralettes with actual underwire in case you do need the support it provides but like the bralette style.

Pour Moi has a lot more to offer than that, but we are super excited about the range of sizes and styles that offer support. If you’ve been afraid to try a bralette because you’re a larger size, this is a great place to start.

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Curvy Kate

Size Range: D – K, 28 – 46

You’ve probably noticed something with this brand already: the sizes. Not the company to leave full busted women with a scant handful of options, Curvy Kate specializes in lingerie for women with a fuller bust.

They have your everyday nude-toned bras if that’s what you’re looking for, but you can also get your fair share of lace and polka dots. The Top Spot Balcony Bra is a super sweet option that you’ll have so much fun wearing.

If you want something not so sweet though, check out the Scantilly collection. It has some of the more sheer and revealing cuts that you might expect from lingerie, even in the larger sizes. And no, they don’t assume that you have a large band size; you can actually get a 32J here. 

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Size Range: A – DDD, 30 – 36

Journelle describes their collection as exquisite, and we don’t disagree. The company name is taken from the old French word “journellement”, meaning daily.

The philosophy of lingerie to be worn daily is still very much in practice in their comfy yet sweet bralettes and delicately lacy bras. 

They have a few bright blues, pinks and reds, but the neutrals and pastels are to die for. Sometimes basic white and nude lingerie can feel a bit blah, but not at Journelle. 

The delicacy of the lace keeps the pieces from coming off too mature, so this brand is perfect for elevated essentials.

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Simone Perele

Size Range: A–H, 32 – 42

This next one is sort of the cousin of Chantelle. Simone Perele is a three-generation heritage company with a variety of approachable styles.

Whether you want something like a full-coverage minimizer or t-shirt bra, or something a little more risqué, they have something for you. We love the cranberry color, especially in the Délice style. 

Most of the collections come with a full cup and demi, but you can also find plunge and minimizer style as well. The way the collections are set up means you can find the perfect bra for you, even if the most popular cut doesn’t work.

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Size Range: D – JJ, 28 – 44

This isn’t necessarily a list exclusively for people with a size D or above, but we know that the average woman needs something larger than a lot of lingerie brands are willing to provide, so we wanted to hook you up with a couple companies you could trust.

Panache claims to be the little black dress of lingerie, a classic that you can wear daily. Like the little black dress, Panache designs are on the mature side, but the quality designs and decorations keep them from looking too old.

If you want something a little more classic, we recommend something like the Petra or Alissa sets, but Corrine and Alexandra are personal favorites too.

The majority of these styles are full coverage, but there is quite a bit of variety, enough to easily fit any personality.

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Tutti Rouge

Size Range: D – J, 28 – 42

Larger cup sizes still need classics too, and Tutti Rouge delivers. Their styles are definitely a little on the plain side, but that’s sometimes exactly what you need.

There are 13 options for full cup bras at the company, not including bralettes. The majority of them are solid colors without many frills that make them perfect for everyday use.

The styles also seem to have a higher apex, which might make them a little more comfortable for you, depending on exactly how you feel about the bra. If you’re having trouble finding bras with the right apex, start here.

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Dita Von Tesse

Size Range: A – H, 32 – 44

If there’s anyone who knows classic lingerie, it’s Dita. If you love vintage style bras with some 1940s flare, it makes perfect sense that you would buy your bras from her.

Bras here are separated into “classic” and “fashion” categories. Make no mistake, both categories obviously look good, but there is a subtle style difference. 

The classic section has more black and neutral options with less sheer fabric. They are mostly in a plunge or balconette style with classic floral motifs on the lace. 

The fashion section has brighter colors, a few animal prints (a lesser-known classic print in the 40s), and a little bit more skin. If you’re more of a fan of bright blue, red or purple, you’ll like the fashion section a little bit more. The Julie’s Roses set is truly a sight to behold.

If you really want to emulate this icon, there’s nothing that can beat going directly to the source. These are perfect to help you channel some Dita Von Tesse energy in your everyday life.

Bottom Line

Bra shopping is always going to be a little bit hard because bras are one of those garments that have to fit perfectly or they don’t fit at all. 

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some great brands out there though, and these best bra brands above can be added to your lingerie drawer without much hassle!