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10 Best Beard Straighteners to Transform Your Look

Last Updated: October 2, 2022

Men’s beards come in various shapes and sizes, depending on different tastes of culture and pride from all over. Each beard brings a different attitude for every man that dares to be different.

And yet, some men are burdened heavily with their facial greatness. Curly beards that easily tangle and knot is enough to bum out any dude. 

However, our culture recently discovered that the same tools we use to tame our hair can also be applied to beards when modified.

Not every beard straightener is the best, but the best beard straighteners are all here. Take the time to give your beard a sharp look without crisping it to a brittle mess. 

What Are Beard Straighteners Used For?

Short beards, curly beards, and beards that reach the floor could all benefit with a little help from heated styling. When you have the option to use a brush and a straightener in one device, you’re truly living your best bearded life.

Beard straighteners give you the option to heat up your beard to make it easier to style while also allowing you to brush through your beard. This combo makes your beard straight while maintaining softness.

You don’t, however, want to use a regular straightening iron for your beard. Not only is it unhygienic, but it is also possible for you to do serious damage to your beard and skin.

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when using a beard straightener:

  • Beard length is important. Short beard = lower temps, Longer beards = higher temps.
  • Wash your beard, then dry it completely before attempting to straighten it. If water is still in your beard when you try to straighten it, it will release steam,  which will not only give your beard a nasty look, but will also do serious harm to your skin.
  • Don’t use a hair straightener for your beard. They’re often too big and too hot.
  • Test it out on small sections of your beard at a time. Don’t rush through it.
  • Brush thoroughly and don’t heat one spot for too long.
  • Don’t use any products in your beard before or during the straightening process.
  • Be careful with the straightener. It’s using heat to soften up your hair follicles and if you’re messin around, you might give yourself a wicked burn. The kind that needs a hospital visit.

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Best Beard Straighteners

Tame the Wild Heated Beard Straightener Brush

Tame’s signature straightener is fast-acting, warming up to full temp in a matter of seconds

It also features insulated teeth so the brush tips don’t get hot and burn you, only the inside tines where your beard goes through the brush. Plus, it offers 16 levels of heat to cover your beard at all stages of growth.

Cayzor Beard Straightener

Are you a little forgetful and sometimes even worry you might’ve left your oven on? Don’t worry, Cayzor thought of that and made a beard straightener with emergency shut off.

If you forget to keep yourself safe, the comb will shut off after 30 minutes. Plus the teeth don’t scald. That’s a straight beard without the hazards of normal straightening.

Bonus: convenient LCD displays temperature for easy reads.

Aberlite Beard Pro Straightener

Handcrafted high-quality technology sometimes seems so foreign and unreachable that we may never get there. Aberlite begs to differ.

Their beard straightener is a work of art, offering 8 heat settings and promising lasting results that make your beard look well trimmed without burning it up.

It might hurt your wallet, but it works for your hair and beard so it’s multifunctionality and sleek looks make up for it.

Xikezan Beard Straightener

Sometimes simpler things get the job done better than others and that’s what Xikezan did with their product. Three different heat settings work for most hair types and are made with glass fiber which makes it tough as hell.

A good deal is hard to beat and Xikezan is currently offering their straightener with some added balm to give your beard some extra styling options.

Tame the Wild Easy Glide

The foil to the larger Tame the Wild Beard Brush, the easy glide offers the same punch in a smaller, more mobile package. Still perfect for all lengths.

Offers three settings for easy styling switches and a safety shutoff so your house doesn’t burn down in the process.

It also comes with a nice little double-sided beard comb for combing out the curls and getting our beard oil distributed evenly for a smooth finish. 

Arkam Premium Beard Straightener

Arkam came to party hard and win it all with their beard straightener. Their heated comb gets up to temp in about 30 seconds for a fast morning routine.

The boardroom boys won’t know what hit ‘em.

Arkam is also so confident in their product that they offer a full satisfaction guarantee, or they’ll refund you within 30 days of original purchase. 

Also includes a quality silk bag for easy travel.

Aberlite Compact

Taking cues from modern technology trends, Aberlite decided to rearrange their beard straightener in a smaller package for professionals on the go.

The LCD provides easy reads for the temperature and adjustment for five different levels of heat. Plus it heats up in a flash.

If that wasn’t enough, the bristles on this bad boy are dense, so they’ll get through those gnarly knots without pulling your hair out.

Edifier Beard Straightener

A simple 3 heat setting piece from Edifier offering a discount price tag for a quality product. Plus it is compact for easy travel. No need to worry about finding space to put it, just slip it in a pocket and go.

The Edifier uses ceramic instead of traditional heating elements for a fast warm up and safer grooming experience. It also features a one button control for easy use.

Lovani Ceramic Mini

Lovani’s signature beard straightener is a dynamic mix of strong titanium and fast heating ceramic for a true quality technological combo. It’s also incredibly small and comes with a nice travel bag for easy care.

This beard straightener features a unique shape that mimics traditional straighteners with added teeth on the outside of the heating element to comb through your beard.

 It also comes with a handle lock so that the straightener easily folds for simple storage.

Raffin Beard Straightener  

The Raffin beard straightener is a dynamic little beast, working not only on all beard lengths, but also styles men and women’s hair as well.

It has a lightning fast 30 second warm up time and a non-slip handle so you don’t have to worry about dropping your straightener for difficult stylings. 

Plus, it has a one-button operation and three heating options. 

In Conclusion

Styling your beard has never been easier with these top beard straighteners on the market. Remember, you never want to use a regular hair straightener on your beard as a safety precaution.

Keep your beard looking smooth, polished, and maintained with one of the best beard straightener options above. You won’t regret it!