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Beard Care Guide – 5 Beard Grooming Tips for a Perfect Beard

Last Updated: July 16, 2021

Looking at the magnificent beards around you, it might seem like everyone is taking beard enhancing drugs to create an overgrown, groomed forest of facial hair.

And it’s definitely easy to get jealous. How do they get their beards so full and beautiful?

But if you’ve already got a semi-decent beard, you already know the truth of the matter: It’s hard work. Work that is often unseen and goes unnoticed. 

And, if you truly want a great beard, some basic beard care is going to go a long way into making sure your facial forest looks the best it possibly can. No shortcuts here.

Luckily, our beard care guide will set you straight on your journey to glorious locks resting on your face. Keep reading for some helpful guidelines.

How to Care for Your Beard

Wash Your Beard

How you wash the hair on your head should apply to how you wash the beard on your face. Without it, your beard is hiding all manners of disgusting things that muss up your skin and beard.

We’re talking dead-skin cells, dirt and oils, and even food from leftover meals.

But before you reach for that 2-in-1 shampoo that you need to get rid of, be warned: regular shampoo meant for the scalp will strip precious natural oils from your beard. These are the good kind of oils that make it smooth and silky.

Instead, grab some proper beard shampoo and give your beard the care it truly needs without a chemical bath.

Horace makes a great beard shampoo that is almost completely natural and helps foster hair growth through jojoba oils.

If you want to go even more all natural, Lush Kalamazoo Beard Wash is packed with pineapple juice to get rid of dirt and energize your face. It’s also vegan and comes in a recycled container. 

Condition your Beard

Thought the wash was over after the shampoo? Not if you want your hair to look healthy and luscious. 

Proper grooming means softening up those beard curls with conditioner so they are properly nourished and ready for styling or adversity, such as wind and touching.

If you’re in a hurry, try Cremo’s Beard Softener, which aims to make your beard soft and bouncy after about 30 seconds of use. Their all natural ingredients are powerhouses. 

But, if time isn’t a concern, you’ll be disappointing yourself not to go with Viking Revolutions Beard Conditioner. What’s better than a peppermint scent? You can also get a set of shampoo and conditioner from this brand to make it easy.

Comb Your Beard

For proper beard care, you need to untangle the knots in your beard (just like the knots on your head). Get rid of excess dead hair and stimulate healthy growth for a good looking beard.

The Zeus Boar Bristle Brush packs an excellent punch in a very small package. Their soft bristles are better suited for a shorter beard, but stimulating the hair of your beard is what’s important.

If you’re serious about your beard grooming and a fan of premium products, the Art of Shaving’s Kent Brush is a piece of perfection on Earth. Those long beards will be in tip top shape.

If your beard is prone to tangles, you may also want to get a beard comb to help keep your beard knot-free.

Use Beard Balm or Oil

Giving your beard a good wash is going to rough it up a little bit no matter what you use. It’s best to return some of that moisture with a beard balm or beard oil, both of which serve important roles.

But what makes them different? They both seem to almost do the exact same thing, except they don’t.

If you want to nourish your beard, a good beard oil will make sure your beard gets plenty of vitamins and is encouraged to grow healthier. Usually makes you smell great too.

What sets beard balm apart is the option for styling. While it does nourish your hair, beard balm also sets up your beard for styling wicked curls or doing a nice braid for a pirate look.

Percy Nobleman Beard Oil uses great ingredients like avocado and jojoba to make your face less itchy and get rid of problematic dandruff. This one even makes styling your beard easier.

If you want some shine, the kalahari melon in Jack Black’s Beard Oil is sure to drive your partner wild. Smooth beard, soft bounce, and smells better than sitting in a room of fresh peeled fruit.

When you’re all ready to style it up, some Everyman Jack Balm will smooth out your beard, give it a soft sandalwood scent, and nourish it with aloe vera. Give your beard a great shape and avoid those unkempt curls (just remember to shampoo and rinse out your beard balm when needed).  

Trim Your Beard

The hairy commonality that your scalp and face share doesn’t seem to stop, and maintaining style is certainly no exception.

If you want your beard to keep looking good when you put this amount of effort into it, then you need to trim it up when it starts to get too long. Otherwise it can become an unruly mess.

But before we get into what you should trim your beard with, let’s get into what you should NOT trim your beard with:

  • Your hair trimmer
  • Your manscaping tools
  • Kitchen scissors

Seriously, keep it clean guys. Otherwise you’re just begging for some nasty infections and breakouts from cross contamination. 

For the best bang for your buck, the Philips Norelco MG7750 carries an entire toolbox in its set up to provide you with the most options for trimming and styling your beard. Bonus: no cords!

If you’re really on a budget though, their MG3750 gets the job done at about half the price.

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The Bottom Line

All in all, maintaining proper beard care will give you the most groomed, styled, and healthy beard hair possible. Before you go, here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • What’s true for your skin is true for your hair, no matter where it is. Don’t use extreme temperatures to avoid damage.
  • Remember, good hygiene goes a long way for health and growth.
  • If you’re just starting out, give your beard time to grow. Avoid trimming for at least 8 weeks so you can assess how your beard grows.
  • Look for natural ingredients in beard products especially. Avocado, honey, jojoba, argan, and even almond oils are good for beard and skin health.