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15 Best Beard Oils for a Silky Smooth Beard

Last Updated: November 24, 2021

Smooth beards are not just handed out to any man: most of the time it takes great grooming and hygiene practices to achieve an amazing beard.

Only the greatest of beards ever reach the heights of Zues and viking status, and that is only because those men work hard to reach it.

A proper grooming regimen is no joke and takes a serious amount of effort in order to be effective. Most great looking beards can’t ever be without one.

And, an important part of this regimen is beard oil

Luckily for you, the best beard oils are all natural, freshen up your beard and skin, and condition your beard for smoothness and bounce. Keep reading for our recommendation for the best products around.

Benefits of Beard Oil

You know how your hair needs good conditioning to maintain its greatness? So does your beard.

The “oil” is a key component. The hair on your face is often drier and more brittle than that on your scalp, so it needs an extra little nourishment to stay healthy.

The oil protects the hairs and offers it a smooth texture, keeping it moisturized and bouncy without stripping it of its natural oils so that your skin doesn’t get harmed.

It isn’t the same thing as beard balm, however, so don’t use it expecting to style your hair.

Also, do not use your hair conditioner as a substitute for your beard oil. This will only strip the natural nutrients your facial hair needs.

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Best Beard Oils

Scotch Porter Smoothening Beard Serum

Avocado and jojoba are a dynamic duo of oils that work together to keep your beard moisturized and healthy.

Made for beards that tend to be dry or rough, this oil allows for a much softer feel. Plus, the scent is a nice combination of sandalwood and carnations. 

Artius Man Beard Oil

Artius Man has a wide collection of beard oils offering different, low intensity scents that leave you smelling good without irritating the skin.

Their Citrus Fire Oil is a particular favorite that offers a smoother, milder scent of citrus than most other brands.

Sebastian SEB MAN The Groom Beard Oil

The Groom is a complex oil, combining the forces of grapeseed, jojoba, and almond oils to create a moisturizing oil for your beard that soothes the skin.

Bonus: It also has the added benefit of working on your hair!

The Groomed Man Co. Beard Oil

Here is an Australian brand that prides itself on authenticity and a great product that never seems to fail. This product in Morning Wood provides sweet, woody notes to your beard while keeping a smooth texture.

They also have a dozen other scents to choose from, or unscented even, for less intensity on the nose. 

Kiehl’s Beard Oil

This product is a lightweight oil made to leave your beard and skin moisturized without feeling too greasy. It uses a combination of sandalwood, cedarwood, and Eucalyptus for a refreshing, adventurous scent. 

Their secret is in their use of pracaxi oil made from the pracaxi tree of the Amazon, containing acids known for moisturizing and giving the skin a refreshed feel. 

Beard and Blade Cedar Valley

Beard and Blade makes a perfect oil that can transform a raggedy beard from homeless to gentleman in a matter of seconds.

Great for combatting beard itch and any nasty dandruff you might get.

Lab Series The Grooming Oil

Need a beard oil that can kind of do everything? Didn’t even know that existed? 

That’s a shame because seabuckthorn, jojoba, and almond oils work together for an oil that works before shaving, during shaving, and for cleaning up your beard.

Plus, it’s lightweight to leave you without a greasy feel.

Proraso Wood and Spice

There’s an entire army of oils in this particular product, such as walnut and sunflower oil, that makes your beard lush and smooth and moisturizes irritated skin.

Wood and spices mix together for a nice masculine scent. It’s also vegan, so you can sleep well at night knowing no animals were harmed in the process of making your beard great.

SheaMoisture Beard Oil

SheaMoisture is a specialist in making products that both nourish the body and make you smell amazing in the process. This beard oil is no exception.

Maracuja and shea oils are the stars here, making this beard oil quick-acting and working great on beards of all lengths.

BeardBrand Four Vices

A reformulated comeback story where castor oil, babussa, and even some abyssinian oils work together for a beard oil that’s so lightweight, it doesn’t even feel like it exists.

Want to save? Don’t be afraid to take advantage of BeardBrand’s great deals that offer discounts on bundles.

Jack Black Beard Oil

Kalahari melon and plenty of vitamins nourish your beard for a great feel that almost doesn’t seem real. Got a rough beard? The plum oil inside will make your beard extra soft.

Even more, it’s lightly scented so your beard doesn’t feel overpowered by foreign smells.

Hawkins and Brimble Beard Oil

This is a beard oil meant for the big boys with big beards. While it may work for shorter beards, this oil was formulated with the scruffiest in mind.

A combination of argan and olive oil are used to heal damaged hair and leave your beard feeling more healthy than ever before. Ginseng also helps make your skin feel refreshed.

Cremo Beard Oil

This beard oil was inspired by the great outdoors, offering a scent that makes you one with nature even if you’re in the middle of the club.

Argan and jojoba relieve the itch in your beard and polish off your hairs with a soft smoothness.

American Crew Beard Serum

For those beardos on-the-go, this lightweight beard oil works fast so you don’t have to worry about a greasy mess making you look like a fool at the big meeting. 

This holy combination of argan and cyperus oils give the beard softness, shine, and bounce: the perfect potion for that movie-perfect look.

Stubble and Stache Beard Oil

A popular option among men that are plagued by dry beards, this beard oil is championed for revitalizing dead hairs and offering brittle beards a break from bone dry conditions. 

Plenty of argan, jojoba, castor oils, and vitamins help make the beard feel conditioned and alive while leaving it with a crisp, understated scent.

Also, it prevents split ends. No more beat up beards.

Final Beard Oil Tips

It may seem simple, but there are a few important things to keep in mind when using oils on your beard:

  • Use beard oil as little or as much as you need. Every beard and product is different.
  • Use beard oil after a good wash and only after your beard has been patted dry.
  • Both your fingers and a good beard comb can help moisturize your entire beard by distributing the oil evenly.
  • When it comes to your beard, lightly scented and unscented are your best friends, especially if you have sensitive skin.