Bespoke Post Review – Mystery Boxes for the Modern Man

Last Updated: October 15, 2021

The man as he has grown throughout time, has become a melting pot of different fixtures that have been attributed to his character: outdoors expertise, knives and weaponry appreciation, and a bit of refinement.

However, as time has progressed, our staple items have lost their sense of craftsmanship, lost a sense of identity. Where has the hand-made love and care gone?

Where other companies have abandoned craftsmanship in favor of factory made easiness, Bespoke Post has sought only the golden rarities that show the dedication in refinement.

This Bespoke Post review will act as the guiding light for those interested in subscribing to their boxes (or just buying from their shop).

What is Bespoke Post?

Bespoke Post started off 10 years ago as a two man team with one goal: sharing their love of craftsmanship with others. Countless handaxes and soaps later, they are still going strong.

Their subscription service is similar to others, only the caveat is, items going through Bespoke have a rigorous testing phase before even being allowed to market. 

There’s a search for the highest quality and none shall stop til it is achieved. But if all else fails, Bespoke Post is happy enough that you at least smell nice thanks to their offers.

Boxes + Products 

Bespoke Post offerings come in two different options: monthly packages or individualised items from previous boxes.

Their boxes carry various different items on a monthly basis. Items range from soaps, knives, clothing to outdoor equipment, colognes, handaxes, and bags.

To get a feel for their boxes, view this month’s box options. Boxes include anywhere from 1–5 items. Some curated boxes show up over and over, such as the popular Weekender bag for getaways and the Hecho to create the perfect taco night. 

The items generally play into their rustic, gentleman explorer vibe that they have set up, with lots of fine grays and greens contrasted by complex glass pieces and decadent wood fixtures.

Their clothing is nice, too, but perhaps a bit on the boring side. Regardless, you’ll look excellent. 

Both packages and individual items in their shop are often from well-known companies like Polaroid, Bellroy, and even Gerber. They also feature some more niche companies as well.

If you’re not excited about your package, you can skip the month and not be charged and opt to get something from their individual item shop.

Remember, though, that items in the shop are a lot more costly than if they had come in one of your monthly packages. However, there is no guarantee you’ll get them if you choose the monthly package. 


Bespoke Post really shines in its pricing, as they offer customers several options for buying their boxes and products.

There is the standard subscription service that offers discount membership prices for only $45 a month (or, per box). Without membership, you can buy a curated box for $55 instead. 

If a certain month you don’t like their curated boxes, you can skip it without officially canceling. You can also view what will come inside the month’s box options before deciding. They pick out a box that they think you will like best, but you can switch to another curated box they have.

Members also receive a discount of individual items in the Bespoke Post shop, but these can carry a hefty price tag as they are meant to be premium items.

Items like soaps start off at around $10 – $15 but can go all the way up to $1,000 for their larger products, such as the cowboy grill.

What Other Bespoke Post Reviews Say

Unlike most other websites, Bespoke Post didn’t have any reviews featured on their site. But, that didn’t stop us from scoping out what shoppers had to say. After sorting through hundreds of reviews, we found that this was the top feedback from their customers:

  • Some boxes are great, while some others aren’t worth the price
  • Great deal for your first box when you use their discount code 
  • Easy cancellation process

“I’m not a fair judge. I’m a girl, and I subscribe to this for me (lol). I used to get a box every month, since the boxes used to be more unisex and I loved what they offered! But recently, it’s been more manly and I have been skipping the month for more than 5 months… I know it’s not a subscription for women, but I’d love to see more unisex options soon! Other than that, I love the quality and value of this subscription box!” – Izumi

“The idea is very cool. Unfortunately the items I received are very cheap. The knife feels like it might snap if I put it to tough use, the pen feels like a bic pen you might get from Target or Dollar Tree. The cancelation process is terrible.” – Zach Randall

“if you are interested in getting a good deal for good products- stay the hell away from boxes” – Zootam

“They have a decent box every once in a while, but most are pretty mediocre. I eventually ended my subscription because I was opting out so often.” – Redberyl


Overall, Bespoke Post reviews seem to think their boxes are a hit or miss. Some boxes are great, while others aren’t worth it. 

Their boxes can be something fun to try out, but they may not keep your attention for too long. 

If anything, you can probably find cheaper alternatives to most of their products elsewhere, and not be forced into a subscription service (but of course, this requires more work and takes out the fun, gift-like aspect of subscribing to monthly boxes).  

That said, as long as you pay attention to the boxes each month and make sure to skip if you’re not a fan, this can be a great subscription. The ease of skipping boxes and their wide array of products makes them stand out as one of the better services out there for the discerning gentleman looking to switch it up.

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