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21 Travel Essentials for Men (Guide for Any Trip)

Last Updated: June 8, 2021

If RPGs have taught us anything over the course of the last few decades, it is that going on a quest without being properly prepared can really leave you in a serious conundrum.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a simple vacation, you’re going to see your mother, or even if you are running from the law, being unprepared is a no bueno. How would your mom feel if she saw you being unhydrated and with a dead phone you can’t call her with? 

But don’t worry, these travel essentials for men will keep you fresh and prepared for anything.

Travel Essentials for Men

Carry-On Bag

The Luxury Option: Samsonite Novaire Wheeled Underseater

Feeling like you can’t just do with the norm? That’s where the Novaire Wheeled Underseater from Samsonite comes in. All your undies and valuables will be snug as a bug in this hardshell carry-on.
Sleek in all black so you’ll never have to worry about being mismatched and wheeled so you’ll never have to slow down.

The Sensible Option: Granite Gear Cross-Trek Duffel Bag

Not everyone needs to go for high-price tags, some of us like to keep it simple

Rei’s Cross-Trek 2 Wheeled Duffel has sensibility in excess. Sporting multiple options for organization with its many pockets plus being waterproof to boot, this is a bag that can take any quest.
And if you’re tired of all the tiring black bag staples, go for the blue option which displays an impressive deep, dark blue.

The Side Bag / Crossbody Bag

Pockets can’t hold everything (unless you like unsightly bulges in your pants). 

The Luxury Option: Michael Kors Camera Bag

Leather never fails to pull in the looks and keep eyes on you. That’s the Michael Kors’ aim, to keep you looking as flashy and professional as possible. 

The Hudson Logo Stripe Camera bag has a leather, black trim and is offsetted by a beautiful, center-piece stripe that keeps things just a little offbeat. 
Don’t let the camera in the name fool you either, this thing is packing some serious space. Need to fit your laptop somewhere? It’s got you.

The Sensible Option: Adidas Essential Crossbody Bag

The Adidas’ Essential Crossbody bag is snug, affordable, and packs one hell of a style punch. Wear it like a bandolier or wear it like a fanny pack, it doesn’t matter. It looks good from all angles.
It is on the smaller side though, so don’t expect to be packing your entire loadout in this.

Waist Pack

You might scoff at the idea because it would cramp your style, but a waist bag can be a lifesaver. Plus, they’re trendy right now, so take advantage of it!

Keep your small traveling essentials (money, ID, portable charger) in your waist pack in case you get your larger bag stolen – you’ll be glad you did.


The work never stops for your feet. Give them a little special care. Boots are a versatile shoe that can stay strong on any travel adventure.

The Luxury Option: 1460 Dr. Martens

The 1460 Doc Martens boots have never gone out of style. From punks to the working class, this boot gets nothing but praise for its signature look and unending durability.

Plus if you get them in black leather, you’ll always be matched up in your shoe game.

Make sure to get some practice walks in to wear down the stiffness of the boot at first. Let your feet get accustomed and soon the boot will change its shape to you.

The Sensible Option: 

Mens Crevo Camden Boot

The Camden Boot by Crevo goes in a little bit of a different direction. Less attitude and a bit more refinement.

You’ll look proper, sophisticated, and hell, even ready for church. 
The only complaint I’ve seen about these bad boys is that sometimes their soles can feel cheaply made. Opt for a pair of gel insoles like Dr. Scholl’s to keep your feet from hollering.

Water Bottle

No one wants to see you looking dusty. Seriously, stay hydrated.

The Luxury Option: Hydroflask Water Bottle

A metal water bottle can get you pretty far in life. Hydro Flask metal water bottles can get you really far. It likes to keep hot things hot and cold things cold. Just make sure whatever you are putting in there first is at optimal temperature first, otherwise you’ll be disappointed. There’s no making that lukewarm water colder.

There’s so many options for colors too, so have fun and be a little adventurous with your style choice. Patterned bottles, solar color block, and immortalized trails all dazzle the sides of these bottles.

The Sensible Option: Purifyou Glass Water Bottle

There once was a time when humanity drank out of glass instead of plastic. Purifyou desperately wants you to taste that clean, water-out-of-a-glass taste again.

It keeps your water completely neutral, never letting chemicals leach into your water’s flavor profile. Plus with a protective, silicon sleeve, you don’t have to worry about it being fragile.


It pays (pun intended) to have your finances secured. Don’t go abroad without an ID either, and make sure to keep copies of your documents in Cloud storage (like Google Drive) just in case.

The Luxury Option: Bellroy Slim Sleeve

Keep that bulge out of your pants even further with slim wallets. This Bellroy slim sleeve is crafted to keep all your cards and money secure, and from ever appearing like they’re on you in the first place.

Made with premium leather and carrying a whole rainbow of color options, it’d be foolish not to get one. Packing enough storage to carry up to 8 cards and still have room for cash. It even comes with a warranty so that your pocket card projector is protected while also protecting your card from purchase. It’s doing your entire job for you.

The Sensible Option: Herschel Hank Wallet

Featuring pockets for various sized bills and more than enough room to pack your cards, it’s an entire party in the palm of your hand.

Better yet it also features a mesh window for easy ID access. Sometimes you want to feel like you’re in the FBI and flipping open that wallet so that the first thing people see is your business face is just cake for the soul.

Portable Charger

Mama is never missing a phone call again.

The Luxury Option: Moshi Portable Charger

Transformers are real, and the Moshin IonSlim portable battery is all the proof you need of that. It has USB type C and A connections so won’t be left out of a charging loop no matter your device. It is all made out of the same aluminum that airplanes are made of, so it’s pretty much a certified weapon of mass destruction.

Talk about being fly on another level.

Buy directly from Moshi and they will back you with a 10 year warranty. Not even your family loves you that much.

The Sensible Option: Imuto Portable Charger

Sometimes it’s nice to know how much time you have left. Best to make preparations while you can.

Luckily Imuto’s portable charger tells you directly how much time you have left with its smart display, showing you how much juice is left in the charging pack. The thing is hiding a secret weapon, an LED light so you can finally see what way you’re shoving it in. It’s optimal for tablet users too as this can juice up your larger devices, like a pro.


There can be no haters if no one is around to hear them. No wires, please.

The Luxury Option: Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose is an absolute pedigree for audiophiles and this wireless set is no different. Built in  microphone, built in Alexa support, built in noise cancellation with different modes. Just straight built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Crafted out of metal, sporting comfortable ear cuffs, and reaching out with clarity to get your voice clear in windy environments, you arguably reach the next step of human evolution with a pair of these.

The Sensible Option: Soundcore Wireless Headphones

Nothing is more satisfying than having a cute, little carry case for your headphones that keeps them charged and safe from tangling, if they even had wires in the first place.

Sporting a name that seems like it fits 76er’s legend Allen Iverson, the Soundcore Liberty Air wireless buds are true dynamic masterpieces.
Durable, slim, comfortable, and under the hood are proprietary audio drivers that deliver a wider soundstage for any listener.

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Final Travel Essentials for Men

At the end of the day, your specific list of traveling essentials will depend on your needs and the trip you’re planning to take. The previous sections shared some of our top recommended essentials, but here are a few more that some people might need:

  • Medication – If you’re someone who has frequent headaches or gets seasick, you might want to bring some over-the-counter medication to have just in case. It’s a lifesaver when you realize you remembered it (and of course, don’t forget any regular medication you need to take). 
  • Earplugs – We couldn’t recommend this traveling essential enough. You won’t always need them, but you’ll be beyond thankful when you get the hostel bunk underneath the world’s heaviest snorer. These Etymotic earplugs are well worth it. 
  • Eye Mask – On a similar note, if you’re sensitive to light when sleeping, bringing an eye mask on your travel adventures can be another lifesaver. 
  • Extra Underwear – It never hurts to have extra underwear. 
  • Voltage Converter – If you’re embarking on an overseas mission, a travel converter is a helpful tool to make sure you’re able to charge your electronics in another country.  
  • Entertainment – Maybe not an essential, but some type of reading material (or downloading a movie) can help pass time when you can’t sleep on the plane. 
  • Toothbrush – While your hosts probably have extra toothpaste, it’s not as certain they will have an extra toothbrush, so remember yours just in case.

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