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Bearpaw vs UGG: Which Is Better?

Last Updated: June 6, 2022

You’ve probably heard of ugg boots, a style of footwear that originated from Australia. The sheepskin boots are known to provide warmth and comfort, but they were initially brought into mainstream fashion with 1970s surf culture. 

Since then, ugg boots have gone in and out of style for generations, and many brands have emerged such as Bearpaw and UGG.

Though the look of the classic boots is largely the same, there are still some major differences. If you need help deciding which brand to buy from, read this Bearpaw vs UGG review for all the details. 

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Bearpaw vs Ugg Overview

Bearpaw was founded in 2001 by Tom Romeo after crossing paths with a bear in Lake Tahoe. This rare event pushed Romeo to start a shoe company named after the animal, and now Bearpaw is most known for its cold-weather shoes, sheepskin boots, and other footwear. 

Bearpaw’s main goal is to offer fashionable, yet sensible and comfortable footwear for adults and children. Aside from their signature sheepskin boots, Bearpaw also sells slip-ons, slippers, sandals, hiking boots, and even heels. There are options for any weather or occasion. 

UGG was founded in 1978 by Brian Smith, an Australian surfer who moved to Southern California. Just like Bearpaw, UGG first became known for the classic sheepskin boots. Now, UGG has been elevated to one of the most worn and fashionable shoe brands in the world. 

UGG has a very large variety of footwear that includes slippers, sandals, all kinds of boots, heels, and moccasins. Ugg isn’t just a shoe brand because it also sells tops, dresses, outerwear, bottoms, and accessories. UGG’s long-lasting products made from high-quality material offer comfortability and style. 

Bearpaw (winner)UGG
Less expensive than UGG

Available in retail stores and through official website

Styles are still fashion-forward but focus more on functionality

Offers vegan footwear options

Free standard shipping over $49 and free returns
Renowned brand name

Sells more than just shoes (ie clothing, accessories, homeware)

Available in retail stores and through official website 

Offers more trendy styles

Free standard shipping and returns

Now, let’s compare and contrast these two brands more closely in a few important categories to get a better look.



Bearpaw and UGG have largely the same quality, however, some customers claim that the Bearpaw boots wear out faster. This level of durability is to be expected since the footwear comes at a cheaper price. 

Bearpaw Shoes
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Additionally, Bearpaw doesn’t strictly use animal skin or fur, so sometimes synthetic materials are used, particularly for the vegan options. 


UGG has the slight edge over Bearpaw when it comes to quality since. The brand is significantly more expensive, but you are paying for the best materials. 

UGG Shoes
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All the leather, wool, sheepskin, cashmere, suede, and down that are most commonly used in UGG products are ethically sourced as part of their campaign for animal welfare. 



Bearpaw Sandals
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Bearpaw emerged as a direct competitor for UGG because of the more affordable price. The Elle boots (Bearpaw’s version of the classic Ugg boots) are priced at $100 and most other products cost around $40-$80. Some of their fancier boots range between $100-$150. 


UGG Sandals
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UGG is known to be a higher-end brand and often comes out with trendsetting items. The classic boots are priced at $170.

The higher price is due to the better quality and durability of UGG. Looking at footwear, the majority of products cost over $100 and select items can cost up to $400. 



Bearpaw footwear is available in sizes 5-13 for women and 8-14 for men. For children, there are options for infants to youth.

When it comes to Bearpaw sizing compared to Uggs, there are no half sizes so Bearpaw recommends ordering up if you are between sizes. They run slightly small due to the inner lining. 

Bearpaw Sandals
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However, in time that tight fit will relax due to wear, so they suggest sticking to your normal size if you can. 


UGG footwear is available in sizes 5-12 for women and 7-18 for men. The children’s section also ranges from infant to youth. Only select items are available in half sizes, but not the classic Ugg boots. 

UGG Sandals
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UGG recommends ordering a size down for the classic boots, but order your normal size for the fashion or rain boots. 

What Others Are Saying

To offer more insight on this comparison, we explored a variety of customer review forums. Here’s what customers have to say about Bearpaw and UGG: 

  • Bearpaw is a great affordable alternative to UGG
  • Bearpaw fits small while UGG runs big
  • Should have an initial tight fit
  • UGG has poor customer service with shipping, so you should find them at another retailer
  • UGG is more of a trend-setting brand
  • Both brands have a good variety of styles
  • Both boots are very comfortable and keep you warm

In Conclusion

If you are just interested in the classic look of an ugg boot, then we’d say to go with Bearpaw. It has the same look and feel of UGG, but at a more affordable price. 

However, UGG has a wider variety of footwear in general and many of them are trending styles that don’t have a similar version at Bearpaw. 

When it comes to Bearpaw vs UGG, opt with Bearpaw if you can since the quality is largely the same, but if you feel like spending a little more for a brand name, UGG is still worth it. 

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  1. Having a problem with my Bearpaw boots, the sole of one boot separating causing me to trip and is a hazard. Trying to contact the suppliers to deal with my complaint is a nightmare, no phones being answered, wrong emails given etc,etc.


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