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What to Wear to a Club – Clubbing Outfit Ideas & Tips

Last Updated: October 12, 2021

The world is starting to open up again, and for many individuals the options can seem endless on how to spend their time and what to do for fun. Pre-pandemic, many people went out to get drinks and dance with their friends, but now, figuring out what to wear to a club can be a daunting task.

You could always go revealing, but then what is too revealing?

If you decide to bring that jacket, are you really going to wear it or are you just going to throw it on the table the second you get there?

While going out for a night on the town should be a fun and stress free activity, getting ready can often be anything but. Some people may feel inclined to simply wear what their friends wear, but oftentimes when we wear something just because others are, it doesn’t feel as comfortable to us.

Ultimately, dressing for the club should be about style and comfort as well as making sure that you feel confident in how you look. Nobody wants to go out and be worried about how their outfit looks all night, so follow these tips to help ease your anxieties on what to wear to a club. 

What to Wear to a Club (Tips & Tricks)

Do your Research

Make sure you know the vibe of the club you are going to before you plan your outfit. Is it fancy or more of a dive bar type of place? 

Oftentimes, it can be easy to get excited about going out and then forget about the typical dress code of the establishment you are visiting. Look online or ask friends if they’ve been there before you go to get an idea of the atmosphere.

Wear Something Comfortable

While you may think you want to wear those cute heels when you first leave your house, by the time you get to the club and start dancing, you might be re-thinking your choices. 

Sometimes we want to wear more uncomfortable clothing simply because they look cute. Heels are a great look for the club, but make sure you wear a pair that’s already broken in, or opt for a chunky wedge that’s easier to dance in.

Dress as Revealing or Modest as You Like

Going out to the club can sometimes make you feel as though you have to dress revealingly. While there is nothing wrong with dressing more revealingly if that’s what you are comfortable with, you can also dress more modestly, if that’s what you prefer instead.

Ultimately, dress in a way that makes you feel good and comfortable while out. The less you have to think about your body, the more time you can spend having fun.

Wear What Makes You Feel Confident

Don’t think about anybody else’s expectations when you are going out. Do you like the way you look in that bodycon dress? Then wear it. Do you like your high-waisted pants? Put them on!

Dressing for other individuals’ expectations other than your own can often make you feel insecure. When you are out on the town with friends, you should be focusing on the experience rather than how you look.

What to Wear to a Club – Outfit Ideas

Classic Jeans & Shirt 

A combo that has stood the test of time, a simple pair of jeans and a cute top is perfect to wear to the club. While this may sound a little boring for the club, there are ways to dress up this outfit to create a fun look for anyone.

For some added spice to your look, wear some ripped, high-waisted jeans or flares. You can also wear a jacket with your top in order to add some layers and give yourself an edgy feel.

Pair with some sneakers for comfort or some heels to feel dressier!

Cute Dress

The bodycon is a classic when it comes to going out. However, that is not the only style of dress that can work when it comes to going to the club. If you are looking for a cute dress or one piece that isn’t bodycon, try a slip dress instead. This will give you that same simple outfit with low effort, but with a more comfortable feel.

Tip: A dressy romper or a two-piece set will make it easier to move around and dance the night away.

A Skirt and Blazer

If you are going to a nicer, upscale club, you can always opt for a slightly more dressed up look. Instead of a bodycon dress, go for a crop top and mini skirt with a blazer thrown over top. 

A common misconception is that if you dress nice, it has to be incredibly conservative as well. However, you can still go a little business casual without having to sacrifice the fashion of your look.

Vintage Style

Oftentimes, adding a decades-style flair to your outfit can be the perfect look to go when trying to figure out what to wear. High-waisted jeans, boots, and vintage silhouettes are always good go-to options.

If you want to pull out the flared jeans or the headbands as well, you can accessorize in a way that pulls inspiration from any decade.

Final Thoughts

It may seem difficult to figure out what to wear to the club if you’re a newbie (or even if you frequent the club). While it can be an intimidating place to dress for, at the end of the day, it’s important to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable

Here are some final tips on what to wear to a club:

  • Dress for the evening—leave the sweatpants at home.
  • Don’t bring a bulky purse that will cramp your dancing.
  • Express your style—since there isn’t an official dress code for nightclubs, it’s a great opportunity to show off your personality. 
  • And, don’t forget to accessorize!