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11 Sites Like Poshmark to Buy + Sell Clothes

Last Updated: August 17, 2022

Whether you want to sell clothes online or shop for secondhand fashion to be more sustainable, Poshmark is a great place for both. That said, it’s always good to have various options (especially as a seller). We’ve created a list of stores and sites like Poshmark to help expand your shopping!

When it comes to selling, we recommend using as many different platforms as possible to get your items seen by more eyes.

sites like poshmark


Starting off with Depop, this is one of the most similar sites to Poshmark.

Like Poshmark, their app is designed similar to social media platform where you can follow shops you like. They have thousands of vintage shops and resellers!


We all know the huge fashion store called ASOS, but did you know they actually have a section where small sellers can list their own items?

There are quite a few vintage sellers on here, plus many cute boutiques where you can support small labels.

top websites like poshmark


This app and site is another great alternative to Poshmark.

If you’re a shopper, prices tend to be cheaper on Mercari. It’s also another great avenue to sell clothes or other items. Plus, you get a $5 credit when you list your first item!

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Due to fees, a lot of fashion resellers are turning to Instagram to host their site.

This does require you to build a bit of a following first, so we wouldn’t recommend on using it on its own if you have a small following. However, you should definitely start an Instagram and start building it as you list new items.


As mentioned in our review of ThredUp, this is a great store to buy secondhand fashion but NOT sell. They have poor payouts and other negative features, you might as well sell on other sites like Poshmark. 

But, they have some great deals (especially their first time member deal) as well as hundreds of thousands of items to browse through!


Although Etsy is a lovely place to find all sorts of goods from small business around the world, there are quite a few vintage clothing resellers popping up on the platform.

For sellers, they charge $0.20 to list each item, 5% transaction fee, 3% payment processing fee (plus $0.25).

luxury sites like poshmark


If you’re looking for designer items, check out TheRealReal. Everything is authenticated through their experts and they have a ton of items in their inventory. 

Plus, you can get $25 off your first order of $25+ when you first sign up (they have some items that are cheaper so you can use this perk without spending thousands).


Tradesy is another site like Poshmark that is geared towards more luxury and designer fashion pieces. They guarantee their items are authentic or you’ll receive your money back (with a 99.7% accuracy).

Their app and website is easy to navigate with plenty of timeless pieces. You can get $50 off your first purchase when you sign up!

vinted apps like poshmark


This app lets you sell or swap your pre-loved clothes with a 19% fee (the maximum fee is $5).

Since most sellers on here are just looking to declutter and make a few bucks, it’s a great place to find the best deals on items in great condition.


Looking for local items? OfferUp is your spot. Although you will mostly find home decor and furniture, there are quite a few other categories that people post. 

You can often score great deals here since sellers are often locals looking to declutter. They also recently added the option to list shipped items!


You probably already know about eBay, but it’s still worth the mention. If you already know what you’re looking for (especially specific items), eBay will most likely have a ton of options!

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