RevitaLash Reviews: Are Results as Glamorous as Claimed?

Last Updated: October 12, 2021

You are most likely drawn to RevitaLash products – I mean, you’re searching for Revitalash reviews and experiences, so you probably have one question blocking you from inputting your credit card information: is it worth it?

You don’t want to spend a fortune without knowing if the product is as effective as said to be by the company itself. But, knowing that RevitaLash is the secret behind Meghan Markle’s astonishingly long eyelashes probably tempts you even more. 

Well, allow me to assist you on making that final decision by giving you a look at what RevitaLash has to offer and sharing my experience.

What is RevitaLash?

RevitaLash Cosmetics is a beauty brand known for their award-winning eyelash, eyebrow, and hair products (mainly for their eye products) and its backstory will absolutely pull at your heartstrings. 

The company was built on pure love. Founder and Opthamologist Dr. Michael Brickenhoff was inspired by his wife, Gayle, to create Revitalash as a means to lift her spirits and make her feel beautiful during her fight against breast cancer. 

Dr. Brickenhoff is sharing a piece of that feeling with the world through RevitaLash. But their goal is not only to make women all over the world feel beautiful but to also have healthy, beautiful, and durable eyelashes, brows, and hair, and is a proud supporter of breast cancer awareness.

Return Policy

Sometimes a product isn’t all that it seems, which can be disappointing. 

So, can you return RevitaLash? Luckily, RevitaLash allows you to exchange or return the remaining portion of the item you bought within 60 days – they will refund you the full amount!

Top RevitaLash Cosmetics Products

RevitaLash has a lot of products and, while it is tough to choose just one, I wouldn’t want you going crazy and buying everything (unless that’s what you want to do). Here are some of RevitaLash’s best-selling items. 

RevitaLash Advanced

$150 – 3.5 mL

RevitaLash Advanced is a conditioner and serum consisting of peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract, and was created to enhance the look and improve the health, strength, and curl of your eyelashes. Additionally, it protects your lashes against breakage!

This product was made to give you a natural way to improve your lashes without the use of fake ones, which can make your real lashes thinner. 

Although it is pricey, it lasts 6 months and professional makeup artists recommend it to their clients. 

If you don’t feel like paying over $100 for a single 3.5 mL tube, they do have the Lash Reset Kit, which is the same price but includes smaller tubes of RevitaLash Advanced, AquaBlur hydrating eye gel, and a satin sleep mask. 

You can buy the kit for yourself or give it as a gift to a friend who could add more volume and shine to their lashes. 

The cheaper option is to get the trial-sized (1.0mL) version for $55, which lasts 4 to 6 weeks. They also have a 2.0mL size for $98.  

RevitaBrow Advanced

$110 – 3.0mL

RevitaBrow Advanced is a conditioner and serum that lasts for 4 months, aiming to provide you with flawless and healthier looking eyebrows by fixing the damage that over-plucking or chemicals from other beauty products may have caused. 

Just like RevitaLash Advanced, it consists of peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract. Some reviews mention a tingling and cool sensation upon contact on the brows – most likely from the green tea extract.

The Brow Reset Kit is the same price and comes with the RevitaBrow Advanced, AquaBlur hydrating eye gel, and a satin sleep mask. It’s great to give to someone who is either in dire need of some TLC on the brows or great at taking care of them. 

You can always go for the trial-sized (1.5mL) version for $58, which lasts for 8 weeks. 

RevitaLash Reviews

If you’re worried about price, there are other places you can purchase it for a lower price, but I wouldn’t recommend that option because some companies do catfish. 

A reviewer by the name of Cheryl H. bought hers from Overstock and claimed that what she received was different.

So, if you are going to buy from somewhere else, then just be careful and try to make sure it is legit and safe. Like I said, I would recommend buying from the source or a large online retailer like Dermstore since these are more trustworthy. 

I found some reviews that I found helpful and if they aren’t enough, celebrity makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo was more than happy to share her experience with RevitaLash.

“This stuff works! You need to commit to using it religiously for a good few weeks but I was seriously impressed by how much thicker and longer my lashes looked. It’s expensive stuff and I don’t find it all that effective if I use it on and off so do make sure you can commit to it before making a purchase. I used this for eight weeks prior to a LVL and the results were amazing. I’m a big fan of eyelash extensions but Revitalash and a lash lift gave me the same results, lasted much longer and best of all the lashes were all mine!” — Nadia M. 

“I have been trying to grow out my eyebrows for years and this is the only product that works. After one bottle, there is a significant difference in the appearance of my eyebrows. They are thicker and longer!” — Samantha W.

“I have personally been using RevitaLash for 5 years on my brows and lashes. I feel it’s a gentle formula that’s not irritating and I see a profound difference in my lashes and brow growth after consistently using their products. I feel it’s less abrasive on our lashes versus lash extensions which require a lot of maintenance and can potentially damage the lashes or weaken our lash hair. When I wash my face I want to wash around my eye area to make sure all my eye makeup is removed effectively leaving no chance of bacteria or makeup leftover opposed to when having lash extensions you can’t get them wet or rub around your eyes. Revitalash products work and I tell all my clients that it’s worth the purchase, [especially] because each tube can last up to 3 months.” — Alexandria Gilleo, celebrity makeup artist

Is RevitaLash Worth It?

To sum up our Revitalash reviews, I think it’s nice that RevitaLash not only focuses on how the lashes and brows look to the eyes, but also the health and strength of them. Because of this, I think it is worth trying out. 

I also think their 60 day guarantee is generous because it shows that they understand people in general and value their customers. This also shows their product is high-quality, or else they wouldn’t be allowing people to return used product. Plus, this means you won’t be out of luck if you end up not liking the product!

Additionally, the fact that RevitaLash stands for something (breast cancer awareness) is a huge pro for me. 

I did see some Revitalash reviews that talked about irritation, which should be considered but, the return policy is very generous in case this happens to you (just make sure you purchase it from their website or another store with a great return policy).