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How to Wear an Infinity Scarf (11 Ways), From Simple to Extravagant

Last Updated: October 12, 2021

Whether you want to add a pop of color to your outfit or layer on some warmth, an infinity scarf is the perfect accessory for any season. It’s basically a big loop of fabric without an end, hence the name “infinity.” But, when it comes to how to wear an infinity scarf, you might not be too confident.

There are plenty of ways to wear an infinity scarf, ranging from basic to not so basic. Let’s dive into more than 10 great ways to wear an infinity scarf!

How to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Maybe you know you want to try styling your infinity scarf in a new way, but you don’t know where to begin. Don’t fret, some of the most fashionable ways to wear an infinity scarf are also the easiest. 

Single Loop

Starting with the easiest method, a single loop around your neck is a super cute style that never fails. If you’re struggling with these other styles, you can always rely on the single loop!

Double Loop

Creating two simple loops around your neck is another surefire way to style your infinity scarf when you’re in a rush. This is styled best when the two loops aren’t the same size – make sure one loop is lower while the other is up towards your neck. 

Basic Tie

To create a cozy-looking tied loop, simply fold the scarf in half and place around your neck (make sure each side is even). Then, just pull one end through the loop of the other end.

As a Shawl

This super chic look is really easy to put together. Just make sure you choose an infinity scarf that’s on the bigger side for the best results. 

If you want to try out the shawl look, place your infinity scarf around your neck, then pull the bottom part down over your shoulders. You can use a smooth scarf for a more draped, elegant look, or grab a textured scarf and leave it a little bunched for a bohemian style.

As a Headband

Turn one of your lightweight infinity scarves into a headband for a different way to wear your scarf and your hair. This style works with your hair pulled up or left down.

First, lay your scarf flat from end to end, making sure to pull the fabric tight so it’s not bunched up. Next, bring the scarf around the back of your head and hold each end in your hand. Then you’ll want to bring the ends together at the front of your head and tie them into a knot, creating a simple but cute headband.

As a Hood

One of the easiest looks to pull off, the hood is the perfect way to keep you warm and dry while adding an extra element to your look. (It’s also great for bad hair days!)

All you have to do is place the scarf around your neck, then twist the bottom half so it forms another loop. Then, pull that loop over your head to turn it into a hood. Voila!

As a Top

While an infinity scarf probably shouldn’t be worn as a top alone, it can definitely liven up an everyday tank top or t-shirt.

The most popular way to wear an infinity scarf as a top is in a “figure eight” model. Start by looping it around your neck, then drop it down to your waist. From there, twist another loop into the scarf and pull it around your neck. You can even throw a belt around your waist to give it an extra unique look!

As a Shrug

If you’re looking for a different layering piece other than your everyday cardigan, wearing an infinity scarf as a shrug can be a fun way to keep you warm at the office.

Put your right or left arm through the middle of your infinity scarf, then put your other arm through the middle as well, like you’re putting on a backpack. Adjust the shoulders to your liking and you have a shrug that’s easy to take on and off throughout the day.

As a Sash

This is another easy look that anyone can pull off. All you need to do is loop the scarf around your neck, then slip one arm through the top so one side hangs at your waist, the other side still on your shoulder. Adjust to your preference and you’ve got a sash!

This simple style would look great with a patterned scarf, or even with a knot tied at the end of it!

In Your Ponytail

This is a very trendy look that’s not just for rectangular scarves. It’s a great way to dress up a basic pony and make you feel more put together, overall. 

Start by pulling your hair into a ponytail of your choice (this looks especially chic with a high pony!). Next, lay your scarf flat from end to end, then bring it behind your ponytail. From there, bring the ends together in front of your ponytail and tie them into a knot. Leave the extra fabric hanging with the rest of your ponytail for a feminie touch, or tuck it in for something more refined. 

As a Mask

Let’s face it, wearing a mask these days is part of the new normal, so why not give it some glam? The infinity scarf is the perfect multitasking tool, doubling as a scarf and mask on the days you just need to run some errands.

All you have to do is wear your infinity scarf as a single or double loop around your neck, depending on its size, and pull it up over your nose when you need it to double as a mask. This will work best with a small, tight-fitting infinity scarf. The more snug it is, the less you have to worry about it slipping down your face!


The bottom line is that there are a variety of ways to wear an infinity scarf, you just have to be willing to experiment. If one of these looks doesn’t suit your fancy, don’t be afraid to test out new styles in your own way!