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Bonobos Review: Is Their Prep-Wear Worth It?

Last Updated: September 5, 2022

The prep-school style of hybrid casual and formal pieces has cemented a certain fun-loving yet ready for action attitude for dressing. America’s business class has had it constantly evolving since it began.

Where jeans and t-shirts have become a bore, patterned button-ups, casual blazers, and slim-fitting khakis become stars, shining a different light that streetwear doesn’t enter.

What started small as a company looking to provide great khaki pants that won’t ride up your backside, blossomed into a prep-wear palace of miracles known as Bonobos.

In a sea of misinformation on the internet, this unsponsored Bonobos review aims to keep it pure.

What is Bonobos?

You know what tends to be a pisser? Pants that fit like you’re wearing a diaper. Or pants that fit like a square around your body.

Bonobos sure didn’t like it. So they set up shop to develop a pair of khakis that have curved waistbands to follow the natural shape of the waist.

No longer were men forced to search for a pair of pants that didn’t exist. Bonobos did right by humanity and brought them into existence. V-neck sweater vests had found a new home.

Where once they focused on khakis, they have since spread their wings and dabbled in shirts, sweaters, jeans, swimwear, and even suits.

Not a bad idea to switch things up now and then.

They’ve even expanded their services to offer personalized retail experiences for their customers, offering the best fit selection for each individual. If you’re interested in a personalized fit make sure to Create A Fit Profile.

It’s worth noting that in 2017, Bonobos sold to Walmart for $310 million. However, according to Bonobos reviews, this doesn’t seem to have changed the quality or most other reasons why people love the brand. Regardless, a lot of loyal customers weren’t happy with the sale to this retail giant. 

Bonobos Review

Bonobos Shirt Reviews

Bonobos has a wide selection of shirt styles that range from $25 basic tees to $99 patterned dress shirts that offer extra flavor in your suit ensemble.

Their slim-fitting short sleeve polo offers a classic golf look that lets you hit the greens with confidence. Also comes in several different colors and patterns, so if you don’t like kumquat, try the lobster blue.

They also have relaxed wear so you don’t always have to be “on”. The banana shirt is the perfect example of looking good and having fun with what you wear.

Bonobos Pant Reviews

What made them famous in the first place has only brought more greatness to the family. Most of their pants start at $99.

When you need to look good at the business meeting or are just a fan of 90s skater aesthetics, some stretch-washed chinos will literally never do you any wrong.

They have so many color options for their chinos that you should be prepared to get lost for a while in all their colors.

They’ve also developed high-end style relaxation wear so that you can look business-ready in a pair of joggers. The off duty pants in olive have more business sense than a jogger should have, but that’s just what sets Bonobos apart.

Bonobos Outerwear Reviews

Bonobos carries a great selection of outerwear from vests that start at $70 to jackets that range from $120 to upwards of $300.

A nice jacket always compliments a well put together fit, making you stand out with a different attitude.

Looking for a little warm weather protection for those chilly morning meets? Try their daily grind fleece vest that accents the shoulders and provides a fatherly look.

But if you’re in the mood for something a little more refined and can be taken to more serious events, don’t pass up the knit cardigan blazer which offers business sense in a lightweight package. 

This doesn’t even begin to touch upon their many other products such as their daily grind suit for the entrepreneur on the go or their sleek line of swimwear that harkens vibrant colors.

Bonobos Accessory Reviews

Prep-wear has a dedicated list of accessories that can’t be forgotten and Bonobos has them all. We’re talking fashionable socks, gorgeous belts, stylish pocket squares.

A dozen different options for soft everyday socks and a pair of Bonobos’s signature underwear can pack a serious amount of joy into any man’s life with comfort.

Don’t forget a pocket square to finish off your suit’s look. Maybe even get your dad a new premium tie to show him you care.

Bonobos Reviews: What Are Customers Saying?

Hundreds of customer reviews on sites like Reddit and Influenster paint all sorts of lights on Bonobos. Quality, customer service, pricing, style, and options are all considered. 

We’ve gone through hundreds of reviews (especially reviews written after Bonobos was sold to Walmart) to see what the consensus is about the brand. Here’s what we found the top feedback to be:

  • Good quality
  • Great fit
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great selection
  • Wider range of cuts for pants than other brands
  • Mixed reviews about the brand being overpriced (unless you buy on sale)
  • Mixed reviews about in-store customer service 
  • Shipping took too long
  • Sizing consistency dropped after selling to Walmart
  • Sales are less frequent and not as good after selling to Walmart

“Bonobos is a great go-to brand that you can expect outstanding quality from time and time again. Ordering from the website is easy. I will definitely be shopping with Bonobos again in the near future. Ps: Bonobos skinny chino pants are AMAZING.” – Micah C. on Influenster 

“Their customer service is outstanding, their clothes, while basic, have some great sales and are made out of decent materials, and quite frankly, their numerous fashion guides make for an interesting guide to my own fashion. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.” – OBI_WAN_TECHNOBI on Reddit.

I recently bought a suit from them and it fits ridiculously well. I have yet to take it to a tailor because it doesn’t really need much work done.” – ReverendHippo on Reddit

“One of the higher-end mall brands. On average, their products are better than J. Crew’s. Watch for sales, very little is reasonable at or around full price. 50% off or more is usually pretty good. Returns and shipping are usually pretty easy.” – Daniel H. on Influenster 

“Solid, but priced too high to be best-in-class from a price/quality ratio perspective. Put another way, it’s about the same as J-Crew and Uniqlo at 30-40% higher price.” – Loopy212 on Reddit

Is Bonobos Worth it?

If Bonobos is offering a sale, which they usually are, then it is hard to find better quality prep wear at the price point. It’s guaranteed to fit nice and look great on you, plus their 45-day return policy makes it easy to send back if something doesn’t work out. 

Many people question if it’s worth buying at full retail, but most agree that sales offer the best bang for your buck. Their selection is great and has expanded much since their khaki and plaid days.

They also offer easy returns that don’t cost a dime to you in case you don’t like what you got. Their customer service team might even slip you a discount code if you ask them nicely enough. 

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