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40 Black-Owned Depop Shops to Support in 2023

Last Updated: June 29, 2023

Unfortunately, supporting black-owned clothing businesses can be difficult if you’re a thrifter or are on a strict budget and tend to shop fast fashion to save money.

So, buying from black owned Depop shops (as well as Poshmark, Mercari, and other thrifting platforms) is a great way to support the community, shop more sustainably, and get some cute clothes without digging yourself into a hole of debt!

We’ve shared some of our favorite black-owned Depop shops to get your online thrifting fix.

Black Owned Depop Shops


This black-owned Depop store has a huge array of products to choose from, for fantastic prices! Their photography makes it feel like you’re at an actual thrift store. With all types of styles and sizes, you can find some amazing gems here.


This shop’s name pretty much fits everything in the store – you need it! With clothing items mixed with the occasional random piece of decor, you’ll want to add everything to your cart. And trust me, there is always plenty to choose from.


Hayley has a lovely selection of trendy pieces, most of which are affordable. Her top-notch modeling skills make me want to buy everything in her store, even though they probably wouldn’t look half as good on me.


There’s a reason this black-owned Depop shop has 40k followers! Featuring affordable prices and a ton of quirky pieces, you’ll spend way too much time browsing through Monica’s shop. She even uses biodegradable mailers!


Huge selection, affordable prices, beautiful photos, and trendy items – what more could you ask for? Ali has an amazing Depop store, plus she ships next day and offers 10% off for previous buyers!


If you want super cute wardrobe staples that will turn heads, look no further! Kuration Collective posts new items every week on Sunday night, so you will always have plenty to choose from. You can also purchase from their Instagram!


Featuring a wide array of cool sweatpants and other streetwear for men, this is one of our favorite stores. Most sizes are medium or large in men’s (but don’t let that stop you from buying a pair of sweatpants for your boyfriend and stealing them).


Although not located in the United States, this shop offers worldwide shipping and is definitely worth checking out! She models all her styles like a queen and has so many cute, trendy clothes to add to your wardrobe (scroll down a little for discounted items).


For anyone who wants to stand out, this black-owned Depop shop sells unique pieces for men, straight from the closet of Kyle Dion (a musician).


Ari sells  simple pieces, with the occasional pop of color. With prices typically ranging $30 – $60 (or more for larger pieces like jackets or designer items) and discounts on bundles, we can’t get enough.


Autumn Carter’s shop showcases gorgeous pieces that she models herself. She has sold over 900 items, so you can be sure she’s always listing new pieces.


This Depop shop feels like shopping in a real thrift store! They feature excellent prices, high-quality pictures, and a good amount of options to choose from (they also offer 15% off bundles)!


This adorable Depop shop has a great selection, great prices, and great photos! She models almost all of her items so you can envision how they’d look on you (honestly, she makes everything look amazing).


Looking for a Depop store that sells men’s items? Check out this store! If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll find items that are highly discounted.


As a moody gemini, it’s no surprise this is one of my favorite Depop stores. With plenty to choose from in every color and style on the planet, this store is great if you want options. Make sure to scroll down for discounted items!


With high-quality photos of each item (modeled) and great prices (especially when you scroll down), this shop may just become your new favorite. You’ll never know what cool finds will pop up in this store!


If vintage is your guilty pleasure, you will love Nancy’s Vintage Shop. Featuring hundreds of vintage clothes, you won’t hesitate to click the follow button. Scroll down for the best deals! 


Featuring clothing for men including T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, shoes, and more (with plenty of trendy streetwear), this black-owned Depop shop is always worth checking out.


Featuring trendy pieces from top brands, make sure to check out this black-owned Depop shop!


Delivering an endless supply of cute items, Jello’s closet is where you want to be. From accessories to wardrobe staples, you can thrift everything you’ve ever wanted (for great prices)!


Great deals and unique items is what you’ll find at this shop! Not to mention there is usually a ton to choose from.


Having sold over 1,000 items, you can be sure this shop always has new picks to browse through.


With photos that remind you of a dreamy photoshoot, we can’t get enough of this black-owned Depop store. From crop tops to jeans to sweaters, she has an array of closet staples for great prices!


Get ready to serve looks! If you’re able to grab something from this fashion designer’s Depop store, consider yourself lucky. She sells one-of-a-kind pieces from her closet.


With gorgeous vintage items and high-quality photography, this Depop shop is another to put on your radar. From bags to shoes to clothing, you’ll be able to browse a vast array of unique items. They ship to the United States and Canada!


Featuring 80s and 90s vintage finds as well as more current trends, you can find a wonderful variety of items in Maya’s store!


With most items under $30, you won’t have any trouble finding affordable items that will make you look (and feel) amazing.


You’re probably looking for clothes, but what about home decor? This unique Depop shop features a variety of home decor items. From cute vases to high-end pieces of furniture, you can find some unique items to add to your house!


Talk about a big selection! This black-owned Depop shop has well-priced options for every gender. Plus, bundles of 2+ ship free and she offers deals all the time!


With a wide selection of finds, I’m loving this shop. There is a ton to choose from and they also offer great bundle deals!


Owned by Toni Bravo, this lovely store features a wide array of vintage and pre-loved pieces (mainly tops). Plus, get 15% off bundles!


With gorgeous photos and great prices, this Depop store is another great place to look for your next thrifted find (including everything from jewelry to clothing to other accessories).


Another top Depop shop, this black-owned vintage paradise has fantastic prices and a huge selection!


From cute tanks to unique pants, this store has it all. They also offer plenty of sales and free shipping deals. Get your thrift on!


If you want a decent amount of options and fantastic prices, check out this Depop shop! She offers free shipping on bundles (and she’s open to offers)!


One of the few Depop stores that features items for both men and women, you can find some unique and trendy streetwear here! The prices (and clothes) are to die for.


Having sold over 1,900 items, Cascadia Vintage is a top black owned Depop store for men with plenty to choose from. Prices are affordable too, typically ranging from $15 to $40 per piece!


Alright, Tamia doesn’t always have a lot of options, but when she does . . . wow! Her pieces are from her own closet, so you can always expect pops of color and beautiful items that make a statement.

Bottom Line

While these black-owned Depop shops are some of our favorites, we can’t name them all, so don’t hesitate to do your own research! If you search “black owned” in Depop, they will pull up products from people who list the term in the description or tag, allowing you to find new stores! Just make sure to double-check and make sure they’re actually black owned.

You can even search this paired with a particular item you’re looking for (like  “black owned crop top”) to find specific products you’re looking for. Aside from this, you can search Twitter and Reddit to discover some stores we might have missed. Happy thrifting!