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7 Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Products for Pearly Whites

Last Updated: November 19, 2021

Got stubborn coffee stains? Want to have the brightest smile in your group photos? Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the dentist to whiten your teeth these days. At home kits and teeth whitening products work to brighten your teeth from the comfort of your own bathroom. 

From strips to LED lights, these best at-home teeth whitening methods have you covered. 

Note: Teeth whitening products cause teeth and gum sensitivity for some people, so proceed with caution.

Best Teeth Whitening Products

Crest 3D Whitestrips

If you’re looking for whitening strips, this is a go-to option. 

Simply place strips on your teeth once a day for 30 minutes, and you should start to see results within 10 days. With overwhelmingly- positive amazon reviews, this method has proven effects.

WhiteBite Pro Teeth Whitening Kit

Using whitening gel and LED lights to promote a deeper cleaning action, this kit has sure-fire results. You should see a difference in your teeth within a week of usage. 

Also a bonus, this product comes with desentizing gel to help within any reactionary teeth or gum sensitivity.

Smile Direct Club Whitening Kit

This kit uses an enamel-safe, hydrogen peroxide–based teeth whitening ingredient for best results. 

No-mess whitening pens allow you to paint the whitening solution right onto your teeth, then use the light to activate it. You should see results within just one week!

Fitreno Teeth Whitening Strips

Another option if you’re looking for whitening strips, this product advertises results after just 2 or 3 uses, with most notable changes after 14 days. 

Also remarkable, these strips have notches that allow them to stick comfortably to your teeth without slipping.

Ultrabrite Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

If you’re looking for an option that you can apply using just your toothbrush, this is for you. 

Though results may not be as immediately noticeable as a whitening kit, this is a simple, non-invasive option to add to your nighttime routine. Best of all, it also fights cavities!

VieBeauti Teeth Whitening Kit

Like many other whitening kits, this one also uses LED lights for the best possible results. 

With a 10 minute timer marking the end of each session, this kit lets you relax while it does all the work. You should see noticeable results after 30 minutes of treatment (just 3 sessions).

MeetEasy Dental Calculus Remover 

What is a dental calculus remover, you ask? 

This kit has a professional, plaque-removing, vibrating cleaning head! Use this tool as much as needed for noticeably fresher breath and a healthier smile. This option is also perfect for hard-to-reach spots and sensitive areas.

The Bottom Line

Things like wine and coffee can easily stain your teeth. However, with any of these products discoloration can be easily removed to reveal pearly whites. Best of all, you’ll save money by opting to whiten your teeth at home rather than in the dentist’s chair!