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10 Best Plus Size Fanny Packs of 2022

Last Updated: June 6, 2022

Being plus size, I often have a hard time finding plus size accessories, reviews, and other guides. When I went to shop for a fanny pack, the first thing I typed in was plus size fanny packs. You’d think there would be a wealth of options, but not really – I found a few stores (some of the products that popped up weren’t even pus size).

So, I decided to make a list. I hope you enjoy the effort I put in to find the plus size community the best fanny packs.

  1. Best Overall: RedOrbis Plus Size Fanny Pack
  2. Cutest: Steve Madden Chevron Quilted
  3. Best Active: WATERFLY Water Resistant Large 
  4. Most Affordable: Rainbowshops Wavy Lurex 
  5. Most Unique: Rainbow Snake Skin
  6. Best Mens: Maxtop 4-Zipper
  7. Best Designer: Gucci Neo Vintage Supreme Belt Bag
  8. Most Pockets: Olimpia Fit 6 Pocket Fanny Pack

My top pick is the RedOrvis Plus Size Fanny Pack, with a strap extender included, it will extend to 61.5’’. It was by far the cutest pack that I came across. I love the rose gold holographic color that it comes in, looks high quality, unlike most holographic products I’ve purchased in the past. Definitely looks like something you’d get from urban outfitters.  

Large enough to be used for concerts, shopping, holding lipgloss, and everyday essentials. I found this to be extremely comfortable!  

How to Pick a Plus Size Fanny Pack

Plus size is such a vague term used these days. So, this is going to be your guide to finding the right fanny pack for you. 


As far as sizing goes, it will be helpful to know your measurements. Most fanny packs will share the sizing of the fanny pack (in inches) in the description.

Determine What You Will Use It For

Cute accessory: If this is the case, make sure you look for quality! There are a lot of cheap fanny packs that don’t have quality straps and zippers, and these are the two biggest things that can cause issues. 

Hiking or other outdoor activities: You’re going to want to make sure that it’s light enough to not drag you down but also durable enough you can beat it up a little. 

Statement piece: These are my favorites! I currently own one which is the gucci neo vintage supreme back which I got as a graduation gift for myself last year. These are often accessories you can build your entire outfit around.

Storage: If you’re just getting a fanny pack for storing things, go for size and zippers! You might not care how cute the fanny pack looks, you’re looking for practicality. Trust me, if you overfill a cute small bag, the strap is going to dig into your sides and back.  

10 Best Plus Size Fanny Packs

Best Overall

RedOrbis Plus Size Fanny Pack

Being the most comfortable and stylish with more than enough storage, there was no way it couldn’t be my number one choice. I’ve had no issues with the quality and have owned this for almost a year. 

Some other plus-size fanny packs I’ve purchased were extremely tight around my waist. This adjustable belt is god-send! It will fit you, so if you’re worried about it being too small, don’t. 

The belt extends to 31.5” to 61.5” and the width at the top is 11.8″

Cutest Plus Size Fanny Pack

Steve Madden Chevron Quilted

Made with faux leather and available in red or black, this plus-size fanny pack is the perfect option if you’re looking to make a fashion statement.

There is only one big pocket, but it does fit everything you need (it can fit a wallet, phone, lip gloss or lipstick, and keys). It is a tad too small to hold some larger phones like the Note 9, so keep that in mind.

Best Active

WATERFLY Water Resistant Large 

Whether you’re trying to be more active or you just live in a place like the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot, this is a great bag for you!

It’s really comfy and has plenty of additional padding. It’s rain resistant and has a big enough belt for plus size individuals up to 59’’ 

1563 ratings, 4 ½ star rating

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Most Affordable

Rainbowshops Wavy Lurex

This is one of the most affordable plus size fanny packs online. I didn’t actually make this purchase so can’t speak to its quality but the adjustable belt is almost 50’’. With a price tag of around $3, you could get 10 uses out of it and it would be worth it.

So if you’re going on vacation and just want a fanny pack without spending $15-$20 this is the option for you.

Most Unique

Rainbow Snake Skin

This cute plus size fanny pack gives you the option to remove the belt portion and add the chain as a purse (or remove the chain and add the belt).

This is pretty cool, it’s pretty much two bags in one! Plus, it only costs around $15 so it’s well worth the price.

Best for Men 

Maxtop 4-Zipper

This durable. high quality, 2-in-1 Fanny pack and sling is comparable to the Aer City sling (which is $75). The cost does not result in a low-quality piece. 1054 Positive amazon ratings with an overall rating of 4.5 stars

Best Designer

Neo Vintage GG Supreme Belt

If you’re looking to make a statement with your fanny pack, look no further. This Gucci Neo Vintage Belt bag is top of the line and a piece that will be in style for ages. It has an adjustable belt length of 35.4″ to 55.1,”

Most Pockets

Olimpia Fit 6-Pocket Fanny Pack

Fanny packs with 1 pocket is only good for one thing: holding your phone and lip gloss. If you’re looking to go out on a long hike or go camping, make sure to get a fanny pack with more pockets! Don’t sacrifice your comfort.

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