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12 Best New Balance Shoes to Change Up Your Look

Last Updated: August 4, 2021

New Balance has the DNA of hard work and breaking boundaries in its blood: when a lone Irish immigrant, Willaim Riley, decided to make the most of himself, he started a company offering accessories for shoes that made them fit even better.

Then the shoes evolved and kept fitting better. And better. And launched into a multi-billion dollar company making some of the best fitting shoes ever. The kind with the same endurance as a marathon runner.

That’s what makes New Balance some of the best shoes around. Once a company frequented only by mouseish fathers has become a playground for all the fashionable to cook up their own tastes.

Now numerous colorways, collabs, and models crowd their product space and only seem to be going up from here. Because to be the best, the best New Balance shoes never stop changing.

And neither do their fans.

The Best New Balance Shoes

New Balance MS327

The 327 is one of the New Balance classics, sporting a retro design that takes people all over time with their poppy colors. The MS327 is the big brother of that shoe.

A little more modern than the normal 327, the MS327 uses updated suede and mesh uppers with more neutral colors that offer a more mature look. They’re fun without being too immature.

They’re the perfect balance between a set of edgy Nike Cortezs and reserved Asic Gel Lytes, making for a truly hard working shoe that works everywhere.

New Balance 990v5

Anyone who knows a runner knows that their footwear is one of the most important aspects of their life. Always being on the move is taxing, but good shoes are worth fighting for.

New Balance pushed their designers with the 990, asking them to make a shoe that will love the runner as they love them. The 990v5 is the latest model and has raised the bar for every model since it began.

New Balance 991

The windows into the sole of a shoe speak more than one might think. Whereas a normal observer might see the little clear bubbles on a shoe as nothing special, a more keen one can spot the true nature: air pockets.

And what do air pockets do? Provide more comfort.

The price is eye-watering, but innovation costs money. But for every dollar put into the New Balance equation, a greater shoe is born. Not repeated, only improved.

New Balance Tokyo Design Studio Collab: Niobium Concept 1 Boots

Zip-off pants now in shoe form.

What makes the Niobium concept boots so special is that they are modular. This means that they can basically change their shape depending on your need. A boot one minute, a mule the next.

Don’t like how hot is it? Break off the ankles and wear the clog. Need to hike? Zip back up for some boots that won’t quit.

New Balance Fresh Foam 860v11

Good running shoes need to be lightweight without any extra heft in order to get the best performance from the runner. You want the bounce without the weight.

That’s what makes the Fresh Foam one of the best runners out there. It has extra stability for the heel and midsole, extra cushion for the bouncy run, and still feels like you’re wearing socks.

New Balance Kith Collab: 992 Kithmas Teal

No one has as much respect for New Balance quite as much as Ronnie Fieg does. Constant collaborator, always pushing out new fan favorites, Fieg never seems to miss.

The Kithmas Teal is Fieg’s holiday take on the classic 992 runner, using a bright blue upper in suede for a bold yet refreshing look.

New Balance 608v5

The OG dad shoe never goes out of style. And it never stops growing.

A hit with men always on the move, whether in the workplace or at the gym, the 608 gave the cushiony bounce to your step. The v5 is the latest child of that innovation.

It’s flexible, durable, and mature, making it a smart option for men who need a good utility shoe. Also comes in a variety of widths since New Balance understands that not every foot is the same.

Wide feet deserve love too.

New Balance Bodega Collab: 990v3 ‘Here to Stay’

Behind only Ronnie Fieg, Boston-based designer and store Bodega throws much love to New Balance all the time. New Balance gifted them for their 15th birthday by collabing on a one-of-a-kind 990.

The brown, orange, and blue shoe is unique in its tastes and colorway, and is exactly the kind of beefy boy that works well with hikers and construction workers. And it’ll catch a couple eyes with its bold aesthetic in the process.

Plus, it comes with an extra pair of laces just so you can switch up the style!

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav

A dedicated runner for the modern man.

It has the performance of a durable runner meant for practice and training while still retaining the style of a sleek trainer. Work out in the morning, ace the meeting at work, and finish off with a chill brew sesh with the bros.

The Roav also comes with the Fresh Foam Ultra Heel that hugs the ankles for a snug yet secure fit.

New Balance 2002R

One of New Balance’s truly modern designs, the 2002R is a bold trainer with flashy colorways yet a comfortable fit that doesn’t slack on you.

The 2002Rs have the Azorb air pockets that New Balance is famous for, and combines it with extra cushion in the midsole and lightweight, suede and mesh uppers for durable and light kicks.

New Balance 574

All the hip kids know about the 574: it’s one hot shoe. Not afraid of being a part of more than one type of look, the 574 can change its attitude by changing what it’s paired with.

They have the mature construction sense as other New Balance staples while being paired with a more youthful look that edges playful and professional.

And if you weren’t sold on how good it looks, trust me, it’ll take care of you. Because New Balance makes sure all its shoes work for you.

New Balance 57/40

Not every Frankenstein creation comes out good. But that doesn’t phase the 57/40, which makes a hybrid case for popular looks that take influence from different decades.

They’ve got the bold edge that you would normally expect from a Kanye West design, without the annoying ugliness of a Kanye West design.

A shoe truly worth getting hyped about.

A Quick Recap

New Balance doesn’t offer only one type of shoe, which makes deciding which pair to get a very important decision. Not every shoe is good for the same thing. Here’s a little recap of the different styles to help you decide which pair is right for you:

For putting in hard work:

  • Fresh Foam Roav
  • 991
  • 990v5
  • 2002R
  • Bodega 990v3

For Lifestyle and relaxation:

  • MS327
  • 574
  • Niobium Concept 1 boots
  • 992 in Kithmas Teal

Remember, while you might get away with wearing your runners for everyday tasks sometimes, it’s best to keep your runners and lifestyle shoes separate. Sure, the Roavs might look good no matter what, but in practice, all that training is bound to make your shoes a little dirty.

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