7 Clarisonic Dupes to Replace Your Favorite Device in 2021

Last Updated: May 22, 2021

Since Clarisonic closed down in 2020, we’ve been scouring every beauty store looking for the best Clarisonic dupe.

After trying 20+ similar (and slightly similar) products, we’ve put together more than 5 of the best Clarisonic dupes!

Best Clarisonic Dupes

Conair True Glow Sonic Kit

With a similar look to the Clarisonic, the Conair True Glow will give you the bright, soft skin you have always wanted.

Gentle and firm at the same time, this device is easy to use. It operates at 300 oscillations per second (same as the Clarisonic) and offers three speed settings, plus . It’s also waterproof, meaning you can get your skin routine done while taking a shower!

EZBASICS Sonic Cleansing Brush

Although this looks completely different from the Clarisonic are more like the LUNA Play, we wanted to mention it. Like the Clarisonic, these brushes use sonic technology to deep clean and exfoliate your face.

A common issue with Clarisonic-type devices is that they’re too exfoliating and harsh (some people find that they destroy their skin’s moisture barrier and cause issues), so a silicone brush like this is a great alternative.

Brelax Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

This top-rated Clarisonic dupe will help you get brighter, healthier skin in no time. It’s affordable, waterproof, offers 9 speed modes, and even a smart timer feature to avoid over-cleansing.

The main difference is that this brush doesn’t actually spin like the Clarisonic, it vibrates for a gentler clean that’s still very effective.

Pro X By Olay

Another popular Clarisonic alternative is the dermatologist-designed Pro X by Olay brush. According to them, it exfoliates 700% better than scrub alone!

Your skin will feel softer, brighter and younger with this spinning brush and its built-in three speeds will clean any type of dirt and grime from your skin.

Foreo Luna Play Plus

Having blown up in popularity in the past few years, the Luna Play is a facial cleansing device that uses sonic technology without causing any harm to your skin.

With 8,000 T-Sonic (transdermal sonic) pulsations per minute, you can be sure your skin is getting a good cleanse. It’s also very small, lightweight, and travel-friendly.

Shiseido Cleansing Brush

Although this brush doesn’t feature any type of fancy technology, it’s still worth trying out since you don’t necessarily need that to get a good exfolation.

This high-quality cleansing brush is a tool that will give you silky-soft skin after just a few uses! It gently massages your face and gets all the grime off, while also making it less likely to over-cleanse since there are no extra features.

Exfoliating Washcloth

To finish off our list of Clarisonic alternatives, this exfoliating washcloth uses the latest in Korean technology to remove dead skin, exfoliate, and clean.

Plus each cloth is reusable so you can enjoy the cleanliness again and again. They really work too – you’ll be shocked (and a bit disgusted) by how much dead skin this rubs off your body.

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