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35 Best Summer Makeup Looks to Try in 2022

Last Updated: April 27, 2022

Here are the hottest summer makeup looks to try this season!

Thanks to Tiktok, we’ve gotten so many new ideas and makeup trends to take inspiration from. With a huge community pool of aspiring MUAs, beauty editors, and pro MUAs, we can’t get enough of seeing what’s in style for this new season with makeup. 

We are here to help you stay up to date on the latest trends that we predict will take over this summer season.

Makeup trends are always coming and going, but many are being revived and rethought this year. They include colors we hadn’t focused on before, unique shapes, and blush application galore. We have all the tea on what you want! 

So, keep reading for the best summer makeup looks this year!

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Summer Makeup Looks

Clean Girl Makeup 

The clean girl aesthetic has broken out on Tiktok like no other. We are obsessed with the look that is perfect for the summer. It really focuses on creating a base that is dewy and flawless. 

Shadow Liner Looks 

Using eyeshadow to create an eyeliner effect is the soft glam essential. Shadow is also way easier to work with when it comes to control. A soft liner look is perfect for the upcoming heat. 

Peachy Nudes 

Peach is a necessity for the summertime, the color matches beautifully with any skin tone. We recommend using a peachy blush like the Fenty Fuego Flush or Peaceful by Tarte.  

Vivid Eyeshadows 

Nothing shakes up the crowd like an intense color choice. We have seen colorful liners paired with their contrasting colors to form an intricate and daring story on the face. Vivid shadows have the ability to communicate emotions from the MUA themselves. 

Ombre Palettes 

Ombre always has a way of sneaking back into the makeup world. Now, we are seeing two to four color ombre palettes on the eye to create new shapes and looks. Ombre is not a limited look as you can be as minimalist and maximalist as you want. 

Smokey and Sexy 

A smokey eyeshadow look is always going to fit a going-out occasion, and summertime just calls for it even more. 

In the lighter season, brown is a better main focus for the smokey look as opposed to black. But, if you want to use black, we aren’t stopping you! Pair a black shadow look with minimal blush but extra bronzer for that perfect model look.

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Cut Crease Glam 

Enough said. 

Silver and Gray Looks 

An ode to the ‘90s you might say, thin brows and silver shadow looks are back in full swing. Silver and gray can have a glitter, metallic, or glossy finish that elevates the look. 

Pearls on Pearls 

Pearl gems will take the makeup look to a new editorial level. Testing out your makeup skills by challenging yourself with creativity always pays off. We love the idea of your face is a canvas. 

‘60s Makeup 

We adore the looks of Twiggy, Bridgette Bardot, and Estelle Bennet. Makeup in the ‘60s completely transformed the way we look at makeup and how we enhance certain parts of our faces to create an illusion. 

Single Color Looks 

This is for our people who aren’t so pro when it comes to makeup. Don’t underestimate the power of a single shadow look—it’s all about choosing the right color for you. 

Inner Corner Shadow 

Cool girls everywhere are sporting this look. Paired with a graphic liner, you can’t go wrong.

Sunkissed and Fluffy Brows 

An unbeatable and flawless look. 

Glitter Mania 

Sparkling, glimmering, shining, and glowing all summer long. 

Cat Liner 

Don’t be afraid to get frisky with a cat liner look this season. Whether you go subtle or bold, the cat-eye look is in this year. 


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