Why Use a Skincare Fridge? (Plus, 6 Best Skincare Fridges)

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Last Updated: May 17, 2022

If you’re a beauty guru, you likely have tons of makeup and skincare products filling up your bathroom. Whether it’s on the toilet, the windowsill, the cabinet, the sink, or all of the above (we don’t judge), I think we can agree it can get a little excessive. But, have you ever tried organizing your products in a skincare fridge? 

If you aren’t already using one, your expensive products may not be offering you as many benefits as you think. That said, we’re going to talk about what a skincare fridge is & a few of the best fridges on the market to indulge in. 

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Benefits of Skincare Fridges

  • Feels super nice to lather your face with chilled products
  • Keeps certain products active longer by extending their shelf life
  • Cold products have been shown to decrease swelling and puffiness better than regular products (this is why many gurus keep their jade rollers in the fridge) 
  • Cooling products that you directly touch with your fingers helps inhibit bacterial and fungal growth
  • Perishable skincare products need to be stored in the fridge so they don’t spoil (it just feels wrong and inconvenient to store these in your regular food fridge).

Skincare Fridge 101

What are skincare fridges for?

A skincare fridge is exactly as it sounds – a small fridge for storing your skincare products. Believe it or not, cooling your products in a skincare fridge can be a great tool to keep your skin happy, healthy, and young. 

What can I put in my skin refrigerator?

Certain products (including lotions, retinoids, and water-based serums) can benefit from being stored in a fridge with correct temperatures. Additionally, some super fresh skincare products (like the Lush face masks that don’t have preservatives) need to be refrigerated so they don’t spoil. 

What should you not put in a skin refrigerator?

Typically, oil-based products, clay, facial oils, and certain types of serums are best kept out of a skincare fridge. These products can harden, freeze, or become destroyed if kept in cold temperatures such as this, so you definitely want to do your research before storing your favorite products in there. 

How much is a skincare fridge?

Pricing depends on the type & quality of the fridge you’re looking for. You could definitely splurge on a $1,000+ luxurious skincare fridge if you wanted to. But, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 – $300 depending on the size and brand. Check out our top-rated fridges below!

 6 Best Skincare Fridges


Facetory Fridge

One of the best skincare fridges on the market is the Facetory Fridge, costing right around $100. This cutesy fridge works quickly to keep all your products fresh to prolong their shelf-life like never before. Perfect for college dorms, the Factory Fridge is chic and makes the perfect accent to any beauty space. It comes in pink or mint. Quiet, spacious, & affordable, you can’t go wrong with this beauty.

Koolatron Mirrored Skin Fridge 

If you’d like something a little more luxury-looking (without the luxury price), this mirrored fridge is perfect. Not only does it work to extend shelf life, but it also doubles as a mirror for doing your makeup!

It even comes with a built-in LED light around the mirror to help you achieve that model-level flawless makeup look. Cool, right? This luxurious, mirrored fridge only costs around $100! 

While many other mini fridges you find are retro or just plain looking, this one might fit the vibe of your room better.

Uber Appliance Mini Fridge 

This retro-style fridge, available in black or white, is perfect for those looking for a unique addition to their room. With the ability to store up to 12 soda cans (or nine 500 ml bottles), this spacious fridge can fit products for all of your beauty needs.

Not to mention, this skin fridge allows you to adjust the temperature between warmer and cooler for optimal temperatures.

Plus, it’s one of the most affordable, sitting around $75.

Cooluli Vibe Fridge

This thermo-electric beauty fridge makes it easy to adjust the temperature for your products in just the flip of a switch for optimal performance. Unlike other fridges, it comes with a built-in magnetic dry-erase board on the front to help keep track of notes, ideas, or affirmations.

With room to accommodate up to 18 soda cans, you’ll have plenty of storage (even if you’re a product hoarder like us). Approved for outside use as well, the Cooluli Vibe can do just about anything.

Like the others above, this one sits right around $100, but it often on sale at Wayfair.


Cooluli Mini Fridge 

If you’re not quite ready to commit to one of the larger fridges and want something cheaper than the others on our list, the Cooluli Mini Fridge is for you.

This mini skincare fridge comes in a variety of colors and is a perfect addition to any beauty guru’s space. Ideal for cooling facial rollers, serums, or creams, this compact design is perfect for someone with more limited storage space.

Not to mention, this fridge only costs $60 (or less when on sale), so it’s definitely worth a trial if you’re new to skincare fridges.

Daewoo Retro Compact Refrigerator 

If you’re someone who has an extensive skincare collection, you share a cosmetic cooler with roommates, or you just want some extra space to store sodas too, this bad boy is for you.

This fridge is huge with LED lighting, a sliding drawer, and even a tabletop function. Functional, elegant, with just a touch of the modern, this is an ideal fridge for anyone looking for a little extra beauty room.

This fridge is huge with LED lighting, a sliding drawer, and even a tabletop function. Functional, elegant, with just a touch of the modern, this is an ideal fridge for anyone looking for a little extra beauty room.

Bottom Line

Whether your collection is big or small, you can be sure you’re optimizing and prioritizing your skin’s health to the max when you use any of these fridges. So don’t keep your products waiting – try out one of these bad boys & watch your skin glow like never before!

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