11 Korean Fashion Brands You Need to Know

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Last Updated: December 16, 2021

When it comes to fashion, Korean designers have a habit of taking things to the next level. Some of the best shopping is done in South Korea, a place that has birthed many fashion icons and innovative clothing designers. Korean fashion comes in many different styles, from luxury and preppy-casual to off-the-runway looks for everyday wear. 

Seoul Fashion Week is a huge deal every year; it gives us a glimpse at the newest trends and styles that will be in next season. Not to mention, the fashion that the audience themselves put together is a sight to see during fashion week. Paparazzi roam the streets of Seoul, photographing all of the people fitted up before entering the venue for current shows. 

Celebrities all over have been flaunting Korean brands like Hyein Seo and Gentle Monster. If Korean street style and fashion interests you, look no further—here are 11 Korean fashion brands you need to know about!

Korean Fashion Brands

Hyein Seo 

This beloved designer has created a brand that has become a household name. Subversive basics and unique cuts that flatter the body provides a beautiful, asymmetrical look that drapes over the figure. 

Gentle Monster 

Gentle Monster has gone off this year with recent collaborations with K-pop it-girl Jennie Kim of Blackpink and famous clothing brand Moncler. Their sunglasses range will give you anything you are looking for, from cat eye to chic circular shapes.   


The affordable Korean brand gives out style inspo to anyone who enters the site. They have frequent 20-40% sales and the clothes are great quality!


Blackup provides affordable closet staples that you can dress up or down easily. The clothing gives you a lot of freedom to layer and style however you want.  


Imvely will have you looking like your favorite Korean IG influencer—you know the one. The trendy website has you covered from comfy outerwear to date night looks. Their beauty line is also noteworthy; Korean makeup is a new realm to enter—once you start you can’t stop. 


The mostly one-size-fits-all clothing site is perfect for those who like an adorable look. There are many dupes on the website and the quality isn’t questionable!


GeonJ gives edgy and sophisticated style. The brand has pieces that not everyone will have in their closet, giving you a head-turning piece to keep. 


J.Chung will have you feeling luxurious and expensive with their out of the ordinary, attractive clothing that can be worn in any season by anybody. The intricate detailing is overlapped, asymmetrical, and fluent. 

Two Thousand Archives Made

Two Thousand Archives Made definitely has their own thing going on. Their pieces are not something you will see every day, making them easy to style as staple pieces.

The brand gives in every section from patterned tights to cowboy boots and dresses with one-of-a-kind looks.


Kuho is on top of their game with their collections ranging from boots to coats and outerwear. Many different styles can be thrown together with the clothing and beauty that refresh the everyday basics. They are definitely on our radar! 

Bottom Line 

Don’t be afraid to play around with your style! The way you can explore all the different aesthetics that come from Korean fashion is endless. 

Whether you’re already a fan of Korean fashion or you’re new to the brands, this list is sure to help anyone find something to fit their niche. 

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